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  1. Actually between them times here in northern japan we had about 3 major earthquakes. Between 6.4 and 7.4. If I remember right but their scales seem a bit off from ours in the states. Never asked though. As far as living on JT's Time line. well I know I will be doomed. IT's my luck. Or should I say the negative energies I put in to the world. You know the type of person to win the lotto and have the ticket blow in to the street. You go after it and bamb get hit by a bus and live. Then all your money goes to hospital bills. But hey your still alive. I know if his time line is true then I will be having to serve my country aginst domestic enemies will having to fight out side influences. Then on top of that a nuke bomb blows us away. Bye bye air bases. Bye bye Stalker 619. That is how I see it if it happens. Then again I have had 2 dreams where I am in uniform and get blasted by a nuke bomb. Could feel the skin melt from my body as I blow in to the wind as ash. By this time I am standing next to my self watching this happen to my physical body. Then again I have had a couple other dreams I was in colorado trying to make my way to Cheyenne mountain. I run across lots of cars buldozed to the side with some bodies still in them. I come up to a check point with ppl in chem gear. They then ask all for all of my information and to verify they us a bar code reader on my left forarm. I was asking what they were doing and said that the military had developed a new way to track it's troops. By reading the bio electric reading and dna coding from my body the computer cross refranced all the information to a LT in the army. They then gave me some shots to help with any illnesses I might have or will have. I then protested to them that I was no LT in the army but by this time I had awoken. The other dream was me as a COL. leading tank divisions on a military instalation of some sort. It was raining and muddy. The place looked like it was just being constructed. Not much of that dream to remember but that. Might be clues in to what could have been or will be. Like the old viking men used to say about thoughs who are sleeping. It is death and in death we see our families or the ppl long gone from this time.
  2. There were several copies of the video sent out to JT (BOOMER) friends/ PPL he was in close contact with. They were the ones that were supposed to supply the images and video feed. But due to paranoia or other out side influences they have not come out with them. Besides the mail service in america loses mail every day. video and books will not quell the non believer. Pammy if I can call you such. You are still a sweet girl and have the constitution of atlas. Be Strong with the ones who do not understand and good luck with your move.
  3. Re: Living the lie - or 'saving' the world I would have to say if I was said person to go back and stop the individual from doing what they did. I would have to go back before they even had the chance to. Eliminate them right then and there and live the rest of my life out on the line that I had come out on. Or go back talk with a writer and tell them about my adventures and what will transpire in the distant future. Maybe call it the time machine. Oh wait that book has already been written. hmmmm. never mind.
  4. The bible was created by man to keep the stories of there history. Mix with their belief in god. Look at all the other civilization that had their own stories of how the world was created. Good and evil are just something we can classify. but if you raise your children to hate and tell them it is ok then they will be very normal in the culture they are raised in. but move them to a culture where all of that is evil then you will have a big problem because then the person is outcast and put away for their behavior. Did they think they did any thing wrong. no they didn't. if you take said person from the "GOOD" culture and put them in with the "Bad" culture what do you think will happen. The person will more then likly try to adapt but will be considered weak in the new culture and will most likly die. We live in this world. We have all evolved together.With difrrant Ideas and beliefs. Why is it we turn to "A" book to explain some thing we can not. I See it as just that A book with stories not unlike greek mythos. Greek mythos was a lot more intertaining. As far as man being in violation of time traveling. I don't think so. Man has free will. Man created in the Image of G-d. (would that mean we are clones) Man had eaten from the fruit of knowledge. Do you not think G-D is aware of what we are capable of and what we will do. Maybe we are stuck in a closed loop because of it. If you could go all the way back to that time with clone technology and say hey I am the alpha and the omega. Your creator and father. Do as I say and obey my laws and you can stay in this garden. But oh don't eat them really good apples cause they are the fruit of knowledge. See you guys soon I need to head back to where I came from for a nap. Wouldn't that make you G-D. I know if I was created and seen some one pointing at the apple saying hey you can eat every thing here but that. see you guys soon. I am sure as hell going to see what it taste like or if the person was telling the truth about that whole knowledge thing. AND here you have it. Man is a curious creature. G-d knows this and welcomes us to sit with it along the way. be in life or death. oh hell I am talking to much. Oh and don't mind my spelling Like I have said before I am not an English grade.
