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  1. Exa: Circa 1960's "Thinga-ma-bob" A type of gizmo, or gadget, that explains an indescribable term in relation to a device, or contraption that seems to work by some anomolous cosmic forces unseen, and unknown to common society. Circa 1990-2000 "Technology" Genetic engineering, micro engineering, nano-technology, plasma physics, particle physics (just to describe a few words that have been around perhaps as early as the 1940's, however it was not commonn knowlege to a majority of the population untill the "FOI" (Freedom of information act) was established for information & technology transfer from the GVT to it's citizens was put in place for which increased our global awareness & knowledge base of information technology exponentialy, and as a result, a global platform was erected to expidite our global communication systems via CERN Laboratories in Geneva Switzarland.(The birthplace of the (WWW) http://cern.web.cern.ch/CERN <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 11 March 2001).>
  2. 3beat, as you brought up at the beginning, that we need to consider creating a new language to describe the new laws of physics, which currently we have no language to describe as to what is going on, in certain cases such as the one of an inventor who conducted a University Symposium to demonstrate a free energy/overunity device that used a different approach of extracting electricity direct from a rotating electromagnet. The inventors device (I have on video) clearly demonstrates the plausability that gives an appearence of violating the common perceptions of main stream physics, however perhaps it may not violate them at all, more than likeley it is the "Lack of Language" within the mainstrem physicists, and scientists (Learned) vocabulary, and knowledge that was gleaned from the educational processes whereas may also have derived from supression of certain techniques to suit special interests of those who are indeed the most criticly appointed in the higher echelons of our political & economical/educational interests for whatever reasons to keep us in the dark while we are forced to consider no alternatives that would result in the discovery of "Proven" alternative soulutions of "Power" & "Propulsion" Although a "Lack of Language" pertaining, may exist even now, it would appear that the reasons for that may not have been so, due to our earlier inabilities to have creted one in the first place. As the veil of supression, at the Academic levels are "Forced" to explain those things in nature that are on the rise in our current society to Demand the answers for these new perceptions of our Universe, A new Language indeed "Will" become inevitable to provide those answers.
  3. would like to examine this "Quantum Vaccum Theory" a bit more, I find that it describes that seemingly present weak electrical force that emitts from Zero Point. I even heard from Dr. Michio Kaku the other night, on the radio, he spoke of this, and mentioned that it is a "Misnomer" to say that it is "Nothing" in the space between electrons & atoms, that in fact "Something" is actualy there! (electrons from the quantum vaccum of space.) again we must first get by this, and try to understand it more, as in relation to what is happening here, and how we can use this to our advantage, and then perhaps we will better understand the plausability factors for free energy, overunity, anti-gravity, Time~Travel, and the abundunt power of space needed for propulsion & power to make these things work. *Zero Point Energy out of the Quantum Vaccum of Space. Hmmm??? I wonder what makes it all tic?
  4. Thanks for the kind words DaViper! I believe that we are heading for a 360 degree human evolutionary assention process, and soon enough as the photon belt draws nearer to our solar system we might all embark upon undescribable experienses within the masses that will even be much more difficult for science to explain, let alone "explain away" lest the debunkers of human history reach their final climax of getting themselves "debunked" and to thwart the tyrannic kings of Dark Age tacticts. It is my contention that there is, and has always been some form of inter-connectedness between the emperical perceptions of Science & Physics, and the Etherical/Esoterical & Religious fields of study in relation to our earliest accounts of human history, dating back to the cradle of civilization in Sumeria & Babylon (which is the oldest known records of earth's human history.) and it's continued connection to why it is every 3600 yrs that we seem to have mysteriously jumped by quantum leaps into evolution & technological advanvements? Perhaps things like these, only a Time~Traveller could know for certain.
  5. http://ntesla.org [Mr. Wagner's website] [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 29 January 2001).]
