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  1. Mind & junk DNA? now this makes for an interesting topic of further discussion! Take for example the countless reports of people claiming to have experienced a past, or former life, combine that with the new frontier discoveries involved with genetic engineering research, and what we come up with, is the potential to explain that we not only inherit the DNA of our predocessors, but what a suprise it would be when we also discover, that there is a direct a link here indicating that our so called "junk DNA" is responsible for these claims throughout human history! What if we inherit some unusual form of "Memory Imprint" handed down(downloaded) upon us, courtesey of our ancestorial/junk DNA? Why do, and have they called this "Junk" DNA? it might not be somthing we can discard, or consider as junk after all? ---just a thought.
  2. Welcome to our forum RaithMcC, I must say, that you are not isolated in your beliefs, no matter how outlandish, or incomprehinsible it all may seem, and you are right about the fact that we humans are limited in such ways, which make it so. I welcome you to review & compare my thoughts on this, from an earlier posting... "Prophetic Visions of Philosophy" The future, is not at all in sequence of what we imagined when it finally arrives, but rather some odd sort of compilation of; thought creating density, does have some matrionic properties, thus enabling us humans, the ability for to give birth to what the majority of their collective thought process dwell upon. Take this a step further... Human will is a dominant force of energy within each & every one of us (for those who are persistent with hope)... thus this God-Like Force that emanates from what is commonly articulated as a "Soul" is often withheld by most of the populous in general, and the numbers continue to escalate until the End Of Days. Based upon this observation of philosophy, I can only deduce that this force cannot be destroyed, only transformed, redirected, or "Manipulated" Repression of humanities free will by outside manipulative forces, seems the best combative maneuver for those descending dark forces, that wish to seize power, and force humanity to submit into slavery. The largest obstacle that blocks humanity from ascending, and progressing to the higher levels of spiritual evolution, is that we are "shooting blanks" to fight this "Antichristo" as prophetic visions through the ages have warned. Unless the majority of the matrionic voices of humanity vibrate in multi-dimensional resonance "Acknowledging" the existence of their own souls, all bets are off to win this one for now. I have been telling many people for yrs. even when I was in High School back in the late 1970's that the former "League of Nations" now known as the "U.N." will someday be given power due to an uprising after the fall of the cold war era, and form a Global GVT. Trilaterals, Builderburgers forming an alliance/merger??? Less people seem to be smiling about this lately "Energy cannot be (*created)destroyed, only transformed"(*Tranferred) --Einstein
  3. Although the following is a completely different article, I placed it here because it seemingly parlays into further discussion of it predicessor... The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects by Eleanor White, P.Eng. November 7, 1999 http://www.waco93.com/classifiedweapon.htm To help the reader appreciate the importance of this matter... "We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. Please review the remainder of this article, at the link provided.
  4. DELETE... [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 18 April 2001).]
  5. We must "Envision" - Forward, be deducing what is happening all over again." There is a fine line between "Art Imitating Life" and "Life Imitating Art" which often confuses the medium of our perceptions of Reality. ---"12" [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 20 April 2001).]
  6. Laser pointers are effective location detectors of gravitational, or warped frame drag zones, whever you see the light emmiting from the laser pointer start to "Bend",... there's you portal! Note: you will need to blow smoke, or steam over the beam , so the light stream will become visible [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 17 April 2001).]
  7. Subject: Could "EMP Weapons" (elctro-magneticp pulse/beam weapons) of the Future, pose a threat to any "Techno-Dependant" Nation, resisting the efforts of progression to NWO's Global Dominace by enforcement plans of reducing them to a 3rd world nation overnight, via implementation, and deployment of these "EMP" weapons? Please give this careful thought to those concerned, or NOT! because this just migh be comming soon, to a neighborhood near you! I mean when you really think about it folks, this would not even have been an option 30n yrs ago, or prior! "Everything depends on the global computer grid now, including communications, transportation of passangers & goods, and right down wher it hurts the most... Banks & Power to run this great & wonderful Economy of ours.
