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  1. Vesselin Petkov http://www.spacetimecentre.org Teaching: | Courses | Science, Philosophy, and History and Philosophy of Science Links | International Conferences on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime: | 2004 | 2006 | 2008 |International Society for the Advanced Study of Spacetime | Curriculum Vitae | List of Publications | I would be very interested to know if anyone out there is within reach of this facility, and/or has studied this man's work. if so, I would like to open a discussion around this that parallels our particular research into Time-Travel.
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    John Titor

    Provided conditions are favorable, I plan to demonstrate a working Time machine at this yrs. Pythagoras Conf... PythagorasConference America | Facebook Yes, it's Time!
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    Live with what? an Empire of dirt? You have no clue yet? I come back from the future to tell you what a mistake you made by simply not listening correctly! You heard, but missed the important translation. it is now 2012 & the Gig's up!
  4. If you could travel through Time, you may alter the Time-Line - many other ways exist to accomplish such... http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-10-erasing-history-temporal-cloaks-adjust.html
  5. Temporal cloaks adjust light's throttle to hide an event in time! Researchers from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., have demonstrated for the first time that it's possible to cloak a singular event in time, creating what has been described as a 'history editor.' In a feat of Einstein-inspired physics, Moti Fridman and his colleagues sent a beam of light traveling down an optical fiber and through a pair of so-called "time lenses." Between these two lenses, the researchers were able to briefly create a small bubble, or gap, in the flow of light. During that fleetingly brief moment, lasting only the tiniest fraction of a second, the gap functioned like a temporal hole, concealing the fact that a brief burst of light ever occurred. More... http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-10-erasing-history-temporal-cloaks-adjust.html
  6. Given that we reisde within a Holographic Universe, What does our Reality Consist of? Unlike DES and LSST, the holometer experiment aims not to record the sky as we see it but as Fermilab theorist Craig Hogan thinks it really is: a giant hologram. The Little India newspaper explains Hogan’s theory and how it relates to black hole science. Scientists have known for long time that information plays a key role in the creation of a system. Our computers and robots are just metals and wires if no information is exchanged in the form of bits. Our brain is inanimate if no information is carried by the neurons. Our genes are futile if no information is available from DNA that instructs how to function. In everything we know information is the key. Quantum Diaries www.quantumdiaries.org Science News reports that the National Research Council’s March 7 report for science in the coming decade recommends completion of the Large Synoptic Space Telescope. The Fermilab Holometer in Illinois is currently under construction and will be the world's most sensitive laser interferometer when complete, surpassing the sensitivity of the GEO600 and LIGO systems, and theoretically able to detect holographic fluctuations in spacetime.[1][2][3] The Holometer may be capable of meeting or exceeding the sensitivity required to detect the smallest units in the universe called Planck units.[1] Fermilab states, "Everyone is familiar these days with the blurry and pixelated images, or noisy sound transmission, associated with poor internet bandwidth. The Holometer seeks to detect the equivalent blurriness or noise in reality itself, associated with the ultimate frequency limit imposed by nature."[2] Craig Hogan, a particle astrophysicist at Fermilab, states about the experiment, "What we’re looking for is when the lasers lose step with each other. We’re trying to detect the smallest unit in the universe. This is really great fun, a sort of old-fashioned physics experiment where you don’t know what the result will be." Experimental physicist Hartmut Grote of the Max Planck Institute in Germany, states that although he is skeptical that the apparatus will successfully detect the holographic fluctuations, if the experiment is successful "it would be a very strong impact to one of the most open questions in fundamental physics. It would be the first proof that space-time, the fabric of the universe, is quantized."[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fermi_National_Accelerator_Laboratory_-_Holographic_Noise_Chart.png
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    John Titor

    When JT originally introduced himself here on this forum, I was known as "Time02112" (the "O" represents the digit Zero) and remember quite a bit of our conversations. Although I was treated much like a "Ghost in the Machine" I went through great lengths to assist in archiving most of them as well. I am also the founder of TAP-TEN Research, an International Aerospace & Engineering think-tank that has worked dilligently to bring forth a great ordeal of the very technologies that JT mentioned we would soon discover. Both JT and myself have had to move on so we could work on preperations that have quite a bit to do with the new reality shift we have all been experiencing lately, but now we are ready to re-surface again to provide you all with some new and facsinating breakthroughs that are assured to keep you at the edge of your seat! TimeTZero
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    Just an update - our new site is @ http://www.tap-ten.org I think you will love the new look!
