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  1. That you don't get it That you don't see And that you don't even try Is to me, your largest Self-condemnation. A game is all any of this is; Prose nor poetry apparently Riles you anymore; I perhaps Cannot, or should not, Keep on posting poems you don't get. *Janus, off to find a good wordplay forum.* PS Pamela nice to read you again. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  2. From me to you, Understanding is a gift I Can't bestow; nor Kindness. Yet, it still seems Odd when you remain without Understanding. :kiss:
  3. Well, this forum has even less sane discussion than when I last left. Almost all of the threads are bull, and the rest are clouded with metaphysical crap to the point of unreadability. It's a shame, because the early archives of the board looked so promising. I think the moderator needs to take a long hard look at the whole point of this forum and the types of threads that could be allowed. That's it for me, TTFN. PS Eris <-> Discordian. Look it up. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  4. It is just you. Or at least your viral meme. TTA, you mess up when you pull chance into it. The study of probability says that yes, sometimes unlikely things do happen. The fact that you assign meaning to the appearance of 'double digits' is no more or less meaningful than if I were to search for the number 2617 or 425. The fact is, if you're looking for any particular number, you're bound to find it eventually. And, if you remember only the instances when you found the number, and forget all the times you didn't, then you'll develop a skewed impression of how often that random event occurs. For example, in the autumn here in Vancouver, people are often heard saying that it never stops raining. Often even after a balmy, summer-hot week has passed. But people selectively remember the rainy days when they're feeling down. It's not even conscious, it's just human nature. We like to see patterns in things, even random things. PS out of the numbers from 1 to 100, a full ten of them are double digits. That's 10%! So, any random number from 1 to 100 has a 10% chance of being a dd. Pretty good odds, if you take a large sample size such as the number of <100 numbers we encounter every day. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  5. Well, there's always the billiard ball variant of the grandfather paradox, using purely mechanical means (+ wormhole) to cause a paradox. Actually, I think there was a thread about this sort of thing a long time ago. Try searching the archives. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  6. I don't think this kind of debate is really ever worth getting into. No-one ever changes their mind under sustained attack from the other side, no matter how good the evidence. In fact, this type of 'Science vs. Religion' argument is not only a false dichotomy, but also tends to entrench the 'sides' more firmly. I won't contribute my ten cents. (My two cents are free... see the sig.) "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  7. levitate your arms! Try this: Stand in a doorway Raise your arms to the sides, pushing the backs of your hands against the doorframe. Hold that position for two minutes, pushing as hard as you can. Step out of the doorway and relax your arms. WIERD! "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  8. Boot: >-janus you are a guy yup. 50% chance there. good work. >-26 years old no >-name is steven allen thomas no >-staying in a condo with a >roommate named steve also >-roommate name: steven goddard johnson. >-all rooms are white, your bedroom >blue and your roommate's room >is gray >-third floor with playground about 100-200 >feet away. no. way, way off. >-you guys turn out the lights >lay down on the balcony >and shoot car windows,streetlights and >phone booth windows for fun. >when cops show up you >guys pop out their windows >when they are out of >earshot. officer jones suspects you >guys, just thought you should >know that. um, no. >-clock on the shelf that is >in a clear dome, battery >powered with 4 sided counter >weight that spins left and >right. counter weight has the >same use as a pendulum. nope. don't have any clocks. There are enough already on the stove, the stereo, etc. >-scott and mary are coming over >tomorrow, if they haven't already >come over tonight. who are Scott and Mary? friends of yours? >-the words: crisp, picture, cross, traintrack >and locket have great significance. not really. >-painting on your north wall or >your living room and east >wall of your bedroom both >painted by your sister. no. my mom paints, that's about the closest. >-you are sitting at a computer >and you are typing, the >radio is on, you're sweating. nope. it's been cool here for the last week or so. and, I like silence while I read. >-you are a very very jealous >person, your roommate has some >good news, but he's afraid >to tell you , he's >afraid you'll sabotage his good >fortune with criticism or foulplay. no roommate. >-yes, patricia is your daughter, patricia's >mother will confront you within >a year and you do >everything (successfully) to avoid a >paternal test. ? mu. >-you're a habitual liar, people are >onto you because you are >always contradicting youself (forgetting the >details of your previous lie). >they are joking about you >behind your back. they say >before you lie, you smack >your lips together. don't lie much, when I do I remember