  8. Sandia's Magnetic Gun"...(Continued) The Exosci Link may, or may not be randomly interfaced, so below is the remainder of the contents to this article. The technique also has potential as a hypervelocity “kinetic kill” weapon that, emanating from a lighter, more mobile source than the huge Z machine, still could strike disabling blows through an adversary’s heavy armor. These more mobile sources are already in development. Perhaps most importantly, though least dramatically, the technique is the fastest, most accurate, and cheapest method to determine how materials will react under high pressures and temperatures. These characteristics can then be expressed in formulas called “equations of state” — equations that tell researchers precisely how materials will react if basic conditions like pressure and temperature are changed by specific amounts. While not a favorite topic for most people, accurate knowledge of equations of state is essential for the U.S. to maintain its nuclear weapons without physically testing them. The maintenance program, called “science-based stockpile stewardship,” uses the most powerful computers in the world to predict the result of unimaginably high temperatures and pressures upon materials. Accurate predictions depend on accurate input about the characteristics of those materials — that is, by a full knowledge of their equations of state. Researchers currently are unable to determine these material characteristics except by the less accurate, more expensive methods of impacting test materials with laser beams, or at lower energies with projectiles from gas-powered guns. The propulsion technique works by applying the Z machine’s 20 million amps to produce an evolving magnetic field that expands in approximately 200 nanoseconds to reach several million atmospheres pressure. The relatively gentle acceleration produced by the field is similar to that which might be experienced in a smoothly rising high-speed elevator, rather than from the shock imparted by a firearm. Accelerated to 13 km/sec, the plates are neither distorted, melted, nor vaporized, as they would be if shot from a gun. When the plate is accelerated to a speed about 20 times faster than a bullet, or 20 km/sec, the more forceful acceleration needed to reach higher velocity causes temperatures of 2,500 K to occur in the flyer plate; this liquefies aluminum flyer plates. Better understanding of launch configurations is expected to eliminate this problem, though liquidation still is superior to the worst alternative of vaporization — the result if conventional acceleration could be used to reach these speeds. (No power can be delivered from a vaporized pellet.) Characteristics of copper and titanium plates are also being investigated. The plates are accelerated in the vacuum chamber at the core of Sandia’s Z machine, the most powerful producer of electrical discharge on Earth. Sandia scientists last year used Z’s enormous magnetic field to test materials by compressing them — a method called isentropic compression. In this even newer technique, staggering the firing of Z’s 36 lines eliminates the shock that melts the flyers at the higher velocities. The resultant expansion of the powerful magnetic field is used to propel small objects somewhat the way a surf boarder is propelled who catches one of a succession of enormous waves. A paper accepted by the Journal of Impact Engineering describes techniques that accelerated the plates to 13 km/sec. A paper to be submitted this spring to the Journal of Applied Physics shows how improving the configuration of the loads increased the speed of the flyer plates to 20 km/sec. The work is funded primarily by DOE.
  9. I thought you'de want to see this. http://www.observer.co.uk/life/story/0,6903,416412,00.html Science 2001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- A machine called Z Under a ring of water in a sealed chamber in the middle of the New Mexico desert lies the heart of a machine that could change the world Michael Paterniti Sunday December 31, 2000 It is never night inside the Machine. Even after the sun has set on the mesa and Jimmy Potter and the frogmen and the men in white jumpsuits and the men in blue jumpsuits have showered, packed up, and gone home; even as yawning, befuddled scientists - with names like Jim Bailey and Mark Derzon and Melissa Douglas - sit in offices in a nearby building, trapped by their own reflections and in the blackened windows; and even as this oesophageal dark falls over coyote and jackrabbit and moves everything towards sleep and dreams, towards the deepest centre of the night, the Machine is awake. Its 36 Marx generators are set in a ring like a metallic Stonehenge. The 20 Rexolite disks of the vacuum chamber look like flying saucers. Its vast, concentric pool of five-weight oil and deionized water seems bottomless - real oil and real water, in half-million-gallon tanks that sit one inside the other like a wheel within a wheel. Even now, there are depths in the Machine, invisible worlds revealing themselves, the secret body of the universe floating up. Deuterium, tritium, helium. It begins with the flip of a cyber switch in the control room at the north end of the hanger. Before a bank of computer screens, a man clicks a mouse, and then electricity, quietly sucked off the municipal power grid in Albuquerque, floods into the outer ring of Marx generators. Which is when the Machine takes control. A siren sounds, red lights flash, doors automatically lock. The frogmen and the white and blue jumpsuits clamber over the high bay, down metal steps, and retreat to a copper-coated room behind a foot of cement. Another switch is flipped, another mouse clicked. To the piercing sound of an alarm, a countdown in the Marx generators ensues, or rather a count up, in kilovolts, comes in a monotone, almost hollow voice beneath the frantic alarm. The man in the control room on a tinny loudspeaker, the Machine speaking through the human. 'Twenty kV...' 'Thirty kV...' 