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    OCG, If you are whom I think you are, then you are the same person that keeps registering yourself under different names, including Taz & Brian& brandon gear whatever you are then attempting to lure your unwitting victims to send them emails containing viruses! what a chump! Pamela, Do not open email from this creep!
  2. I recognize that symbol, it is associated with one who is attempting to send you a VIRUS! be very careful pamela, whomever is doing this, is misrepresenting themselves under false pretenses and will attempt to "mimic" a username that you are familiar with, as to trick you into believing it's someone you know, when it is NOT! Make certain that you are opening email from the person that you really know for sure. I have had this crap pulled before on me, & ashamed to admit it considering my advanced computer skills, but you are not alone Pamela!
  3. *Plasma Research Laboratory Physics Department, University of Malaya 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: (603)7594395 Fax: (603)7594146 http://fizik.um.edu.my/plasma Enjoy! :) <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 27 August 2000).>
  4. *Atomic Databases Data and Planning Center National Institute for Fusion Science, JAPAN http://amdata.nifs.ac.jp *Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics ...for Atomic and Plasma Physics See also: Atomic Physics... ...also: Atomic Physics Conferences Free Software Linux Plasma http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/DBfAPP.html *Conferences on Atomic and Plasma Physics ...on Atomic and Plasma Physics See also: Atomic Physics... ...also: Atomic Physics Databases Free Software Linux Plasma http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/CoAPP.html *PLASMA PHYSICS ... PLASMA AND NONLINEAR PHYSICS Theory : Tracy, Vahala Theory... ...theory and statistical physics. A plasma is a gas of charge http://www.physics.wm.edu/Grad_Brochure/Plasma.html *Physics Site Take a Quantum Leap into the cyberworld of physics, where topics such as chaos and the theory of relativity reign supreme. http://physics.about.com/science/physics/?iam=dpile&terms=Plasma+Physics *Physics Journals - Best Physics Links on the Web The web's best sites for links to technical physics journals and e-prints. http://physics.about.com/science/physics/msubjournals.htm?iam=dpile&terms=Plasma+Physics *What is a plasma? is an educational software for visualization of Space Plasma Processes. It was developed at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Los Angeles http://nastol.astro.lu.se/~henrik/plasmaphysics1.html *Physics of Thermonuclear Plasmas several research scientists (both RLE staff and visiting from US and foreign institutes) and graduate students. Collaborations with outside institutions as well…. http://rleweb.mit.edu/groups/g-placop.HTM *Physics of Plasmas AIP HOME PAGE AIP & Member Societies Public Information PUBLICATIONS Online Journals Publication Services Employment & Industry Student Services Science Policy History Center http://www.aip.org/journals/php/php.html *Dynamic of Complex Systems and Plasma Physics Group (Fantastic Graphics!…Excellent Site.) http://gauss.cfm.udec.cl/~hastudil *Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Publications P&R Reports The P&R office prepares and disseminates scientific and technical information produced by PPPL employees. PPPL reports are posted on the World Wide Web as soon as they are approved. http://www.pppl.gov/pub_report