  6. T_0, You mentioned in one of your past postings, that your world-Line has established a decentralized form of Independant "Generators" to produce energy for independant dwelling areas since most people occupy "Rural" areas. Could you elaborate more on how this was done? *What kind of generators are being used to produce your energy? *How do they work? *Is there perhaps, any relation of interconnectedness, to our current energy problems being faced on our world-line right now that gave way to pioneer the use of the independant generators being used on your current world-line? Please read the following, and give us your comments pertaining, and how this makes a connection to the way your world-line operates on. I would like to point out, that the response met by the power companies in the midst of our current energy crisis in the form of "Rolling Black-Outs" is nothing short, than an act of "Capitalistic Terrorism" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You Should Hear, What I Really Think"!! ...Meanwhile, you might wish to review my recent press release. http://www.onlinepressreleases.com/cgi-bin/secure/category.pl?L=142lst "TAP-TEN Research Foundation To Produce Next Generation Independent Power Generators!" Conservative approaches by reducing our usage of energy by use of other alternatives such as "Wind, Solar, or other forms of more effective insulation, is very effective, and reduces a customers electric costs, but it again places much financial burdens upon the customer, and is not a consideration to tenants who rent from building owners, that refuse to spend their profits for these upgrades, or those who simply cannot afford these much needed upgrades. Again this process will take many years before it is as common as an ordinary housould appliance. although conservative use of our demands for power, may teach us to become more resourceful with our energy, it is no "Magic Bullet" in relation to put a stop to the ongoing energy crisis at hand. Perhaps if our Nation's Hindsight was at best from the beginning, we would have no need for this conversation, but you must not loose sight of what a society that continues to sponsor leaders that support their own interests in the name of economic GREED! (Sorry) but it's much to late in the game to expect this to become the most effective resolution to solve our current(no pun intended) energy crisis, within a given time-frame that would put a stop to this. In order to put an end to this ongoing problem, you must go directly to the root of the source, or "Sources" that continue to contribute to delaying any actions that would resolve these issues, and one of the most important issues that gives good reason to fight for, that any true Patriot would agree to, is in relation to my "Prior" comments on changing Legislative regulations that quite frankly, "Get in our own way" & "Prohibit" any Alternative energy efficient devices that are non-detrimental to our environment! The following example below, represents just one, of many examples of "Available" technology that demonstrates an alternative no-detrimental to our Environment to provide us with efficient, non invasive, independent "Power Producing" alternative energy devices. The Home Of Primordial Energy http://www.depalma.pair.com Website of the Late Mr. Bruce Depalma (Scroll down, and click on the "Audio" icon, to listen to a pre-recorded "Interview" from 1997 while Bruce Depalma was alive & well, as he goes into elaborated details, describing his overunity, N-1 " Homopolar electrostatic Generator." Mr. Bruce Depalma has received a series of International Patent Awards for this Incredible Invention based on Faraday's principles of extracting electricity direct from rotating doughnut shaped magnets counter-rotating with opposing polarity. Welcome to "FREE ENERGY " : Don't take MY word for it. Take it from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office! http://newebmasters.com/freeenergy ...or you may wish to examine various others out there who have been attempting for several years to bring "Alternative" Energy Devices to market through their research. Again, it is not the lack thereof for reasonably sound methods to "REPLACE" our need for fossil fuels, however before any of them can become a reality, we must go direct to the source & attempt to "REPLACE" the ambitious intentions by those leaders whom are fueled by greed, & will stop at nothing to blockade anything that detracts from their kingdoms of centralized power, depending on the oil cartels! -------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________ NOTE:> All of the following links can be found at the following website of Alternative Sciences http://www.thwww.com/mrwizard/aspage1.htm