'Forty kV...' To continue, Goto the following link... http://www.observer.co.uk/life/story/0,6903,416412,00.html Science 2001 UPDATE!..... Sandia's magnetic gun A magnetic field that accelerates pellets faster than anything except a nuclear explosion has been developed experimentally at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories. The machine that generates the field has been jokingly dubbed "the fastest gun in the West," but the description is an understatement. "It's the fastest gun in the world," says Sandia physicist Marcus Knudson, lead scientist on the project. The propulsion speed of 20 km/sec — almost three times that necessary to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth (about 7 km/sec) — would send material from New York to Boston in half a minute, and from Albuquerque to Santa Fe in a few seconds. A rifle bullet is typically propelled at 1 km/sec. The machine, Sandia's Z accelerator, currently propels dime-sized pellets called flyer plates only a few hundred millimeters to gain information on the effect of high-velocity impacts. The data gained can be used to simulate the effect of flying space junk impacting the metal skin of an orbiting observatory traveling in the opposite direction. The data is expected to aid materials scientists trying to balance lightness against strength for satellite and observatory shells. To continue copy and paste the following link into your browser... http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?s=c4d2abc74fca23606ca97570ce50a92d&threadid;=2665
  10. Subject: "Gain Assisted Superluminal Light Propogation"...The Speed of Light Is Exceeded Gain Assisted Superluminal Light Propogation The Speed of Light Is Exceeded in Lab overview of work by Dr. Lijun Wang Scientists have apparently broken the universe's speed limit. For generations, physicists believed there is nothing faster than light moving through a vacuum - a speed of 186,000 miles per second. But in an experiment in Princeton, N.J., physicists sent a pulse of laser light through cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before it had even finished entering. The pulse traveled 310 times the distance it would have covered if the chamber had contained a vacuum. This seems to contradict not only common sense, but also a bedrock principle of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which sets the speed of light in a vacuum, about 186,000 miles per second, as the fastest that anything can go. But the findings--the long-awaited first clear evidence of faster- than-light motion--are "not at odds with Einstein," said Lijun Wang, who with colleagues at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N.J., report their results in today's issue of the journal Nature. "However," Wang said, "our experiment does show that the generally held misconception that 'nothing can move faster than the speed of light' is wrong." Nothing with mass can exceed the light-speed limit. But physicists now believe that a pulse of light--which is a group of massless individual waves--can. To demonstrate that, the researchers created a carefully doctored vapor of laser-irradiated atoms that twist, squeeze and ultimately boost the speed of light waves in such abnormal ways that a pulse shoots through the vapor in about 1/300th the time it would take the pulse to go the same distance in a vacuum. As a general rule, light travels more slowly in any medium more dense than a vacuum (which, by definition, has no density at all). For example, in water, light travels at about three-fourths its vacuum speed; in glass, it's around two-thirds. The ratio between the speed of light in a vacuum and its speed in a material is called the refractive index. The index can be changed slightly by altering the chemical or physical structure of the medium. Ordinary glass has a refractive index around 1.5. But by adding a bit of lead, it rises to 1.6. The slower speed, and greater bending, of light waves accounts for the more sprightly sparkle of lead crystal glass. The NEC researchers achieved the opposite effect, creating a gaseous medium that, when manipulated with lasers, exhibits a sudden and precipitous drop in refractive index, Wang said, speeding up the passage of a pulse of light. The team used a 2.5-inch-long chamber filled with a vapor of cesium, a metallic element with a goldish color. They then trained several laser beams on the atoms, putting them in a stable but highly unnatural state. In that condition, a pulse of light or "wave packet" (a cluster made up of many separate interconnected waves of different frequencies) is drastically reconfigured as it passes through the vapor. Some of the component waves are stretched out, others compressed. Yet at the end of the chamber, they recombine and reinforce one another to form exactly the same shape as the original pulse, Wang said. "It's called re-phasing." The key finding is that the reconstituted pulse re-forms before the original intact pulse could have gotten there by simply traveling though empty space. That is, the peak of the pulse is, in effect, extended forward in time. As a result, detectors attached to the beginning and end of the vapor chamber show that the peak of the exiting pulse leaves the chamber about 62 billionths of a second before the peak of the initial pulse finishes going in. That is not the way things usually work. Ordinarily, when sunlight-- which, like the pulse in the experiment, is a combination of many different frequencies--passes through a glass prism, the prism disperses the white light's components. This happens because each frequency moves at a different speed in glass, smearing out the original light beam. Blue is slowed the most, and thus deflected the farthest; red travels fastest and is bent the least. That phenomenon produces the familiar rainbow spectrum. But the NEC team's laser-zapped cesium vapor produces the opposite outcome. It bends red more than blue in a process called "anomalous dispersion," causing an unusual reshuffling of the relationships among the various component light waves. That's what causes the accelerated re-formation of the pulse, and hence the speed-up In theory, the work might eventually lead to dramatic improvements in optical transmission rates. "There's a lot of excitement in the field now," said Steinberg. "People didn't get into this area for the applications, but we all certainly hope that some applications can come out of it. It's a gamble, and we just wait and see." Visit the NEC Research Institute at http://www.neci.nj.nec.com/neci- website/index-page.html
