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  1. And if you are from the future who will become president during the 2024 election in the unidet states of america
  2. I don’t want to start an argument but if you are too from the future didn’t you break the law too. I don’t know what your laws are of you are even real ( i don’t want to be rood ) Or did you just sent a mail in to the past (2020) If you did , then did you use some kind of machine that is possible to build with today’s technology. Could you also show instructions on how to build it. If it’s legal of course. Thank you
  3. Greetings , dear users I habe a theory about time travel. I am no scientist or expert but I still wanted to share this idea. Black and white holes: Black holes have ginormous amounts of gravitational pull leading to time near a black hole being slower than on earth. For example:If you were near a super massive black hole ( on a nearby planet). One hour could be equal to one year on our planet. If white holes existed they a person on the planet would experience normal time but time on earth would go backwards. For example if the person would stay there for 7 years and he left in the year 2000 he would arrive in the year 1993 when he would return.This is because anti gravity which is not a universal force (yet, maybe it will still be discovered) . If gravity becomes stronger the time near the gravitational field will be like I explained before(1hour near a black hole = 1 year on earth ) If the same worked for anti gravity time could go back wards simple,right? The only problem with this theory is that a planet can’t have an anti gravitational field because it wouldn’t attract mass it would deflect mass . Thank you if you read this your timetravel-1 (I’m not John-Titor)
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