it. >-tim, i see tim >-nightclub with fake palms on front, >you and three other guys. >girl on corner smacks her >ass with left hand and >flicks bird to you guys >with right hand. she then >shoots birds at you guys >with both hands and does >a humping motion with her >hips, someone has made here >very angry. ??? are you retreating into some fantasy world or something? >-you'll deny most, if not all >of my hits. Well, of course, because they aren't 'hits' at all. Satan here was right, because the only response I could give here which you would accept is to agree with you completely. Come to think of it, you probably wouldn't even accept that, as it wouldn't jive with your last point (that I would deny what you said). "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  9. I haven't heard this track yet (haven't bought Lateralus yet), but I have to say that Tool is everything I'd want to be if I wanted to be a band. Innovative, rhythmical, and challenging. It seems like they're always challenging what you expect from a song, but just enough that the strangeness is like a spice rather than disturbing. I can't get enough of Schism every time it's on the radio. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  10. Cat, are you a Gnostic? They also had ideas about the relationship between geometry and religion. In any case, I don't think you're thinking logically. You may think I look cocky, but I think it's because YOU think you know it all already, and I'm just a little pest interfering with your appreciation of the Grand Scheme of Things. But it takes only sparing application of the scientific method to pare away large portions of your 'evidence' (although I must admit your data seem to be rather randomly distributed). 1) the pythagorean theorem is basic math. Of course it appears everywhere, because triangles are everywhere! Sure, Pythagoras, who mentioned it (although some cultures knew of it before him) also had (quite wacky) spiritual beliefs, but that doesn't mean that it's some mystical force. No, it's just an equation they teach you in grade school. Next you'll be telling me that there's a spiritual journey in the reaction Acid + Base => Salt + Water. 2) I think that generation of the Phoenician script from some grid pattern is laughable. I mean, I could produce all sorts of grids that would contain many different symbols like that. And the guy doesn't even follow the lines properly - look at aleph, dalet, and samach for example. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  11. Not trying to be hostile, TTA. I'm just saying that if anyone wants a platform to test their RVing on, I'm their man. You did imply in the other 'scan me' thread that you were embarassed about what a potential RVer would find out about you. So, RVers, here I am. Come and scan me! "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  12. The kinetic theory of temperature states that the 'heat' of an object is actually a measure of the amount of random motion of the molecules making up that object. As temperature lowers, there is less and less random motion. At the lower limit, absolute zero (0 K) there is no random motion at all. There is no way to go below 0 K because it is the bottom limit of the scale - there is no such thing as 'negative random motion'. Also, freezing doesn't map linearly to 'life slow-down'. For example, the aging of gametes (sperm cells and ova) can be stopped completely at liquid nitrogen temperatures, well above 0 K. And state changes at lower temperatures would probably kill things, even given flash freezing.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry." Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  13. If anyone here is actually claiming remote viewing abilites, they can feel free to RV me and post whatever they find out right in this thread. I (unlike TTA, apparently) have absolutely nothing to hide about my life and would not be embarassed by anything truthful you would put up on this discussion board. So, go for it! RV me, please! "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  14. Hi Cat. I looked at the site, and yes, it shows the evolution of the hebrew alphabet from the phoenician characters. Not via the hand of God or YHWH or Allah or whoever. Also, check out this site: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~rfradkin/alphapage.html Look at the "Evolution of the Phoenician Character Set" to see how these glyphs were descended from an earlier pictographic system. I fail to see any significant connexion to the constellations or the 'Merkaba'. If you have a link that says otherwise, by all means post it! I'm not going to go out of my way to prove you right, after all. PS I wouldn't believe everything TTA says. He seems to have illusions of grandeur and conspiracy theories galore. If you want the truth, go back and read the archives. "All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
  15. But isn't science clearly separate from religion? I mean, the scientific method is a clear pathway of reason, and to use it requires no recourse to any religious assumptions or beliefs. While OTOH, religion is by definition an act of belief and faith, where reason must at some point be ignored. Religion and science may disagree on some points, but in all cases it is clear what is science and what is religion. My question again, then, is, what category does time travel fall under, in your opinion?
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