  5. *Plasma / Fusion Glossary FusEdWeb: Fusion Energy Educational Web Site The Glossary of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Research Browse Search Submit an Entry Introduction, Sources and Contributors This Glossary seeks to provide plain-language definitions of over 3600 http://fusedweb.pppl.gov/Glossary/glossary.html *Contributions to Plasma Physics - Homepage Contributions to Plasma Physics - Homepage http://www.wiley-vch.de/berlin/journals/cpp *Plasma Science and Technology Comprehensive coverage of all plasma science and technology with site links worldwide; basic plasma physics, space physics, plasma astrophysics, magnetic confinement fusion, high energy density physics, inertial confinement fusion, magnetic fusion http://www.plasmas.com *Plasma Physics Library, Princeton University Plasma Physics Library Princeton University Forrestal Campus, C-Site Princeton, New Jersey USA 08543-0451 How to Search Plasma Physics Literature Staff Librarian: Mitchell Brown email: [email protected] Library Specialist: Luan Huang email http://www.pppl.gov/library *Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group Home Page Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group Research in upper atmosphere geophysics This site is best viewed using Netscape You can obtain Netscape here An introduction to the group and Group Honours Quick links to key pages: Alaska West radar ships see... http://ion.le.ac.uk *McWilliams Plasma Physics Laboratory McWilliams Plasma Physics Laboratory Plasma, matter so hot it is ionized, is found throughout Nature. Plasma physics is studied extensively in the laboratory at the University of California, Irvine where many natural plasma phenomena may be... http://hal9000.ps.uci.edu *AppliedPlasma TD.meny font-family Verdana,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif font-size 0.6em font-weight bold TD.meny A link text-decoration none color 000000 TD.meny A visited color 000000 TD.meny A active Applied Plasma Physics AS http://www.appliedplasma.com *National Fusion Energy Science This will include packaged presentation material you may find useful. Policy Information Public awareness and political sentiment affect fusion research. This section will help you keep up with news affecting fusion - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - Princeton NJ http://www.fusionscience.org *PPPL Fusion Energy Science Homepage Send questions or comments to Carol A. Phillips at caphilli pppl.gov - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - Princeton NJ http://www.pppl.gov *Stalder Technologies and Research Providing Scientific and Engineering Services to High-Technology Organizations http://www.staldertechnologies.com
  6. *Weizmann Institute of Science - Plasma Laboratory Provides pointers to people, events, databases and other resources pertaining to plasma physics. http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il *Plasma Physics & Controlled Fusion Find published research on plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion. Read select articles, browse forthcoming work, or order a subscription. http://www.ioppublishing.com/Journals/pp *Laser Plasma Group - University of Alberta Read about this university's research groups, which focus on plasma combustion, theoretical plasma physics, and laser-plasma interaction. http://nyquist.ee.ualberta.ca/lp/lp.html *LANL P-24 Plasma Physics Group Plasma Physics Group of Los Alamos National Laboratory studies matter in the plasma state. http://www-p24.lanl.gov *Plasma Physics Laboratory Learn about classes and research at this University of Malaya plasma-physics facility. View photos of lab personnel and visitors. http://fizik.um.edu.my/plasma *Plasma Physics Group - Pontifica Universidad Find out about the journals published by this Chilean university's plasma physics research group. Meet its members. (Link, not available to the general public yet.) *UCLA Large Plasma Device California university describes its large-plasma device, its experiments, and its lab personnel. View movies depicting plasma-physics phenomena. http://coke.physics.ucla.edu/lapd *Langmuir, Irving - Plasma Physics History Univ. of New Hampshire's space plasma group features the contributions of this chemist who first used the term "plasma" for ionized gas. http://leonardo.unh.edu/ggs/Education/whplasma.html *Theoretical Plasma Physics Homepage Theoretical Plasma Physics Homepage Welcome to the Theoretical Plasma Physics group homepage. We are (from left to right) Dr. A Maximov (post doc.), Dr. C Capjack (Professor of Electrical Engineering), I Ourdev (doctoral student), Dr. W Rozmus http://fermi.phys.ualberta.ca/~myatt/plasma/TPP.html *The New P-24 Plasma Physics Server Guestbook The Plasma Physics Web Server This is a web server for Plasma Physics at Los Alamos National Laboratory which describes activities and projects in our group, serving up web pages formerly supported by:wsx.lanl.gov (Magnetic Fusion http://www.fjwsys.lanl.gov *Department of Space and Plasma Physics Department of Space and Plasma Physics http://www.irfu.se