ZERO-POINT FIELD-information on Dr. Haisch's theoretical research into the Zero-Point Field. FREE ENERGY- Theory- Devices and Progess, A review by Patrick G. Bailey, Ph. D. REVIEW OF FREE ENERGY EXPERIMENTS--summary review is presented of the experiments and demonstrations that have been reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. STIRLING ENGINE-The Stirling engine was invented in 1816 and can use any type of fuel, as well as solar energy. GEET Releases Technology For FREE! - Paul Pantone founder of Global Environmental Energy Technology recently announced that he would release their "Small Engine Plans" (< 20 HP) for FREE! Plans are now available online. COLD FUSION-a list of links to sources of cold fusion info available on the net. COLD FUSION TECHNOLOGY-See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold. ENERGY INFORMATION-Automobiles achieved between 171(1936) and 376(1973) mpg. Yet, government, industry, media and 'environmental groups' say that to achieve 40 mpg an automobile must be downsized. ELECTRIFYING TIMES-breakthroughs in electric car design are making this mode of transportation more of a feasible reality. PERFECT SCIENCE AD-has developed a formula to aid in the purification of hydrocarbons. This formula succeeded in breaking the hydrocarbon chain, transforming it into fatty and amino acids. A MUST VISIT SITE. THREE EXPERIMENTS ON FREE ENERGY-an open letter written to the Space Energy Association, from Harold Aspden. INSTITUTE FOR NEW ENERGY-Advanced Energy Conversion, New Energy, Free Energy, Zero-Point-Energy, Rotational-Electromagnetics, Earth Electromagnetics, and more. POLLUTION-FREE Energy Generator -a claim that a perpetual motion device that does not break the first and second laws of thermodynamics has been designed. FREE ENERGY PAGE-Free Energy Antigravity website by Rick Todish GYROSCOPIC INERTIAL THRUSTER-This website is a detailed description of a tested and proven "reactionless" inertial propulsion device. JOSEF HASSLBERGER WEB SITE-an attempt to catalyse energies for change. The economy, physics and technology are in dire need of renewal! IARC-Ionically Assisted Reaction Cell-a unique fuel cell that could answer our electrical supply problems. MORE BEARDEN-The Files in this area are produced by T. E. Bearden. The Directories include: The Final Secret of Free Energy with Comment, plus many others. TESLA COIL-Tesla’s best-known invention LOST INVENTIONS OF TESLA-links to numerous Tesla sites. TESLA COILS- How they work, with excellent photos. TESLA'S ELECTRIC CAR!!!-very interesting article from KeelyNet. TESLA'S Free Energy Receiver-patented in 1901 as An Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy. Dear Time02112, Thank you for your kind words of support. I have just updated my alternate web site, and another update will come later. You should visit: . You may want to bookmark our web site and watch for updates. We have seven more busts to donate, two of which are going to the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University. Also, we are negotiating with Columbia University now. After paying for these busts our coffer is bare, so we are planning to resume our T-shirt sales later to earn money for additional busts. We are not selling them now. Perhaps later you will want to support us by buying a T-shirt. We hope so because we can use all the help we can get. Our quest has not been an easy one. Did you happen to see the PBS documentary on Tesla December 12? If not, you should watch your TV guide for possible reruns. Stacy Keach, the Hollywood actor, narrates the voice of Tesla. I recently received a letter from Stacy who also congratulates us on our work. See: The documentary is based on Margaret Cheney's latest book, TESLA, MASTER OF LIGHTNING. She cites our work in preserving Tesla's memory three times in this book. It is available from Barnes and Noble at the following URL: http://shop.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?title=Tesla+%2D+Master+of+Lightning&match=exact&options=and&userid=5RPR2R5XA7&srefer= If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me. Regards, John W. Wagner Ann Arbor, MI http://www.concentric.net/~jwwagner We welcome you & your associates to join us, and share your talents to work for our common goal to provide free energy to the world, "In Honour of the Memory of Mr. Nicola Tesla" --- Time02112 TAP-TEN Research Foundation http://Tap-Ten.org