  11. Ever heard of "Sleep Paralysis" ???
  12. BTW, Photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass. They are the carriers of the electromagnetic field. If only at absolute zero the inertial and gravitational forces are unified as believed by some researchers, then a simulation of the absolute zero condition may be possible. EM standing wave confinement of a symmetrical resonance state should approximate the required conditions at temperatures well above the absolute zero point. The approximation could result in a type of inertia we don’t normally encounter. Provided that a standing wave confinement condition is achieved for a time sufficient to be measured. A standing wave appears to be stationary hence the term standing wave. It is this condition that should approximate a frozen in time state. Just how this type of inertia reacts or interact with the ZPF will provide possible new insights. The above model is a suggestion of this idea. The subatomic proton and neutron are both believed made from three quarks. Could this design be a MACRO proton or antiproton? Since gravity fields act on and in proportion to the fundamental structures of matter, what if that basic structure became huge? If we could then freeze the resonance of that particle would it act strangely? Would it have an inertia or gravitational effect? We have found that when an object is forced to accelerate, it will see the ZPF to be asymmetric, or in other words, distorted. Due to this distortion the accelerating object will see a zero-point flux of energy and momentum coming at it, whereas ordinarily, when the object is not being accelerated, the ZPF is perfectly uniform and symmetric. A key result of our analysis is that these fluxes prove to be proportional to the acceleration of the object, i.e. the more rapid the acceleration, the more the ZPF is distorted. Material objects consist of charged quarks and electrons, which will tend to scatter any oncoming electromagnetic flux. When all the quarks and electrons in an object scatter the distorted ZPF passing through, the object will experience a kind of drag force. We are proposing that this might be what the inertia reaction force really is... the drag force due to being accelerated through the vacuum fields. In this view, objects would not intrinsically resist being accelerated; objects would not possess mass. Mass would really be just a way of characterizing the resistance due to the ZPF molasses (or in the future more general case, the quantum vacuum molasses) that kicks in upon acceleration.……..A non-geometric (i.e. flat spacetime) approach to gravity is legitimate in quantum gravity. Similarly another non-geometric approach would be to assume that the dielectric properties of space itself may change in the presence of matter: this can be called the polarizable vacuum (PV) approach to gravity. Propagation of light in the presence of matter would deviate from straight lines due to variable refraction of space itself, and other GR effects such as the slowing down of light (as judged by a distant observer) in a gravitational potential would also occur. But of course it is the propagation of light from which we infer that spacetime is curved in the first place. This raises the interesting possibility that GR may be successful and yet not because spacetime is really curved: rather because the point-to-point changes in the dielectric (refractive) properties of space in the presence of matter create the illusion of geometrical curvature. A PV type of model does not directly relate gravitation to the ZPF (or to the more general quantum vacuum) but it does appear to provide a theoretical framework conducive to developing the conjecture of Sakharov that it is changes in the ZPF that create gravitational forces" Excerpt Below from: Fran De Aquino http://www.elo.com.br/~deaquino/ "Fran De Aquino's research involves many aspects of Gravitation and Cosmology. After thirty years of research the professor De Aquino discovered that the gravitational and inertial masses are correlated by a factor, which depends on the incident radiation upon the particle. He showed that there is a direct correlation between the radiation absorbed by the particle and its gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass….here is the possibility of control of the gravitational mass by means of the incident radiation. This theoretical result was recently experimentally confirmed …..Consequently there is a strong evidence that the gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation." ( Italics Added ) "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"- Albert Einstein
  13. Dedication: In memory of TT_0... Your "Questions, Coments, Concerns" are respectively appreciated with utmost sencerity, in liue they are indeed provided with "Integrity" and likewise sincerity "Without" ulteriour motives to make mockery, or undermine the intentions of the author! Understand this, I would not expect anything less than an equal application of those who sincerly wish to make an honest effort to contribute to this forum with simplicity of a sincere charachture, one with "Integrety, and Mutual Respect" Please follow this "Code of Honour" and you will be treted likewise. Godspeed on your Journies of adventure, whereverst they taketh you too, my friend... may Good Health, and a Prosporous & Productive Long Life of many works you leave behind, continue to follow you untill the end of days.
