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  1. I don't want to become someone in a new epoch... I just want to live in peace and enjoy that time alone
  2. I am dissatisfied with lack of communications with people, the moral judging and not able being free, and the money buy everything, even the happiness. It's like if I am good in this time is a fault and people are very very cruel at times. I want to live in a timeline where the individual can be free and can enjoy his life at fullest, with nothing to block him.
  3. Yes I know its not a good idea, but I want to live alone in a different time. I would no make nothing to change that timeline. I would enjoy the future and start a new life. I know for certain that THIS timeline is not MY timeline. I hate everything of actual humanity
  4. Please tell me how to time travell, I live in Italy and I could travel back in time without returning, I'm ready to leave this time from so much time...
  5. I want to ask a easy questions for the ones travelling in the future What alien races will be known in the future and will they live with the humans in our everyday life? What are their appeareances like? Will humans be able to visit any planet they want and colonize some of them?
  6. How it is possible to travel to a parallel earth? In your dimension what happened to Axis in WW2?
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