  7. DA Viper, as you said earlier..."Actually, in science, "Multiverse" theory is something that has NEVER been proven. For lack of evidence. It crops up from time to time as a way to explain certain SEEMING paradoxes like the EPR double slit experiment with polarized light. But then, just because it can be used to explain something doesn't mean it is so. Tiny invisible rubber bands could explain gravity if it weren't for the fact that it simply isn't true. Multiverse Theory is not automatically true because it "explains" some things. Lot's of things explain "some" things. Most of them are NOT true. So help me here. Where did multiverse come from as a theory? Where is the observable evidence of it's existence and the experiments to back it up that can be duplicated with certainty and repitition? Like the speed of light for example. Or Time Dilation which is so easy to demonstrate now it's considered commonplace. (It occurs on every single filght of the Space Shuttle.) At least science is TRYING to prove "Frame Dragging" which IS an experiment under way. But "Multiverse"? Who can demonstrate this with integrity?" _____________________________________________ --------------------------------------------- Perhaps the following might lend some additional clues, as to "shed some light on the subject." When engaging upon a string quartet of talented musicians, there are only two types of designations, *Those who participate. *Those who observe. _____________________________________________ --------------------------------------------- NOTE:> The following posts were extracted from "Autodynamics" *Egroups Forum. < http://www.egroups.com/group/autodynamics> Scientists Bring Light to Full Stop, Hold It, Then Send It on Its Way In today's New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com (You have to register at the site to read the article). From: Bill Slawson Date: Sun Jan 21, 2001 12:02pm Subject: AutoDynamics ? Douglas Scott 01/21/01 [email protected] From: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap001230.html During the last coupla years, I have been looking at SAA, AutoDynamics in general, and the formulations of Ricardo Carezani. Sometime in 1999, I began thinking about the possible degradation of photonic energy by the theoretical picograviton. The "tired photon" hypotheses, to explain the smooth redshift variation with respect to distance/time, have a number of (surmountable) problems. But, the generally accepted solution for this smooth variation, (namely: BigBang), also has many problems. If you would, could you supply me with your short list, in links or references, describing why you may or may not support this tired photon thinking? Anisotropy of CMB: In the image of the above link, I can see that there is a calico feature to the CMB. The dark patches are limited by the resolution of the scale. I wonder how far off the scale are the depths of the dark patches? Is there data available to recalibrate the image to a different, (lower), central "zero value"? Further, if one were to gather multiple images of the same patch of sky, would the calico pattern remain strictly identical? Over what period of time? The careful comparison of differing images could reveal the changes as being instrumental artifacts or actual sky change. I wildly wonder if there may be a nominal "rest state" for photonic radiation? If, after a looong journey through "space", the photonic energies are "wound down" by being bent hither and thither through the gravitational wedges of the intergalactic medium - - then, is the result that the background has a rather even "look" to it? Is this "even" appearance some kind of undulating dispersion of photonic energies around and about the nominal "rest state" average value? Or can the true "rest state" be an equilibrium point whereby photonic energies are hardly affected and mostly unaffected by the "picograviton density fluctuations"? Everything is natural Bill Slawson 1621 Grand Spencer, IA 51301-3433 712-262-1111 [email protected] © Copyright 2000 usual rights, usual rates Slight reference: AutoDynamics: http://www.flic.net/~saa/ The boundary of the "observable" universe may be only limited by the distance it takes for "most" photonic radiation to wind down to the equilibrium rest state of the microwave background radiation energy. If we can develop "graviton" apertures and detection instruments, the "observable" horizon could be extended way far. - - p n Jones
  8. Has anyone read this yet? Time Travel Research Center : Interview with Dr. David [email protected], Germany http://www.time-travel.com/timetech.htm
  9. TT_0 Please read this, ang provide us with your comments... (How many of the others here, have read this yet?) (POLL) say AYE if you have, NAY if not, "Not Yet" but plan to do so latter. Time Travel Research Center : Interview with Dr. David [email protected], Germany http://www.time-travel.com/timetech.htm