  9. Time Travel Could Become Reality February 27 2008 / by futuretalk Time Travel could become reality sooner than you think. By Dick Pelletier http://s3.amazonaws.com/memebox/uploads/33/timetravel_bigger_for_futuretalk.jpg At a UCLA workshop attended by yours truly and an assortment of future-thinkers, the late physicist Dr. Robert Forward told the group that further understanding of general relativity and quantum mechanics would one day enable humans to travel backwards and forwards through time. 'Given the money and the mandate,' Forward said, 'a time machine will be built.' This workshop convened in 1983, and today, 24 years later, scientists are bringing this bold concept closer to reality. Professor Amos Ori at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology recently created a theoretical model of a time machine based on Einstein's theory of relativity, which would allow people to travel back in time. Ori's theory, published in the prestigious science journal Physical Review, describes how a future time machine could be built by forming 'closed time-like curves' in a donut-shaped area of space-time. A person traveling around this donut loop would go further back in time with each lap. Read More Source http://memebox.com/articles More articles; http://cph-theory.persiangig.com/english.htm
  10. Re: I was John Titor Just for you Pamela... BOC On You Tube Video
  11. Re: Only 'Rewinded' time is logically possible From what I have studied, Tachyons have the ability to travel forward, or back through Time. A Question I have often pondered for quite some "Time" - is how would you convert yourself into an energy form suitable that would allow these Tachyon emmisions to make it feasable to transport you in either direction? Speculating as to how it could be done, what processes would this invlolve?
  12. Re: I was John Titor "Don't Fear The Reaper" ---BOC
  13. Re: Space Activism & 'The Ranch' 3Aug 29 06 Paracast Interview (1:59.59) Talks about Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy's "Project Camelot" includes mention about Ralph Ring & Ottis Carr's Flying Saucer Project, the "Ranch" etc. Click Here To Listen:> http://theparacast.com/podcasts/paracast_060829.mp3
  14. why not extract the electric energy from the atmosphere? Why not, exactly! Albeit our ability might be limited at the present to create a working device that produces Hydrogen "on demand" however, our current research indicates that this type of revolutionary concept is not at all impossible. "Impossible simply means we haven't done it yet."
  15. Re: The Anunnaki's Story of Earth's Creation The past 100 years alone have shown us that as a species we are very capable of revitalizing ourselves. Our technological advancements are simply amazing if you explore the scope of it all. Certainly, the debate will arise whether these advancements were of our own doing or did we have intervention. Looking back to the time of the Sumerian's, we can recognize that from a technological point of view, we are infants today. The technology available to the Sumerian's far exceeded that of today. If we are to accept the Sumerian Cuneiform and Tablets at face value, we open a whole new world of understanding. The late Carl Sagan, famous for his 13-part TV series Cosmos, explored this very concept in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe". He indicated Earth had likely been visited by extraterrestrials. He states: "Sumer was an early--perhaps the first civilization the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. It was founded in the forth millennium B.C. or earlier. We don't know where the Sumerians came from. I feel that if the Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendants of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin, the relevant legends should be examined carefully." (Page 456). More from Sagan: "Some years ago, I came upon a legend which more nearly fulfills some of our criteria for a genuine contact myth. It is of special interest because it relates to the origin of Sumerian civilization. Sumer was an early -- perhaps the first -- civilization in the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. It was founded in the fourth millennium BC, or earlier. We do not know where the Sumerians came from; their language was strange . . . . Taken at face value, the legend suggests that contact occurred between human beings and a non-human civilization of immense powers on the shores of the Persian Gulf, perhaps near the site of the ancient Sumerian city of Eridu, and in the fourth millennium BC or earlier. There are three different but cross-referenced accounts of the Apkallu dating from classical times. Each can be traced back to Berosus, a priest of Bel-Marduk, in the city of Babylon, at the time of Alexander the Great." Source: Contact Is the world ready? A PUFOIN Commentary By John Jaeger http://www.pufoin.com
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