  5. Have you seen the music video of kylee manage. Didn't spell her name right but she is british. Where she is walking the same loop in her video and every time she changed some thing in that point in time. while some ppl around her were still doing the same thing only slight difrences. If you look at it this way. You are in a room full of mirrors. you look all around and you see your self as far as your mind can see. Infinate lvls on each other. only this time you can see the back of your self as well coming to and from. now if you could pass through one of these mirrors then you wouldn't be the same person as in the reflection.Because you know you just came from there but you still have a reflection from that point. Try this some time in a house of mirrors. you might actually think you are on the other side of the mirror looking at one of your other selves.Or vise versa.
  6. What is your definition of kerrist?
  7. Hello, My name is mark and I am a time traveller. I come from a time/line not much unlike this one.I work for the gov't and basicly was trained in other things besides time travel. I am not an english major nor do I speak any other languages. The people of your time were set for great and innovative science. It all went wrong with political up heavels and certain scientific events going wrong. 1. America was set to have another civil war. It was just a matter of time the population would relize that they were being lied and manipulated. Martial law was declared after american terrorists destroy key transportation ways and poisioned the water stream. This was near the middle of 2004. A few months latter there were assasination attempts on bush causing him to stay in office after the election times. Being in martial law allowed him to do this. Kerry was a key runner in the Race against bush and won by a minor margin. If bush had stayed the commander in chief things would have been more favorable for us. I will talk more about this later. 2. The experiments that went wrong in a nut shell were these. Harnessing the power of a singularity in a hyper accelerator.One of the causes the russians tried nuking us out of exsistance.More will come with this one. Also using the minos caused a change in magnetic polarities with the earth. Enough to cause some minor and drastic climatic changes with the weather.Depending on where you were living at the time. 3. HAHAHA just having some fun. If any one could add on to what could happen I would like to see what you all think. Also John I am just poking some fun. Don't be disgruntled when you come to the year 2000 and advoid me in 2004. I will be talking with you some time in colorado 2016 near the springs. That is if I remember to go that way. Besides you know this site is still functional after the war. Not that any one really notices on any time line. By the way mark is not my real name.
  8. I would have to agree with THEACE. Man's natural ablities or curiousities makes his mind try and put chaos in to order. We try to figure out the puzzle every day. When you become consumed with what you are working with you will try and make sense of some thing that is just mind boggling to start with. Or ppl with trying to figure out hidden messages in the bible. could you make a whole other book from it to make it say what you wanted sure you could. Same thing could be appiled with any thing. Like Rap music takes some thing old and makes it in to some thing else. well time to make like a shrimp and skidadlly to the next thread.
  9. hmmmmm. well creedo how you doing. Seems when you are angry the truth comes out on you nature. I am not attacking you in any way. I can understand your other postings since I deal with ppl that don't speak english. but this last post seems to me that you have a very firm grasp of getting your thoughts out in a more coherrant manner. I do have some questions though for you. If you are an engineering prodigy what is your field of knowing. I.E. structures, propulsion, avionics. etc... Just curious. I have been trained in structural repair and I can read blue prints. Why would it shock you that some one is intrested in knowing how some thing like a time machine worked. I know I my self am very intrested in going beyond what we have to day and know that we could be alot more advanced but ppl don't want to spend the money or will lose money. I do agree the space shuttle is very much out dated and should be using SCRAM jets to breech the atmo's. Also with the thermal tiles are you using the new aerogel.(frozen smoke) Also with the transmutation phase is that when the micro waves are turned in to x-rays or gamma. As for a lot of Newbies on the boards. Yes I am new but I don't judge ppl for who or what they do. Having no social couth some times. Depends on the situation. I am open to any topic. From primordial life to the things you should not talk about. I wont mention here Kinda gross. As far as flaming on boards. I don't like it. Just brings ppl's feeling in to things. Feelings is what takes us away from pure thought. But with some it inspires new thought. That's all I am going to add on this one. Will post here later when things become more friendly.