  7. All of the following links, are pertaining to ' Plasma Physics', and related research. *Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics and the (NEW!) ...Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics combined with the... ...International Congress on Plasma Physics October 23 - 27, 2000 http://www.aps.org/meet/DPP00 NOVEM Co. (Notice that this site makes reference to 'Radio Frequencies'??) Welcome to NOVEM Company! NOVEM is engaged in Instrumentation Research and Development for Plasma Physics and Radiofrequency Power related industries. We provide consulting services to the Semiconductor Equipment http://www.novemco.com *WELCOME TO THE INTERNET PLASMA PHYSICS EDUCATION EXPERIENCE! ... Physics | Fusion Data Analysis Virtual Tokamak | Ask a Plasma... ...2000 SUMMER INSTITUTE IN PLASMA PHYSICS AND FUSION ENERGY FOR HIG http://ippex.pppl.gov/ippex *Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory http://wwwppd.nrl.navy.mil *Plasma Physics Division of The European Physical Society http://epswww.epfl.ch/dir/division/ppd.html *Plasma Physics Division of The American Physical Society http://w3fusion.ph.utexas.edu/aps/index.html *Lockheed Martin Space Plasmas Group - The Space Physics Laboratory (LMSPL) is a Department within Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company's Advanced Technology Center. http://www.spasci.com/projects/sp_descrp.html Planets and Space Plasmas Group - Space Science Department, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory http://planetary.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/planetary/groups/ral_pspg.html Space Plasma Physics at the Alfvn Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden - Science projects: Investigations of the auroral phenomenon, magnetic fields and electrodynamics of dense interstellar plasma clouds. http://www.plasma.kth.se/space *Atomic, Molecular, Optical, and Plasma Physics ...Molecular, Optical, and Plasma Physics Matterwave interference of... ...prior to the target date. Plasma Physics in FY00: The NSF and th http://www.nsf.gov/mps/phy/atomic.htm *Alfven Laboratory - Plasma Physics Space-plasma physics group studies the makeup of Earth's atmosphere. Peruse models, project overviews and publications lists. http://www.plasma.kth.se/space
  8. Stay Tuned... <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 23 August 2000).>
  9. Doctor, no I do not yet have a link to this Plasmatory, everything there is done in private seclusion & away from prying minds of greedful intent. (you understand) But I will keep everyone posted as soon as I hear any more of this, or anything similar. Pamela, the process of implanting "mental Ingrams" as you say, is the same as using a method of matter to energy conversion technique. Just before your entire physical molecular structure was to be "transferred" into one of these plasma spheres for example, you would have to be "scanned" all the way down to reading your genetic information on a molecular scale DNA & RNA including the essence of your thought waves or algorithyms. Once you are transferred into one of these plasma speres, you would still have a sense of self awareness, and be capable of viewing your surroundings, but unlike the limitations of your physical body, you can now move through matter, and speed up your vibrational frequency and oscillate fast enough to open up a portal to travel through the space-time continuum and arrive in any dimensional reality you wish, or just travel through this one at FTL, and once you have arrived, you can extract your being from this sphere, and even control the sphere itself, as to instruct it to conceal itself from the veiw of others., and all of these things are being controlled by your thoughts.
