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  1. It refers to my follow-up post. He posted in response to a post that I would make. Retrocausality? *nods* Indeed. You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means. Keep calling people "trolls", and you'll soon find yourself being called "flamebait..." Back later... TL79
  2. Crossing the Neutral Zone... [ATTACH]4._xfImport[/ATTACH] TL79
  3. Re: In a map of dark matter, clues to galaxies' hist Too many answers, not enough questions. :confused: TL79
  4. Allusions, delusions, and illusions... im in ur civ stealing ur literacy TL79
  5. Re: 'God Channeling' and Dune 1984 Hmm, I say "Holy crap, what a can of worms..." Let me meditate on this awhile properly. I don't have access to my copies of the 6 books, unfortunately. I can say this, though...It was written in 1965. More to follow... TL79
  6. Sounds like "building a ladder to Heaven..." (South Park, Savvy?) Just my "observations," TL79
  7. Re: 'God Channeling' and Dune 1984 Um... I don't know whether to laugh or be insulted. Made me think of a story I heard; Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard are rumored to have had a bet: Who could write a book to start a religion? (Atleast that's what my friend says...) I suggest reading the Dune series and rethinking your symbolism. I don't even know where to begin correcting you. TL79
  8. Second thought...Never mind. Move along, nothing to see here. TL79
  9. Re: Yes, yes it is. But how does it relate to TT? Hello Ray, I wasn't aware of the original 10 digit layout, so I stand corrected. :) I've just always lived with 12-16 digit systems, so...mea culpa. But I do agree with you in respect to the Masons directing/engineering/structuring the way things work, and their symbolism in modern society. Hmm, sounds like Operation/Function/Physicality of systems to me, so I guess we can agree there, too. :) Have a great day, TL79
  10. Yes, yes it is. But how does it relate to TT? Considering the usefullness of the * and # keys, as well as the ABCD tones, I'd say that yes, it's just a coincidence. Consider instead a 4x4 matrix. Perhaps an AWD matrix? What of rotary phones? Ah, wait. I can see it now...It's a circle! So it must be a mystical connection to the closed loop systems... The Force is strong with you, but I think you fail to see the point. What point? There is no point. Only perceptions of points. --Not enough Bothans died to bring you this message. TL79
  11. Re: Bite me. Placeholder for a post while I debate the merits of even bothering to respond to this fool. TL79
  12. Re: Bite me. I merely asked a question. You were the one who wanted to know if I was going to fish or cut bait in your grand crusade of pedantic dogmatism... So, I'll take your response as to mean that you DON'T have anything intelligent to add and are instead master baiting across the board. (As evidenced by your attempt to surpass Creedo's post count, simply because you think you can.) TL79
  13. Would a TT from the past commune with...Yes! I know! I know! The answer is that everything is beyond that. See, there was this instense burst of radiation/particles, that formed the world around us. Space folds in on itself, and we exist because of it. We're thoughts wrapped in physical form. We're finite beings, in an infinte world. (most of us) Therefore, according to (most of) us, the world is finite. But time goes on when we're "gone", but we're not really gone, we've just not had the chance to be born. Our births are merely moments in time of when we "leave" the primordial soup in our transit back to being reborn in a bigger bang. Part of the key is to figure out how to transport our "materia" into the next generation where it lies dormant, but possibly might re-awaken to it's previous state. Much akin to the Gholas of Dune fame. Sound about right, or am I mistaken? Even in finiteness, there is a degree of infiniteness. Possiblity or choice being the operative problem. I can say infinite + 1, but it's still infinity. With a finite expansion. The world is indeed finite, but unbounded. We need to figure out how to continue our traversal through the "eternity" that lies beyond our mortal lives. TL79
  14. Bite me. Do you have anything intelligent to contribute, since you live in a free country, or are you just "master baiting" all over this board? TL79
  15. Greetings, In any case, I'm going to be working overtime. And besides, why would Britney want to pose for Heff or Flynt? I can't say I agree with the photography of the two, but it's in the eye of the artist. Nude's nude, dude. Timeline79
  16. I don't feel like looking up who made the claim, but here is someone's "proof" 3-D Britney I'll be getting back to my opus. Timeline79
  17. Re: Secrets NO ONE Should Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Truth is Out There. *lights up a cigarette* :devil:
  18. Re: Mr. Creedo's Opus... You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Timeline79
  19. Re: The THREE Methods - Categorized Get on with it! In the immortal words of Monty Python... Get on with it! You either a.) Don't know what you're talking about ot b.) Claim to know what you're talking about to satisfy your own parrot ego. Which is your INTENTION? Timeline79
  20. Re: SPIN I give it two thumbs up. Good to see you're still in the game, Blair. Timeline79
  21. Actually, it's "a lot." "alot" is considered vulgar usage of "a lot", much in the same fashion as "ain't" being "are not" and "is not." Hope this helps. Timeline79 p.s. I don't swim in your toilet, so please don't piss in my ool. p.p.s. Notice the lack of "p", please keep it that way.
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