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  1. Well, before answering you, I will ask - are you familiar with the SETI @ Home project?
  2. You cannot kill someone who exists always and everywhere.
  3. I have no purpose to convince you that he is me. The time will come - you yourself will understand. and so, I will be happy to answer any question.
  4. Because it's me. Temporal Recon is the organization behind the TITOR project. TITOR is a project of the Temporal Recon organization. Oh, these lawyers always do what they are told).
  5. Why video games? If we already have the ability to create our own universe.
  6. Of course, you can even get into these worlds, you just need to know the exact period in time (when an event occurred that caused such consequences), calculate the parameters of the space in which that event occurred at a given moment, then take some more distant time period in your time and calculate the degree of divergence of point A (the event and space where it happened) and the event and space in your future (point B), then, when specifying coordinates, add divergence (the degree of deviation of your world line from the given point of arrival and send the device to the past or the future, so it is possible, theoretically, to get into an alternative past or future.
  7. Free Haven, this project is also associated with us if you know what this project is. This is a one-to-one concept of the Ti.T.O.R project.
  8. SpadiS (Spd). In fact, a new currency, but working differently, is a decentralized system of capital distribution, in short, the same crypt, only where everyone's (financial) state is approximately the same, due to an equal monthly distribution of the balance between all participants in the system. The trick is that, unlike bitcoin, where you have to mine it and that's it, this currency can either be mined / bought for ordinary money or earned through divergence, that is, clients of the system, having start-up capital, perform certain processes on trading floors, due to which the total capital of the block grows and by the end of the month, there is an equal distribution among all, and so on from month to month. Most likely, the "TiTor" application will be for this currency, that is, a decentralized social network with elements of a distributed financial system. A crypto that is now, the same analogue of an ordinary currency, where one is richer than the other, that in the ordinary monetary system "who has buns" is richer, that in a crypt "who has buns" is richer, it was for soap, there should be such a system which will create an ecosystem where no matter what you do and who you are, you get an equal balance, only with the fact that you can separately increase it for some tasks (performance) at will.
  9. No, something like Internet 2.0 Decentralized Internet, consisting of millions of server points (blocks), each block contains information in its own direction, no control, centralization, surveillance, etc., but only complete freedom, intelligence, search results are not millions of sites, but strictly the answer to the search engine request + decentralized cryptocurrency system based on the Ti.TOR decentralized network.
  10. No computer, no connection to the US Army, no military, TiTor is the "TemporalRecon" project, and stands for Time Initialization The Onion Routing (T.I.T.O.R) This is a team whose task is to build a decentralized Internet in the future and prevent global centralization. TiTor as a project goes far into the past. If you didn't know, the Titor team was already on this forum in 1998, 2 years before the first official announcement. And this is only part of the project. Unfortunately, I am its creator.
  11. I said from the very beginning that TiTor is a legend, I wrote above that the fact about the ibm 5100 was a fiction, as well as the fact that TiTor is one soldier from the army. There are people who, in the 2000s, simply noticed this story on the forum and began to pass it off as their own, publishing books and materials, only in the books there is nothing but forum correspondence - no. Haber is a man who just cashed in on the legend at the right moment.
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