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  1. NASA administrator once told that the real danger for the Earth is asteroids and it would be much better to use the recourses to investigate the issue and fins the possible ways of saving. But they are spending money on Star Wars interpretation.
  2. There are different ways for building Moon base. The cheaper one is to use 3D printing method but it has many disadvantages. In any cases, it is better to combine the force to have lots of useful dives to explore the possibility of Moon and Mars colonization since every country can make a contribution. For example, in the UK there is a rocket made for investigation of the earth's magnetic field called Sky Hy.
  3. At 6.5 feet in diameter, it is not considered as a potential danger, but the space agency is monitoring it and other such asteroids nonetheless. It was first seen on November 3, 2018, and was last seen 13 days later. A recent poll showed that Americans prefer a space program that focuses on potential asteroid collisions rather than sending people back to the Moon or Mars.
  4. The Edinburgh-based Skyrora company, which is currently developing an orbital launch vehicle and has recently begun a series of rocket engine tests, plans to begin launches from the UK. Skyrora is working on two variants of launch vehicles: suborbital Skyrora 1 and three-stage orbital rocket XL which can place payloads into Sun-Synchronous Orbit over a range of 500 km to 1000km altitude, as well as polar orbit over a range of 200 km up to 1000km.
  5. Note that NASA has been sending astronauts into space for more than half a century and has accumulated considerable experience in creating appropriate toilets. But this time, the agency decided to think outside the box, to take advantage of the new technological opportunities that have opened up, and at the same time - to involve the collective mind in solving this problem.
  6. Scientists speculate that these formations may be a trace of the "eruption" of a supermassive black hole.
  7. After a detailed study of the image, the researchers drew attention to the fact that the crater has an almost perfect circle shape, which may indicate an artificial origin of the object. Scientists have suggested that the cave, which is located in the bowels of the volcano, can easily be protected from radiation and climatic conditions of the Red Planet. They believe that specialists from Earth should first of all study the Mount Peacock volcano, which is located on Mars. Experts are sure that even if local residents are not found there, then the volcano can store the equipment necessary to study the Red Planet, the same robotic rovers.
  8. There time goes back. A couple of months ago, a NASA-ANITA pulsed transient antenna located in Antarctica caught anomalous radio signals. ANITA is a system of antennas that are attached to balloons that can rise above the icy surface of the continent to a height of 37 kilometers. The main task of this system is to capture the sequences of radio pulses arising from the interaction of neutrino particles with Antarctic ice. Neutrino is an elementary particle devoid of charge and practically zero mass, which is no easier to catch than to catch a ghost. Scientists assume that the anomalous signals received by ANITA are neutrinos that have passed through the Antarctic ice sheet. In theory, particles should be reflected from the surface and only then captured by the antennas. The incident opened the ground for heated discussions. I simply don't believe in the parallel universes just because all we have here were created by humans from the earth, how the people(if there live people) could even know about them?
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