  10. "Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred" If you understand the fundamental principles behind this statement, under the guise of Special Relativity, and combine this with the other principles of "QED" you should be able to grasp the idea that the transferrence of energy into matter & vice-versa is occuring constantly, and all around this "Holographic Universe" (insert Dr. Michio Kaku & M-Theory/ T.O.E.) <htp://mkaku.org> Suppose that there exists a variety of intelligent "Energy Beings" and let us suppose that many of us within the human race do serve a very important role as to how we effect the outcome of events, that are acted out on other dimensions, perhaps this might be one very good reason why these powerful energy beings(if you will) that have the powers of GOD-Like abilities, to manifest themselves into any shape they wish, and appear to selected humans, and have telepathic, telekenetic, and many other abilities (mind manipulation) yet do not always pose a threat to our existance, or "Enslave" us perhaps many of them use to be us! and many of us, are chosen to become them? Q:]Another question arises often when discussing these beings, is that if they indeed exist, and have these powerful abilities, then why would they need to travel through hperdimensional Space-Time in a craft? A:] When you examine the warping effects that such a journey would impose, indeed it would become necessary to create some sort of "Shielding" to contain, and protect any form of energy traveling within such circumstances, because of what the distortions of electromagnetic disturbances have upon them.
  11. I too have made referrence to this (QED) Book, matter of fact I just lent it out of the TAP-TEN Library to Gary Schasteen on his last visit to my house! I am suprised that this was overlooked? Oh well, I am also a very talented musician.
  12. BTW TT_0 Care to elaborate any further info on the "Other" Time~Travelers from "Your" World-Line"??? *What are the other TT's worldline destinations, and missions? *Are any of them, besides yourself, on our current worldline that you are aware of? *Are you in contact by some special means with any other TT's? (if so, How is this done?) *How is it possible to send a message through Time? (Please Review my earlier Questions)
  13. Trott:]"I think it would be interesting if one of these extra dimensions was timelike. There are very few people investigating this possibility" But of course there is Trott! Dr. David Anderson%"Time Travel Research Center" subscribes to this, and calls it a "CTC" (Closed Time-Like Curve" and it is based on some known principles that other physicists(like Tippler) have attempted to prove in support of this theory. http://time-travel.com
  14. TT_0 thanks for the reply RE: sharing future technological reports, or publications... You have expressed an inability to provide them now, for lack of having any with you, before you arrived in our "Worldline" Could you please make a note, to remind yourself to bring them with you on your "Next Visit" here? (Providing there will be another "Visit") Meanwhile, why not use your memory to paint us a more "Specific" picture of your worldline, by providing us with some more "Detailed" information that would provide to those who may be more skeptical? in the least by accepting this challange (instead of avoiding it) what harm would it possibly bring? if you keep out any information that may not be acceptably permissable in order to prevent any clandestine repercussions of the future outcome of a series of events which are crucial to our future to come, so that they may play out their roles, as they were intended, I can only see that there are still many variable details that you "CAN" Disclose to us that would not be this detrimental, and only "Add" to your Credability. One good example of such, I would like to ask you to disclose the names of these "Five Presidents" that you mentioned earlier. *Who:> Who are they? and who are those involved with breathing life into this supposed NWO, that many people in our current world-line are so afraid of? *What:> A.)What are their primary, and post secondary functions within the New GVT? B.) What is the extent of their Authoritive positions of power? C.) What is our New GVT like, compared to our worldline's current GVT? (is it anything Like the Dreded NWO as predicted?, or did this dictatorial NWO rise to power as prohecised, and suddenly get defeated?*(was this what you implyed by your earlier comment represented by the nuber of those slain, that attempted to "control" the free citizens?) *Where:> Where do they reside? *When:> When do each of them officialy acquire their respective positions of Authority? Why:> Why did the New GVT suddenly enlist five Presidents? (Anyone else care to jump on this & add more questions pertaing?)