  10. As far as the spirals go cave man have been drawing them since the first drawings. Which Man knows inherantly what is going on out in the universe. Children especially have a nack of making things that are abstract to us, look very orderly to them. Man at one time did not think like we do now. They were more like animals. Animals act on instinct alone. Not till man came along and invented fire. Which took a very long time for them to come up with any way. This was a turning point for us. It allowed us more free time to do what we wanted to do. What does man do when he has nothing to do. He thinks. He thinks about things that are or could be. Then he makes it happen. (Free Will). With the coming of the industrial revolution and electricity man made another leap. In the next phase of new energy man will progress his thoughts even more. Some say one day we our selves will be pure energy. This brings me to this. with little or nothing to do and we were based more on instict. We were more connected to one another via esp/telepathy. We were also stronger and faster then we are now. Also being in that state of mind then we could still tap it now. Like the baby traped under a car and mother lifting said car. Or seeing beyond what reality is put before us now. But back to the main topic. There is a man in south america who picked coffee. packaging it so we could enjoy it. He ships it across the world. Store sells said coffee. You like coffee so you buy it from the store. You bring it home and drink said coffee. (just a slight example of butterfly effect.) If that man was not there to pick the coffee. would you still be drinking that coffee. Or that man was still there to pick that coffee and do all the steps described but poisioned it. would you go drink that coffee,How about if it wasn't your brand and wanted to try some thing new. Or while you went to go get your coffee you got in to a auto wreck. All of this just because a man picked said coffee. Wow did I just ramble on or do you understand.
  11. b/c that creedo guy is amusing. He kinda makes me laugh.
  12. Hi and welcome. I am new here to but the more intresting reading I would have to say is in the archives. Alien lizard men and the greys battling it out for their right to own this planet. Not to mention we are good eats for the Lizard guys. LOL, I will believe that one when I see him trying to munch on my leg. As far as time travel goes. seems to be the same ppl that post here all the time. Might want to contact the ppl who's names you see more often. More then likly they can point you in the right direction.
  13. but like thetruth 1985 said the military already does this. We put it like this some times 5-feb-04. that is a good one but I think pamela saying she had to move some where in march of 2004, was kinda intresting. Maybe she was warned by john about that area she was currently living in.
  14. Re: Does anyone really want to talk about time tra the feed back is just a change in frequency. But every thing comes back to this. Does any one want to talk about time travel. I sure do. Place your self in the middle of 2 kerr black holes. Causing a vac. bubble. Add singularities and a whole lot of x-rays and bam your in another time. Black holes swirling around you cause the imense gravity field you need. the singularities that phase in and out of exsistance help stable the the gravity around you and then you have x-ray bursts that are a waste product. But don't tell the x-rays that. They are a bit sensitive and have a tendency to have violent out bursts. But seriously space is full of particals and light travels on molcules that are charged by the sun thus charging the next molcule in a domino effect. This keeps happening even in to a black hole. but the light molcules are streched. Then are consumed or run in to a planet changing its properties. Being scattered and refracted. Are we traveling the speed of light right now. I bet we are. also the atomic clocks work better in space where they have less gravity to deal with.
  15. From what I was gathering in your heading was some thing completly off. The thought that was going on in my head was this. How does matter move through space. current answer. the vac effect. Helped along by the muons that pop in and out of exsistance. Don't mind my spelling I am not an english major or have any major at that. Just a guy who pounds rivets and paint air planes for a living. The other thing that struck me as I was reading along was your fasination with air craft. You could consider it matter/mass . Which you need trust and lift to move it. But the last post got me. It was more in the spiritual sense and or kinda Like ORM. you have your diffrant aspects of weighing the possiblities and situations. Like with wiccan beliefs you set out your spirtual energies or chi as some ppl call it. it goes around in the either and bio electricly charges the area around you. Thus imposing your will on out side forces. Basicly mind over matter. Same with christians and pryer. Yes it does affect us because we are all interconnected on a sub con... If you ever read the 100 monkies theory you might be a bit impressed. But this is what i have to say. You wanted a cup of coffee. placed it on the table. brought it to your lips and tasted it. It tasted like coffee and was warm like coffee. But was it really coffee you were drinking.
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