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  1. wow, this could be the stupidest thing I've ever read on these boards by you Chrono, and you once said trees on your planet were made of muscle. Who's going to lead the Nato forces into the US, Canada? rotflmao Seriously, or maybe France? I'm amazed you even have the knowledge necessary to log on to this website let alone read and write, although not that well obviously. I can't believe that you haven't gotten bored of this yet, but I guess as long as people feed the troll you'll be here. What truly scares me about all of your posts is the fact that you may not be locked in an institution, you could actually be out in society. You may have already started filling your freezer with entire families. It's ok though, there are some good meds out there that will help, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem dude. You just need a little bit of confidence, who knows, maybe there's a girl out there that will even let you kiss her some day. Anyway, I have things to do, good luck convincing the masses that your real and maybe some day you can get yourself a total gym and some confidence, you may yet become a functional member of society.
  2. Re: Hurricane Katrina ties it all together (Civil There's always the possibility that the guy who orchestrated the whole scam is one of the people keeping it alive on these boards. I'm trying to start my own group of Chronohistorianites, anyone interested?
  3. I haven't been here in a long time but I'm not surprised this debate is still going on. I can't understand some of you people, I read threads like this one how different events "prove Titor's story", by stretching and manipulating everything he posted so that current events sound vaguely like the stories he told, then it's "proof". My god, the Hurrican Katrina theory is barely grasping at straws, it's completely baseless, it's not proof of anything. RMT then comes up with sound scientific logic as to why this makes no sense, and he's flamed. Some of you people want the Titor story to be true so badly that you grasp at anything as proof. When it comes down to it, let's look at Ockham's Razor - the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. What is more likely, John Titor came from the future to find an old model computer and save the world, but stopped by to tell his story on an internet forum so that a select few would know the horrible future, or, someone put together a clever (not overly clever mind you) hoax by telling partial stories that cannot be proven or disproven because of countless loopholes he gave himself. The real problem that I see is that some of you will still grasp on to your beliefs 15 to 20 years from now, making excuses as to why it hasn't happened yet, but how the signs are still there. It is scary actually, it's like watching the birth of a new extreme fundamentalist religion, people basing arguments on blind faith. I wonder if the guy who started this mess is still reading these threads and laughing. Is the Titor story true, or do you want it to be true?
  4. Unfortunately, that story is yet another hoax. http://ufos.about.com/library/weekly/aa032601b.htm
  5. Rhudey


    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, unfortunately you haven't provided any. In fact, your answer for almost every question is that you "aren't sure" or "we are learning too". I would think that you would at least have a basic knowledge of some of the basic principles for the physics that apply to your "area of the universe" but you do not. Even grade 9 students where I am know the basic principles. I do not believe that the laws of the universe change throughout, it isn't plausible, if it originated from a singularity then your story makes no sense to me. Unfortunately I think if you wish to present a hoax like Titors you need to be a little more knowledgable first, maybe try reading some of Stephen Hawkings books. Interesting that you have not commented on the fact that you already admitted to being a hoax before since I provided you with the quote.
  6. Thanks OvrLrd, I'm glad your still here along with the usuals (RMT, Roel) lol. Looks like there's a few long threads I can go through since I was here last. :D
  7. Rhudey


    I'm curious, if what you say is correct, and in fact the laws of physics are completely different accross the universe, then how is it possible for you to visit here, how is space travel possible at all? Every destination would have completely different laws, you could not possibly account for the changes as you travel, the possibilities would be limitless. In fact, you would have no way of measuring distances since light (according to you) changes speed all over the universe. This is amazing, because of this, our entire concept of the universe, it's size, locations of neighbouring galaxies are all completely wrong then!!
  8. Dude, it's the internet, what's the point in being offended? To be completely honest I look forward to seeing your replies when I come on here.
  9. lol I guess like most things you post about, you don't really understand what that means either do you. Excellent post by the way, well thought out, much like your Sputnik story.
  10. Rhudey