  10. (Look Up, I added more to my post above.) That is really unusual indeed Morkie Dela! most forms of "Ball Lightening" only lasts a few brief moments outside of the ionosphere, as it draws it's energy from it. Are we absolutley positive that what you encountered was in fact ball-lightening? I am inclined to think it was more than that, I know perhaps it may have been what many others thought it was at the time, for lack of understanding as to what else they could describe it as, but now I really think about it, it does not seem possible considering the length of time it would have had to maintain it's existence outside of the ionosphere it required to feed it a sufficient amont of energy to have survived such an ordeal. Ball lightening cannot exist without a supply of energy, and they do not carry battery packs! this is why encounters with ball lightening are so brief, and it does not sound like this was what you were describing as a brief, and short lived encounter? <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 16 August 2000).>
  11. Shaun Holt & No Time; I could not agree with you more; this is exactly what I have always contemplated as such. One of the most important factors to bring about progress, is to bring about change, and that is to resolve the issues of the human equation in order to factor in this unification principle. <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 16 August 2000).>
  12. ............and on another note; many of us are agreed that in order for a human being to Time~Travel, or travel at light speed, or even FTL, the potentiality that would perhaps enable us to do this more safely & efficiently, we would need to discover a means of "Matter to Energy, and Energy to Matter" conversion technique. Perhaps one such application for this new breed of " Smart Plasma Spheres" would serve us greatly if we were to use such a format to place our entire "Living" essence within these plasma spheres to travel in, then upon reaching any destination within the space-time continuum, we could extract our being outside of the sphere with a mere thought, and materialize wherever we wish? Just a thought here, and this "Is" just speculatory at this point for now...............who knows what the future may lead us too, as we explore these thought provoking ideas with "applied action" within the realm of our research? (Now recant Ezekiel Ch.10).. and add this thought... what if an advanced race of beings such as our future selves, perfected this technique, and were to Time~Travel back to our history, and visit our ancestors during the aincient biblical era, as to study them, and set the record straight? How do you think we would appear to them? what stories would they tell of our visit? Also keep in mind we would have to maintain some sort of "Prime Directive" if we were to achieve this right? ... we certainly would not want to reveal our true identity if that somehow were to disrupt the Time Continuum. This might answer one question, as to why we might have no record of any visitation of Time Travelers from our future. ...any comments? p)'i4q4 <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 16 August 2000).>
  13. Ezekiel Ch.10 ........and when the cherubs went, the wheels would go alongside them; and when the cherubs lifted up their wings to be high above the earth, the wheels would not change direction, even they themselves, from alongside them. When these stood still; and when they rose, they would rise with them, for the spirit of the "living" creature was in them. It is very possible to apply programming algorithms to create many different forms of artificial intelligence using a combination of genetic engineering, and nanotechnology. If you did a little study as to what is happening in those fields, perhaps you would develop a much greater understanding of how this can be transferred to a plasma sphere, and breathe life into it. This plasma sphere I spoke of, is by far, not that of "Ordinary" as you see, for it is rather a hybrid creation, and one with "Intelligence" but not so much in the sense of a total robotic nature, as in the technology suggested here, it was developed by a very sophisticated techniques which allow for such plasma spheres to "evolve" or become self aware of their own existence. As I mentioned earlier, most of my suggestions, or posts do not merely reflect upon pure speculation, however most of them are based upon existing technological platforms of real applied science & physics that are being developed, and explored by genuine professional research going on right in our back-yards! and as promised, as well as demonstrated in my past postings, I always keep everyone informed as to any new developments that I discover along the way pertaining to such research, including a myriad of links to back up what I say, which contain enough information to fill the library of congress twice over.(LoL) So how is this in any way related to Time~Travel? First off, if you think you need to ask that, then you are missing the point entirely, so perhaps you need a broader perspective as to what it takes as far as research, and applied experimental research that exists on many platforms which not only carry the potential for a myriad of different applications, but many of which "also" contain the very same applications that are necessary, or permit the ability to make Time~Travel itself a possibility. As I said before, and I do not say this lightly...as this new research progresses, I will post more information here, as to what is being discovered, and I will do this in lieu of what is being permitted to be disclosed by those responsible, on the basis of what they allow to be disclosed to the public. (For purposes of Security, and Liability, in respect to the nature of Proprietary & Intellectual Property Issues.) <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 16 August 2000).>
  14. "space and time forms a sort of foam like structure where both space and time is distorted and can actually loop in on itself." ......... (Indeed.) Now, it is I whom is having this experience of "Dejavue" Hmmmmm I distincty recall posting an earlier comment about this a long "Time" ago, except I referred to it as "The Loopback Theory" I'm too tired right now to dig it up, but let me assure you, that if you went back to do a review of my earlier posts, it's still there somewhere I'll betchya.