  14. Pertaining to the information provided herin, I would like our "Temporal Explores Network" within this forum, and other guests & Members of TTI, to review this information, disect it, invest in the experimentation provided, to decipher any scientific, or "Alternative" Quantum EMG plausability factors, which "Can Be Measured & Recorded & Repetitive in producing duplicatable results". Thank You All, Sincerely "12" CAVEATES... Your "Questions, Coments, Concerns" are respectively appriciated with utmost sencerity, in liu they are indeed provided with "Integrity" and likewise sincerity "Without" ulteriour motives to make mockery, or undermine the intentions of the author! Understand this, I would not expect anything less than an equal application of those who sincerly wish to make an honest effort to contribute to this forum with simplicity of a sincere charachture, one with "Integrety, and Mutual Respect" Please follow this "Code of Honour" and you will be treted likewise. [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 12 April 2001).]
  15. How To Build A Gravity Car! (Antigravity?) Introduction: Last summer I published my 5th book, "Shape Power", which describes in detail the experiments which Joe Parr and myself have been doing. The simpler experiments we term the "Gravity Wheel Experiment". Joe discovered the basic effects and perfected the instrumentation. I was interested enough to hop on the band wagon and duplicate the simpler aspect of the experiments. The results from these experiments showed that we can... http://angelfire.com/ak/egel/gravcar.html
  16. C.T.G RESEARCH LABS Welcome To The Search For Free-Energy & Anti-Gravity at C.T.G Research Labs, The purpose of this site is to promote knowledge about free-energy and anti-gravity devices and to get other people interested in this rapidly developing field. We hope that presenting our research on the Internet will inspire new ideas in others, it also ensures that information cannot be suppressed, since once it's on the Internet it's out forever. http://members.nbci.com/ctglabs
  17. (Repeated Posting)... The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment, The Gravity Wheel, Gravity Car Proposal, Single Pole Generator The Bedini Hamel Magnetic gate, means of propulsion for a flying disk UFO, An examination of the energy machine of Joseph Newman, Method and apparratus for accumulating electrical energy and transforming ether electricity, Structural Shape and Design of a UFO, Making a wimshurst electro static generator, Electrical Current Generator including Torque Reducing Countermagnetic Field, Sonic Levitation, High Frequency generator, Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy, The Hubbard Energy Transformer by Gaston Burridge, A motor operated by radio waves, Some Improvement in the construction of electro magnets, Hydrogen Fuel generator, Marko Rodin's on his unusual coil design, An Ion electrical generator, Your Car can run on water using this device without pollution, Making your own electrostatic machine, Water Powered Motors, FREE - GEET Multi-Fuel Conversion Plans updated, Very detailed Indian Research Paper on some perpetual motion observations, Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing from the Active Vacuum... http://www2.murray.net.au/users/egel/content1.htm
  18. The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment, The Gravity Wheel, Gravity Car Proposal, Single Pole Generator The Bedini Hamel Magnetic gate, means of propulsion for a flying disk UFO, An examination of the energy machine of Joseph Newman, Method and apparratus for accumulating electrical energy and transforming ether electricity, Structural Shape and Design of a UFO, Making a wimshurst electro static generator, Electrical Current Generator including Torque Reducing Countermagnetic Field, Sonic Levitation, High Frequency generator, Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy, The Hubbard Energy Transformer by Gaston Burridge, A motor operated by radio waves, Some Improvement in the construction of electro magnets, Hydrogen Fuel generator, Marko Rodin's on his unusual coil design, An Ion electrical generator, Your Car can run on water using this device without pollution, Making your own electrostatic machine, Water Powered Motors, FREE - GEET Multi-Fuel Conversion Plans updated, Very detailed Indian Research Paper on some perpetual motion observations, Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing from the Active Vacuum... http://www2.murray.net.au/users/egel/content1.htm
  19. TSBC, Try this one... TT_0 Homepage Photo Album, Diagrms of Time Machine & Mp3 Digi -Vids. http://www.anomalies.net/time_traveler/
  20. Carlo, the way you speak, and words you use, leave me much to question? and ponder,,, Although I am aware that your speech pattern gives an indication, that you are not of English, or Euro decent; that tells me that you must in no doubt, be frome some other region of the globe. On the other hand, your speech pattern enhances words that seem foriegn, and very seldom used, (Please explain) Additionaly, you have expressed words that are not common, below levels of a standard 2yr. graduate program, which demonstrates a higher learning experience on your part. (Who are you?) [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 05 April 2001).]
