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  1. Yes, a longing! That is a good way of putting it. I long for something that I once had, but cant find anymore.
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    This is something that runs very deep with me. When I was younger I dreamed, and they came true. I went to the pastor of my Church and he told me that "All that is of Satan". It still resonates with me, and is probably why I try to do an exorcism every time something "magic" or prophetic happens in my dream. As far as Heat of the moment. I do believe that we can receive messages from the other side, where better than in our dreams? You needed that closure to move on with your life, and it was afforded to you. You have really caused me to take a step back and see things in a different way. Not God vs Satan, but Primitive vs Aware. I have always said that you cant put God in a book and expect him to be bound by it. He is God! I just dont want to step out of bounds with him, questioning things that I am not suppose to. I dreamed last night about a young man with wavy blondish - brown (with a hint of red) hair. It was shoulder length. In my dream, he was my age, but my age was young. LOL We were supposed to meet, but someone got in the way. Because of his actions with this person, I am unable to meet with him at this time. He may not be as good as I thought. As far as your plants, Nature finds a way. It overcomes and adapts. I guess looks can be deceiving. What appears to be dead, is just part of the process of life. We are just ignorant to what "life" really is. Thank you for the book. I went on Amazon and put it on my kindle, so I can read it before bed every night. Laelle
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    Hello Kerr 😀 I see your response, and I'm going to spend a little time reflecting on it. I know that we, as humans, don't know much about ourselves. Most of what we know is from what society tells us that we are. We are sooo much more than that. Society doesn't make a very good teacher, because it cant teach what it don't know. As far as dreams, most of mine are how high I can fly on any given day, and I seem to like to Exorcise the snot out of everything. 😀Anyway, I'm making dinner atm, and when I'm done, I will sit down and read what you recommended, and let it all marinate. Talk soon, Laelle
  4. I want to add that its ok to feel anxious. I have found that there is more anxiety in fighting anxiety, than to just say, "Yes, I have anxiety, and its ok." Amazing things are out there, and maybe one day I can be a part of them.
  5. I think we wait for "something" to be fulfilled, before our actions are needed. To me, it feels like I have my hand up and am waiting to be called on.
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