  15. http://na59.web.cern.ch/NA59/ Welcome to the NA59 Experiment at CERN Study of the use of a crystal as a `quarter-wave plate' to produce high energy circularly polarized photons. * Purpose Test of the use of a crystal as a quarter-wave plate. Intercalibration studies of polarization measurement. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://cern.web.cern.ch/CERN/Experiments.html http://cern.web.cern.ch/CERN/
  16. That which you speak of is when we enter a certain state of altered Consciousness, that enables us humans to connect to this so called eather, or matrix, or collective consciousness, containing the billions of unifyed thoughts of all within the cosmos who are in tune to the same wavelength. (THETA)
  17. Somewhere in a remote "Plasmatory" I know for certain that a high temp. Plasma ball was created, one with super intelligence, and can be communicated with, or given instructions like a robot if you will to carry out, using a very sophisticated combination of microwaves & electomagnetic pulses. (the use of applied nanotechnology and particle physics was used in some part in the creation of this experiment.) The "Plasmatory" where this project exists, is located somewhere in Japan, and this is all I have to go on for right now. Those of you who know & trust me, also know that I do not just spew out idle chattter of consistant mere speculation, and much of what I say here, I have proven that I speak from truth, and have proven much of that, backed up by a myriad of liturature & websites (enough to fill the library of congress, twice over LoL) to back up what I am speaking about. So bearing that thought in mind, more details of the above mentioned experiment, will be posted, as I learn more of it's development, and the physicist allows this information to be made available. <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 14 August 2000).>
  18. Dear Tom, ... A couple of questions, if I may: Remember in your older books, like Fer De Lance, etc., when you mentioned Frank Golden's ability to monitor the 12 KHz frequency pairs that the Soviets were using to extract power from the earth, etc? Now that it has been so many years down the road, and you yourself have essentially moved on to other things, can you elaborate on any of the actual equipment that was being used? Like his scalar EM receiver, or the time the two of you used scalar transmitters to charge up an area and the clocks went haywire... If only some of us could have some info on how to get started on some of these devices, we could possibly have undeniable proof that it's all more than just conceptual. http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/nondiscl.htm Here is the point: If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of. The Big Question is, Will the 21st century see the acceptance, development, and implementation of Bearden's ideas (in plain public view, mind you), or will Scalar EM be found to have been just another dead end?.... Do certain world governments have these devices NOW?... Bearden says at least "three other nations, not hostile to the U.S.," now possess Scalar technology. Files on SCALAR ELECTROMAGNETICS http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/sclrmenu.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This area, in my opinion, ties much of the information together from the other areas on this web site. Tom Bearden's Scalar EM may be the New Electromagnetics of the 21st century... if we can get him to spill the beans on some specific methodologies and circuitry! In the meantime, we continue to collect, compile, speculate on, and critique his theories, in the hope that some light will be generated along with all the heat. <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 12 August 2000).>
  19. Just today, I got an idea for an invention. Hey Time02112, e-mail me, I want to tell you about it. Maybe we can patent it. No one else has thought about it yet , so let's get first dibs. $$$$ If you know what I mean. J.C. Not exactly shure by what you were implying, for the total of that last remark, as this could imply many things to equivalate the sum, or value within the context of what you envisioned. So it might be more prudent of you, to elaborate a more "specific" nature of your intended thoughts? And I wanted to say that I strongly agree to many things that "Shaun Holt" has projectd within this forum..... your insight is very perceptive, and yet has an appearence of someone who reflects from experience, and wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us :) <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 12 August 2000).>