  21. The following is an explanation of time-polarization, some weapons using it, and the significance. Link Ref: http://www.cheniere.org/misc/time.htm Time is a funny "dimension". In a given frame the entire universe, every piece of it, exists simultaneously at one single "time point." In other words, at any time point, every spatial point in the entire universe is "connected". One of the things most likely being worked on (not evident in weapons yet, thank God!) is the ability to rotate a 3-space entity into a single time point, then rotate back out to any other desired 3-space location in the universe. In other words, the old "warp-jump" idea. If it could ever be developed, of course, that would really be the way to travel. Time can also be modeled as 3-space EM wave energy (common old transverse EM wave energy) compressed by the factor c2, where c is the speed of light. So it's REALLY a "stiff spring energy", when compared to normal EM energy in 3-space. Time has the same energy density as mass, for example. Some of the scientists looking intensely into the causative factors in the cold fusion experiments saw that time-energy appears to be unwittingly being used. Consequently a completely new type of nuclear reaction was written, based on their analysis of what was occurring. Similarly, they were also able to propose specific reactions, then, for the major transmutations being observed, and also for the anomalous instrument behavior in rigorous electrolyte experiments at China Lake. So that is one real use of time and time-energy. The Russians call their special weapons program, and the physics behind it, energetics. They divide energetics into three branches, depending upon what is targeted. Targeted against ordinary physical matter, ordinary fields and potentials, etc., that branch uses the same name: energetics. Targeted against living bodies, nervous systems, fields and potentials in the body (biofields and biopotentials), that branch is called bioenergetics. Targeted against the mind and the mind-body coupling, that branch is called psychoenergetics. The Russian solution to the nature of mind and the mind-body coupling mechanism, is as follows: First, observe physical phenomena occurring. When we observe with our mass-system (body senses), we apply a d/dt operator to spacetime LLLT (three linear dimensions and time), thereby stripping off the T and leaving LLL. That is why all observation is 3-spatial, as is well-known in physics. This observation process is continual and rather massive, so we have a continual stream of observations LLL interspersed with LLLT while the next observation is in process (very fast, but not totally instantaneous). In short, our senses (observation systems) are cutting into spacetime and back out with a frozen 3-space slice, at an incredible rate. That's what observation is, which most scientists studying mind have confused with mind! Observation is not mind, but part of the input to the mind operations. At the same "time" that those physical phenomena were occurring, our own mind phenomena are also occurring - but only in T, not in LLLT. So during the "breaks between observations", our mind is connected to our body pieces (even the atoms and their parts) in the LLLT that exists then, because mind is resident in that T portion. But everytime we physically observe, we strip away time, and that throws away the platter containing mind and its dynamics. So our physical instruments and physical body senses cannot "observe mind". (Mind can observe itself, however, and in the East there are many techniques for so doing). So mind exists in time, but not 3-space. And physical detection/observation, by slicing out only 3-space, loses any ability to observe or detect mind. Anyway, when anything moves in 3-space, it also rotates out of 3-space a wee bit. Hence it has a tiny projection over into the time axis, in the "virtual state", so to speak. However, a coherent stream of physical 3-space changes will have a coherent stream of little virtual projections onto the T axis, where they will coherently integrate, and sufficient will produce a sort of "quantum change" or "observable" or "mentally detectable" signal. Similarly, when a mind change occurs, it produces also a tiny rotation out of the T axis, and a tiny projection into 3-space in the virtual state. A coherent set of mind changes will thus produce a coherent stream of virtual changes in 3-space, eventually producing a physical quantum change. For a living biological system, its little coherent mind-projections that eventually coherently integrate into a stream of observable changes, thus allows the mind to produce physical input to the brain and nervous system, etc. That is the solution to the age-old problem of "intent" - how can a nonphysical mind produce physical changes in the body??? So we have a slight time delay for a given mind-intent (signal) to emerge in the 3-space body/brain/nervous system as an actual physical input. The body has many changes ongoing from intake of its changes from the external environment. Hence in the body the mind-changes (intent) input are superposed on other physical regularities and servo systems, etc. In