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  1. thats sort of right, a laser pulse was shot through a medium of gas, where it emerged from the other side before it should have. i think it just sped up, didnt actually do any kind of time travel. and the nature of the laser on exit prevented it from storing any kind of data if i recall correctly.
  2. i dont remeber cavemen being in the bible though :P kidding aside, the sins were layed out in commandments.
  3. have fun sewing drapes with martha stewart
  4. personally i use this site to balance out the jock side of my life. ass isnt an issue. but you comming on here making claims such as this? that tells volumes about your character. matter of fact it probably means one of two things. you are a highschool kid who doesnt understand whats going on, and also doesnt get any love from the cheer leaders. or 2. you are a drunk mid 20's guy who again, aint getting enough love. Debunk that
  5. party with the cool ass people in hell? are you serious about your post?
  6. Re: Does anyone really want to talk about time tra video camera aimed at a tv that its playing back through. screen will go white
  7. centrifugal force is not a real force by the way. if you were to for example build a ring around the earth(far enough away to not touch anything, but close as possible) that spun hundreds(thousands?) of times faster than the earth does. and then say you were to stand on the outside of this ring. if it spun at a certain speed, you would 'feel' weightless (until you stepped off it and gravity pulled you back down onto it) if it spins slower than this rate you will feel lighter, but not weightless. if it spins somewhat faster, and you were to jump, you might be able to jump fairly high, until gravity exerts enough force to slow and pull you back down. if it spins a 'lot' faster than this rate you will fly of if (in an arc as gravity trys to pull you back down, without gravity your line of travel from this ring would be a straight tangent) when gravity can no longer keep you within its grasp. if you were to stand on the inside of this ring (so your head points towards the earth and feet to sky) then you would feel a completly different (opposite) effect from above. centrifugal force is an experiance of acceleration, you are always experiancing accelerating effects if you are traveling in a circle. think about swinging a bucket ov water in a circle above your head. its pretty easy to keep it spinning and the water in the bucket. the problem is when you try to slow down to stop. gravity is an accelerating effectthat quickly overcomes the outward acceleration caused by your spin..
  8. Actually, centrifugal force does not keep us on the earth. Spinning of the earth would cause us to fly off, if the earth actually spun at a fast clip. The mass/density of the earths core is what outputs this 'gravity' we experiance. Centrifugal force only has a small part in what we percieve as gravity, and it is a canceling effect. gravity would be about 0.34%(+/- a fraction) higher if the earth stopped spinning
  9. Re: Does anyone really want to talk about time tra atomic clocks are foulable like any other device. first thing to keep in mind, an atomic clock "is the general name used to describe any variety of time keeping devices based on the regular vibrations associated with atoms" modern cesium-133 clocks clocks are accurate to one part in 10,000 billion, or one second in 316,000 years. While being exceptional, it shows you that even left alone there is an inherant lag to them. Hydrogen maser clocks are more accurate, but still not perfect. Anyway read up on google about it http://science.howstuffworks.com/atomic-clock3.htm to start. acceleration and deceleration cause movement. This movement should be enough to slightly throw the readings off a fraction.
  10. i personally feel that people put to much emphasis on the churches and the workers of them. thats now where i would expect to find god. if i pray its not going to be in a building constructed by contractors who are as likly to believe in god as to not. this is one interpritation of a verse (there are many) that im sure you all(mostly) know The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, not in buildings of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me. another Jesus said(apparently): If your leaders say to you 'Look! The Kingdom is in the heavens!" Then the birds will be there before you are. If they say that the Kingdom is in the sea, then the fish will be there before you are. Rather, the Kingdom is within you and it is outside of you. i feel there are 2 types of religious (sane)people, the ones who truely belive and dont need a church to converse with god or study the religion. and the ones who blindly follow using the church as a crutch. its pretty easy to see the difference. And no im not saying everyone who goes to church uses it as a crutch. And i sa 'sane' because of religous cult followings that are obviouslly thought up by delusional people. also on a slight tangent, If any of you have read the book 'night world' by f paul wilson, it(while obviously fiction) might give you some insight on to how reliegions may have been bourn. and on another slight tangent, if you really are interested in the subject, i suggest that you read up on wicca and other 'of the earth' religions, they have very obvious simularities with many religions, in fact many religions are similar in more than a few ways. Think of religion like a family tree. all the branches and offshoots trace back to an origional trunk. just a few things to think about. My personal beliefe isnt that the religion is to blame for those priests. Those 'men' obviously are not true of heart. Thats not religions fault
  11. what about the little boys that priests have been molesting now and again. Their faith must be strong.
  12. jayson


    if all people were dead, the world would be a much better place as a whole. heh. but we can deffinatly try to minimize our impact.
  13. im pointing out that for sake of personal safety people will often choose to stay out of other peoples problems. the girl was one of the kind hearts of the world, your cliche volunteer / help the needy kind of girl. i do not know what i would have done in that situation, i wasnt there.
  14. a local girl recently got shot for trying to break up a fight. she died shortly after. most people would actually sit around, or look the other way
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