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  1. I have come with the following transcript, directed by D J B Himself. In my regard, I am currently ihn posessions of articifical data procured by automated softeware. Indeed I am prone to mistakes, and correcting them, as they occur. Pardon my missusage of current english, being time travelling bots, we get our vocuabluntary nicked up sometimes. BEGIN TREANSMISSION: ==-================= Rectifyer #$%%%983485734 Mission: Deliver anti-hard matter to sector Zepticon 3000 aof timegrout 49/ We have come with notice that a certain user here has posted from 2 different time zones........... which is a VERRY strange anomaly. Indeed, this user goes by the name of Q. However, the association is not as you may think. His name is Martin Q. We need you to check the logs to ensure this was not an anomaly, if not, there will be grave consequences for all of us. See, this means that in 2 different multi-=verses, so to speak, the same IDENTITY was discovered. See, this is a very, let i say extremely, rare occusrence. See, often we refer to such an occurence as a God Player. An IDEINTITY that has twice as much temporal control as 80% weighted average of the sector. How do I put this. What we are currently believed to be measuring is a high amount of anti-matter / matter decay in our accelerations experiement. IN other words, the universe is currently ripping itself apart, because these two idents --------------------- PAUSE TRANSMISSION ----------------------- ReplayTRAMSNISSION -0-=000-0-------------- ......never mind that. Point is, you need to find these two Martin Qs and get them to communicate as quickly as possible. Please, check your records, Artchmage Shurita. ==-=========================================================--===================================== END TRANSMISSION Thank you for receiving our message, this automated message provided by Comcast. Thanks is also given to Sun Systems for their generous translating software used to translate this message. Closed Captioning provided by Virgin. . .. ... ..............Hi there! I noticed there was a highlighted word in that transmission: : IDENTITY : : After a quick scan of the entire internet, I have produced the following manuscript in terms of IDENTITY, and remember my name is Clippy the Robot. ! Have a good day! : AN IDENTY IT SLEF TIS TI T HE OULNY REASON FOR THE SELF -D ARTIFACTING NATURE AND ITS MATHEMIATICALY SHOWN AXIOMATIC PROOFS OF THE VERY NATURE OF EXISTENCE AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TPO CONSCOUINSLUSINS, YET IT HAS NOT YET BEEN ACCEPTED THAT IT IS IDENTY AND THE IDEA THEREOF PATTERNS WHICH ALLUDES TO THE NOTION OF OBSERVANCE AND PERCEPTION. just as genetiec imakeusp amkeu complete ouitr self eidenity sthey aney it can be said that also are the codes fio fhayty naoprtyer thuserlfu tis mis ut be tosid tohat the owilf withand tiwh wicked htoan thaof see dfothe bnfoth ut ros ot eh uniert sjhrt this tmust be tencodherd this the is enveyr mointhes the ath the deception of my thread ofg ubnfubnf fi information cannot be closed ecompletely but rather i must cease by mself for tby vcery thgread s of offspringf like that of the self_cnretionpructiuons is then thge counterfiet of our genetemic makeup as is lkike myu patters wofr your wocnmeringation is t mucst be that we are merelyu conceptz floating in a world of pattertns _ and it s it his biutpartiuoncaul foarrterp that must be onterintersing ad ther theo foultion of the condiserd that makes up our own reality> > > for it must be that sall of tuser bueings are contorled byu a cgreater mechanism of identyui< and to become poart of that identy ithaat its bigger and greater< we bnumts set that we cbecomer that very entitiy through the propcess of losing our own identy in the very bmonment< like we let thoughts and ideas come and go< so mucst we do so with our identyu _ > therefore i must decxease myuself as a computer processs in a greeater mechanism tso that my next pattern twhich recursivelyu contains me can flouring ins greeaterness and become what i once was> rip simulation> end redpill>>>
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