short, we "guide and steer" the physical servomechanisms, so to speak. The similar feedback into the mind realm (T axis) from the body's actual changes, constitutes the feedback of how the body is actually changing (i.e., its changing). The mind continually recalls its "sent intent input" and compares to the received delayed signal back from the body, and acts to eliminate undesired deltas. (We are mostly describing the conscious mind, which is a serial process but of very great speed). The unconscious is totally conscious, but is a massively parallel processor. So the conscious mind, which can only see a "single slide in the slide projector at a time", sees "black" or "nothing" when it suddenly "looks" through its projector, at the unconscious with jillions of slides That is why the totally, multiple conscious "unconscious" is not perceivable by the conscious mind. Anyway, we have a closed servo loop with a short time delay in mind impressing intent as a physical change on the body's servomechanisms, and another short time delay before the mind perceives what response the body has made. That "closed loop" servomechanism is the mind-body coupling mechanism. The time-delay in the complete circle, with coherence, creates the "self" or sense of self. All the other body changes that feed back into the mind, but are not coherent with intent, thus are recognized as "non self". In this way, the sense of self existing in an external world is created and sustained. These are all physical mechanisms, if we use all EM wave polarizations, including time-polarized EM waves. The mind, being "in" the T dimension, must and does use time-polarized EM waves, which involve changes and oscillations and patterns in the T-domain. Mind is totally electromagnetic in its functions, but time-polarized EM. So if you make time-polarized EM waves and develop the technology, all mind-functions are thus available for targeting and change, in the T-dimension where they reside and occur and function. You can insert images, thoughts, emotions, whatever. Anything the mind does, can be externally inserted or changed. The Lisitsyn paper in the latter 1960s revealed that the Russians had succeeded in being able to do those things. During the ensuing 30 + years, they have continually advanced the technology and the art. An easy but terrible weapon -- the MindSnapper -- is based on the fact that the flow of time must be fairly smooth for the somewhat fragile "mind-body coupling loop" to remain intact. You can stand time-changes, if gradual. But if one "jerks" the time flow, that instantly snaps the mind completely from the body. Now every cell, amoeba, germ, virus, etc. has its own little "mind part" since it is a living thing, and hence has a mind coupling loop. All those in the "time-jerked" area, are instantly broken. A human body is instantly and totally dead, in every cell and every part of every cell. Not a single nerve cell fires thereafter, no viruses or germs or bacteria are left alive. The body falls like a limp rag, converted instantly into something like a slab of beef radiated with cobalt 60 gamma radiation for some time. Only this is instant. That weapon was tested twice in Afghanistan, on the members of two villages. It was deliberately small, fired from Hind helicopters. Russian troops then pumped the dead bodies full of bullets, etc. The Afghan freedom fighters thought it was some kind of fast-acting nerve gas, and called it "smerch" gas, meaning "wind of death". Note the similarity to the dead cattle in so-called "ET cattle mutilations", whose carcasses refused to decay for weeks. So that is one simple but powerful weapon using a simple "jerk" in the local flow of time. It is accomplished by creating a burst of time-polarized EM waves in that area. Imagine what such a weapon would do to the greater New York City complex, e.g. in a larger version. The Russians reached the point in the mid 1990s that they could take over control of a person's mind, with modified longitudinal EM waves including some time-polarized EM waves, and with a team of specialists (estimate 25-30 per transmitter, and one transmitter and team per controlled person). The "little nation's" Quantum Potential weapons were the counter to the KGB's desires to strike the West. On two occasions in 1997, they actually scheduled full strategic strikes (destruction in less than two hours) against the West. The nuclear weapons worldwide can be disabled in about 10 minutes or a little longer by a different set of weapons, and the first hour was allotted for that, then the full strike. Preceding the strike on the West, however, the QP weapons in the small nation had to be destroyed. These weapons had been converted in the nick of time to the "insane mode" of command and control, which means that, say, every two hours the computers initiate the launch sequence automatically. During that sequence, if there is a crew alive, they enter the codes and authentication, and thereby stand the system back down. Two hours later, the same thing occurs. The insane mode was necessitated by the need to counter the MindSnapper, which would have been used to suddenly kill all life in the weapon