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  1. Re: John Titor ,_________ Re; to Hertz there is some guy making a movie about "jt" it is on one of the other boards.
  2. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. I think the posts show better taste then other phony stories i have read. creedo299 posts are possibly correct as they are very neat concepts. Makes for good reading. creedo299 you have to make them a bit less hard to understand as you do jump from topic to topic a bit, but it is all good. :D
  3. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. it is all comparitve.
  4. Re: John Titor ,_________ Re; to Hertz you have to see the message in the post.. take your mind off the reading as it is clear.
  5. Re: John Titor ,_________ Re; to Hertz That was a lot to read.. interesting disection. the url was gone for www.damenhur.org Think your post is correct.
  6. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. Lets say i wasted a lot of "TIME" making phony time machines that did not work. and to see someone "PROFIT" from a fake story kills me! There are many way's to "PROFIT" from a false claim. creedo299 has been an eye opener, his post's are very thought out as he knows what is going on.
  7. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. You could be correct as i think it has something to do with microwaves/atoms. Just finished some more digging. you are on track creedo! I may have to pay a drummer now.
  8. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. creedo299, Just take look at the contest posts at the other board. You are very a smart person! I can see where you are going with this! the plot goes deeper..
  9. Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. creedo299, Interesting posts: I sent a PM few messages out , 1 to a mod over there and "she" did not send a reply. So your theory could be very well on target, although it does not go to the goverment level. Things nowdays are motivated by monitary gains. so it is quite possible that the "JT" idenity is being withheld for traffic reasons as mentioned by other board members. Pamela wont share the "JT" e-mail that she says she has.. probally the same one i have. read the above again,read the above again,read the above again,read the above again. Also Pam is not to concerned and has stayed out of the posting war and let the top mods handle the debates, well time will tell. Soon as i posted that contest the heat was turned up 500 degrees!
  10. $100.00 contest for John Titors Fake Time Machine photo. Yes this the last piece i need to seal the deal on this "JT" Scam. here are the details below: http://www.mpghost.com/what_is_this/ paypal-check what ever..
  11. John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED.. With some help from this board i have found the infamous John Titor to be a FAKE. I am working on the story now as i need a few more tacs to seal the deal! 3 long years of wondering if were all going to die in 2015 ? NOT! For starters John is not his real name and he has been programing since 1969! stay tuned.... JT if you read this come clean now or you and your partner are going to be exposed.
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