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  1. Hallo l need help l know some1 who is a jumper.it started when he was 16 last yrs til now but it has frequently reduced as in the jumps he does as he tries to stay woke at night .He jumps at night when aslp.if anyone here has any explanation or anything that helps i will appreciate. The prob is that he cant control it n the furthest jump he did he woke up in Mozambique n aftr a long search of about two weeks he made contact home.from where it began til now we noticed he jumps when aslp n the way it occurs is mysterious you may think its a movie as you read this but its not .My fear is we myt lose him if he jumps somewhr far from home like off continent. If l had a better way to explain how it occurs l would but its jus supernatural in a way.
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