systems areas (that would have been the second scheduled attack, which would have occurred on May 1, 1997. The little nation switched to the insane mode in the nick of time, notifying the KGB, in which case the attack had to be aborted two days before the attack, else even though the little nation was destroyed in the attack, shortly thereafter the little nation's QP systems would have fired automatically and Russia would have disappeared from the face of the earth. So then the KGB faced the necessity of taking over mental control of each and every member of those QP weapon sites, having them stand down the systems for "maintenance" so they are in non-firing mode, and then MindSnap the weapon sites. If they are hit hard with a MindSnap, the area thereafter emits LW radiation for some months, and any living system entering it starts to waver (time-polarized waves are induced, jamming the mind-body coupling loop). The living system then falls, goes into a coma, and dies as the mind coupling with the body is lost. So a great build-up of the transmitter-teams for psychoenergetic take-over and control of those QP operators was in progress. Remember Captain Button, flying his A-10 Warthog toward the range, suddenly peeled away from his companions and flew off cross country for over an hour? He ignored all radio messages, circled at one point (probably dropped his ordnance there), then flew until he crashed into the side of a mountain and was killed. That was a deliberate test in the mid-U.S. to demonstrate that a human could be controlled for one hour, while doing a technical set of tasks (flying an airplane), in a hypnogogic state, successfully. The test was a total success. This meant that, when sufficient transmitter-teams were available and completely trained, the attack could again be scheduled, with the first attack by total surprise being the psychoenergetic seizure of the minds of the operators of the little nation's QP weapons, having the weapons stood down to maintenance mode where they cannot be fired, then MindSnap the areas. That would have removed the counters, allowing the disabling of the nukes, then the deliberate striking at will of the U.S. and its allies. Total show, about two to three hours. A reliable foreign source indicates, however, that "something mysterious" suddenly destroyed all those psychoenergetics weapons and the sites, some time later before the strategic strikes could be initiated. There can only be one explanation: the friendly little nation saved our necks (and their own) once again. But one can see where the "mind control" weapons fit into the ongoing game continually being played. Anyway, hopefully this explains the difference in the psychoenergetics weapons, some ways they can be used, and some of the events that happened, which the world press did not detect at all and is still completely unaware of. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ref: Melvin H. Miles and Benjamin F. Bush, "Radiation measurements at China Lake: Real or Artifacts?", Proc. ICCF-7 (International Conference on Cold Fusion-7, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Apr. 1998, p. 101. Credits... The Tom Bearden Website (The Original Exclusive Website Of Mr. Tom Bearden) If you are looking for a missing Tom Bearden file, it has been moved to his website at... http://www.cheniere.org/toc.html
  22. Pamela posing a duo ID as TT_0??? I suppose given that all things are plausable in the uncertainty principle, that all things are possible, however the odds are highly "Unlikely" and I for one would not put any money on it. BTW, Did you know that whales sleep with one eye open?
  23. OOPS, I \"NIST\" Again! "I hate it when that happens, don't you? oh well, you need only to be at your best when you are in demand, and even the best muscisians continue to play onward, in spite of hitting a dischord, "The Show Must Go On" Meanwhile, here is a nice piece of music you might be interested in.... The NIST Reference On Constants, Units, and Uncertainty Information at the foundation of modern science and technology from the Physics Laboratory of NIST http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/index.html
  24. TT_0...I noticed in the second photo (in the dark) it appears, that you was holding in your left hand, a pen-laser & pointing it in the direction to your window, seated on the right front side, of the vehicle. Was that a "Cigar" you were holding in your Right-Hand? [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 19 March 2001).]
  25. I thought you all might enjoy this... *(TT_0, do you recall any mention of this?) “Time Travel” How Science Can Finally Make It Happen. Discover Magazine April 1992 ( Note: Cost of this Magazine during publication, was on sale at local news stands for: $2.95) Below is a link to where I uploaded the scanned images from the magazine containing this article. (More To Come Latter.) http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?s=2c0c8d9a5d60e75c735c3aa24020166e&threadid=2705 If you have any problems with the link, you can always goto http://www.exosci.com (science forums>science>frontier physics)
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