  15. TT_0 What could you surmise, as to what might happen, as a result if you provided us with copies of various news articles in relation to "Technology Reports" published a year in our future, or any "Time" after (Such as in your "Worldline" as you so describe? *Could You? *Would You? And please explain your reasons for why you would, or would not do something like this for us?
  16. TT_0, I appreciate your comments here, and I thought I would provide you with an example of just how appreciated you are. (You're sincerely welcome my Friend!...any"Time" Below is a copy of a recent email from p3n:> From: "Webmaster" To: Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 17:34:13 -0800 Subject: Re: The "Z" Machine Hi Gary, I posted a link to the "Z" machine story yesterday, the second I saw it. Thanks for sending the "Proclaimed" Time Traveler story. It was one of the best things that has come into P3N and with the help of links from other websites it has been one of the most visited pages. It was also very thought provoking. Please feel free to submit more writings or links to good stories when you find them. Thanks again, Rick Reed Webmaster P3N -------------------------- Pamela, I am very familiar with this "Waverider" I listened to his info. on the former "Art Bell Show" known today, as the current "Coast To Coast AM" program. since "Premier Radio Networks" purchased Art Bell's Legacy for a sumisable amount. http://coasttocoastam.com you can listen to pre-recorded programs, up to 30 days, in the "Past Shows" selection, on their website. Anything beyond 30 days, you will need to purchase a tape. I believe that this "Waverider" information & faxes, are still available in text & jpg formats on the coast to coast website. [This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 01 January 2001).]
  17. Good Point there NoTime! you can add my vote to that one!
  18. Welcome Back Dymenzionz! (MERRY CHRISTMAS!) I "pale" in comparisson to your leadership by example here, as your legacy was not an easy transition for me (we won't go into details.) nonetheless, i'ts good to have you back.
  19. Anyone ever heard of "Pangia" it referrs to when the earth, or "Gia" was once pne singl large body of land. when I find more info on this latter, I will edit this post, and include the links. meanwile if anyone else wishes to make any additional comments about pangia, and how the water vovered the remaining 3/4 of the land mass around the geosphere, please by all means, share with us what you have to offer. What do you suppose would happen during the next "Great Flood" now that the former Pangia is broken into the current continetal land structures of today's earth? ~just a thought~ p)'i4q4
  20. What ever happened to "Exentuate The Positive" ?? Frankly, I've heard enough negativity as to what we "Cannot" do, or what others have "Failed" to do. Why not discuss what we "Can" do, or what we can attempt to do that may lead to success in spite of all these failures?
  21. BTW TT_0, whatever you can arrange would be appreciated, if you cannot get access to an aircraft, you "DO" have access to remote Sattalight imagery, so either way, you must be capable of this permitting you have the free will to leave & return as you wish.
  22. While your at it TT_0, don't forget to place a v-cam inside with you, so we can observe the video images that appear through your eyes as you travel, as well as another observing yourself, and a third one outside of the field, observing you depart, and return. I'm talking 3 V-Cams, to give us these different observations with, which means you have to leave & return to us, to deliver the images. This would be more valuable than giving us picture of future money, also it would really be way cool, if you could send us video images of the earth below, while observing from an aircraft, what this future landscape of yours looks like, after this great flood of the East & Western U.S. coastal areas that is supposed to take place.
  23. ---- Making waves to generate cash---- ---Thursday, 16 November,2000, 09:17 GMT--- http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/scotland/newsid_1025000/1025528.stm A wave-powered electricity generator sited off the Scottish island of Islay will become the first in the world to feed into a national grid when it opens next Tuesday. But scientists believe Scotland could end up missing out on thousands of jobs and business worth billions of pounds because the UK Government will not give its full backing to alternative energy generation. ------Trees are High Technology----------- -] Find this quote<"trees are high technology"> on the following page. http://www.foresight.org/UTF/Unbound_LBW/chapt_1.html This a hint that there may have been alot held back from mankind because of his irrational nature that would blow up and burn his fellowman. <This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 13 December 2000).>
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