  20. Remember people, it is not for the lack of available knowledge, or technology available in many forms to us in this year of 2000 to really "discover" the right elements necessary to make Time~Travel a reality, by constructing a workable Time Machine!,... (and I do not say this lightly.) It may depend on a certain numerical outcome of chance & probability, but none the less if it were to become as such, if at all, it will primarily depend on the most forthright common denominator of "Applied Action" and I do not speak of just any ordinary action as one applies to use a hammer & a chisel too! Let me elaborate from a copy of a posting from Project X's website....... http://members.xoom.com/Project_Y/sections.htm (F)- Back to on-purpose action. What does on-purpose (o-p) action have to do with the point or spiritual freedom? (SC)- To arrive at the point or spiritual freedom, the correct actions must be taken. That is the connection between the two. (F)- If we are spiritually suppressed, then what does that have to do with the physical? (SC)- You are getting ahead of yourself. That answer will come later. (F)- I sense that you want to 'talk' about the difference between o-p action and ideology. (SC)- That is correct. (F)- What is ideology? (SC)- Ideology is sort of a philosophy. Ideology is separate and is useless on its own. Ideology must be combined with action, or it has no actual use. Adolf Hitler had an ideology and it was useless until he combined it with action. The action was not good for 'our' fellow humans. I use the word 'our', because I was a human on planet earth during that time. Notice that I used the word action, not o-p action. His action was based on what he thought was the truth, but it was only the apparent truth. Dangerous thing, that apparent truth. (F)- What about o-p action and ideology? (SC)- Let me talk about action. Action is any physical manifestation of any idea. Now, with that known, let me say this: ACTION IS SENIOR TO IDEOLOGY. Any action is senior to any ideology. Ideology, alone, is meaningless. The action of peddling a tricycle, based on the ideology that a four year old child must travel over there and then turn around and travel back, is senior to any other ideology. Ideology is nothing but, if it is written down, words. Words are nothing but a grouping of letters. Letters are nothing but symbols. Symbols are nothing but a representation of an idea, and now we are back to ideology. Meaningless unless put into action. Now, with that known, let me say this: O-P ACTION IS SENIOR TO ACTION. O-p action is senior to peddling a tricycle. (F)- Tell me an example of an o-p action. (SC)- This interview is an o-p action <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 12 August 2000).>
  21. Many of you are still researching in the areas of "Scalar Technology" might find some valuable information within these links. The Seven Types of Scalar Waves http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/the7sclr.htm http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/sclrmenu.htm Scalar Wave Computer Simulations http://members.aol.com/overunity4/html/scalsim.htm Scalar EM Research-The TEP Project http://members.aol.com/overunity4/html/scalwidx.htm http://www.fastinternet.net.au/~nemesis/scalar.htm This page has all kinds of links! http://www.pacificnet.net/~johnr/newage.html http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Scalar.html http://www.dnai.com/~zap/ ...This one deals with "Electromagnetics" http://members.tripod.com/llovesumi/menu.htm The International Tesla Society Homepage http://www.dnai.com/~zap/files001.html The Tesla Book Company http://www.tesla-book.com/ The Tesla Research Website http://www.starwon.com.au/~rayd/tesla.htm http://www.explorepub.com/articles/beardon/overunity.html Howitzer.Text, another fine contribution of Tom Bearden. http://www.dnai.com/~zap/howitzer.htm http://www.dnai.com/~zap/zeropoint/advanced/howitzer.txt http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/scalwfaq.htm http://www.altered-states.net/cgi-bin/reload.cgi?//search.dogpile.com/texis/search?start=6&q=Scalar+waves&fs=web&to=twenty&p=1&brand=dogpile^/teslar/effect.htm http://www.dnai.com/~zap/zeropoint/advanced/beard001.txt http://www.ph.surrey.ac.uk/cti/cups/electrom.html http://www.esi.ac.at/Preprint-shadows/esi515.html http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/tweaks/messages/5708.html A little Scalar Math for the 3-D Scalar module http://www-emis.cwi.nl/journals/LRG/Articles/Volume1/1998-5winicour/node14.html Scalar Wave Based radio Communication http://www.keelynet.com/interact/archive/00000193.htm Dynamics of Scalar fields of rotating black holes http://www.astro.psu.edu/users/pablo/Papers/krivan.html
  22. OK, That site was more than just OK! Outstanding by my review, a "Must-"Read" for our TAP-TEN Members! Here is another link from the "Time Patrol" website. http://www.geocities.com/tpa2038/links.html And this one has mega "Time~Travel" related sites as well. http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/5363/ttlinks.html
  23. Now there's one you can "Hang A *Star On" that deserves a Rah-Rah! Good Work Pamela :)
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