    Oops, you forgot about leaving this post previously didn't you Alienchild.
  11. Well alienchild is back claiming to be an alien, maybe his threads will be interesting..........yeah ok, maybe I was stretching that one a bit. I haven't been here in a while, but before there were a few threads that were absolute gems.
  12. Dude, do we really need to go through this all over again? You've already been debunked repeatedly AND admitted to being a fraud (a poor one at that). It's obvious your not an alien, your stories are too stupid, you know it and everyone else knows it, so the only conclusion is that your a troll that is trying to disrupt the forum. My only hope is that Roel realizes this and bans you once and for all. Please post your claims to being an alien in the appropriate forum we don't need you infecting this one.
  13. Rhudey


    That is because time is RELATIVE. Maybe you should read up on Relativity, you know, Einstein? For example, light does not travel faster in different areas of the galaxy, it is a constant. Therefore the time it takes to travel a specific distance is the same nomatter where it is.
  14. Rhudey


    :confused: Please explain this in a way that actually makes sense. So how is time a "simple trivial expanse of mass"?. So are you pretending to be an alien again after you admitted to being a hoax before? S
  15. Why don't you go back in time and find out? Chrono, it's too bad you didn't take any english or creative writing classes when you were gone, your stories still suck. My nephew writes more believable stories and he's nine. His grammar is better too, imagine that.
  16. What is this crap? seriously, Alienchild, you've already been proven and admitted to be a fraud, why are you bringing this crap up again? Creedo, why do you humour this guy?
  17. Dude, keep your mouth shut, we don't want them finding out our master plans.... Now that hockey's on strike we Canadians can focus on other things MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. I have read about the theory that space is finite and that if you tried to leave it you would eventually travel in a circle. I believe I read this in Stephen Hawkings a Brief History of Time, although I am sure I am not doing it justice.
  19. First off, wrong forum. Second, well, do we really need to spend the time debunking yet another John Titor has returned thread. John, you have returned about 700 times now, it's really getting kind of boring. Seriously though, the best way to get rid of the "Titor has returned" threads is to just ignore them. Need I remind you that the original John Titor posted that it was impossible for him to return to this timeline? Dude, I can read his past posts and yours and it is not very difficult to see that it is not the same person writing these posts. That's all the evidence I need.
  20. First off, I think that Titor is a fraud. But to dismiss the possibility of time travel as BS is first insulting everyone who frequents this forum and is second very short sighted. I'm sure people scoffed at walking on the moon or flying at one point in time. We already know that it is in fact possible to travel ahead in time (provided you have a very fast vehicle), it's the getting back that is a bitch right now. Maybe you should research a little more before stating an opinion on a subject that you have limited knowledge of.
  21. Rhudey


    Guys, I'll save you the trouble of reading through all his posts because you have obviously missed the one where he admitted he was a fraud and hasn't posted since.
  22. If you were a time traveller from the future, why would you want to convince anyone? why would you come to this website to let anyone know? The answer is that you wouldn't, because you would be too busy trying to fulfill your mission than to humour a forum about time travel. That is one of the biggest reasons that nobody believes them, because it doesn't make any sense. Also, their stories are usually full of holes and obviously don't make any sense, that is proof enough that they are false (see Chronohistorian).
  23. If it is his alias for this world line then why was it the name on the photo ID from the future. Your story would have been more believable if you would have left out the photo ID part dude.
  24. Actually this is incorrect. He claims that the multiple timeline theory is correct. Therefore as soon as he came back in time, he in fact created a new timeline. If he tells us this information, that will create another timeline which will diverge. Therefore it does not matter whatsoever if he alters this one since there are unlimited parallel timelines where different things happened anyway. He is trying to have the best of two theories to support his story, sorry, this isn't possible. If he is from a different timeline, then telling us will have no effect on his past at all, it doesn't matter. If there is only one timeline, then it will affect his past but then his story is made up. He can't have both, therefore, decide which story you want to stick to dude.
  25. OK if you are a time traveller sent here by Titor then please explain one thing to me. The photo that Titor provided of the time machine producing enough of a gravitational pull to bend the light beam has some flaws to it. Why is the gravitational pull that is bending the light having no effect on the smoke from the cigar, or the person holding it, or the surrounding car? How is this possible? If you can explain this then you will be on your way to proving you are for real.
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