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  1. wow, one of the first people to really understand a fatalist point of view. everything is reaction to something else...right down to the molecular level. and i know no free will isn't a big deal. i believe john calvin said it was an illusion of free will.
  2. i think the point of that scene is to show that we have no free will. we live in a fatalist universe. she was supposed to say that and he was supposed to hit it. there is no option of not hitting it. the more research i do into time travel...the more i realize how right fatalists are...which isn't a big deal. i don't believe in free will anyway.
  3. thank you very much for the link. i really appreciate it. i read the article and i would say i understood 85% of it. haha. does this have anything to do with a possibility of time travel? or is it simply light related? they mentioned not being about transmit any information through the light, but does anyone know if they have any ideas on how to expand the time lapse between the light appearing and the light entering. perhaps enough time to transmit information. i guess i am asking if anyone knows of any articles about these guys expanding what they are doing into a form of time travel.
  4. it's me again with more hear-say. another friend of mine was telling me about an article she read about a laser that in certian conditions would arrive before it's shot. i know it sounds weird. but i am hoping someone knows about this or knows of the article. it would be much appreciated.
  5. the reason we put the month first is because we say "february, 4th 2004." so when you assign numbers to it it is 2/4/04. i'm sure if we said 4th of february 2004 than it would be reversed.
  6. craigslist.org it's a community web site. mostly job listings and personals. i live in Los Angeles so i visit the Los angeles community and sometimes i go to the Missed Communication board. and it's odd and pretty entertaining because there are time travelers that leave messages for each other on these boards. they ussually don't make much sense. but it's entertaining. just wondering if anyone here has seen them or puts them up.
  7. yeah, i read found that while i was looking sigmuend. but i thought i said in my first post that i didn't care if it was a hoax or not. i'm just looking for any stories that might have made it into a semi-mainstream news source.
  8. John, I found your old post and that was exactly the story my friend told me. i even sound it on yahoo news. thank you so much. and good luck with your book. have you read the time travelers wife? it's not really about time travel so much, but it's still really interesting. i am of course in the middle of research, next comes the daunting task of getting investors. but i really think i'm on to something.
  9. are you serious? i had a feeling it was something like that. sounded way to good to be true.
  10. I guess i should start by saying i am new to the boards, but by no means new to time travel. it's actually kind of a hobby of mine, not time traveling...but learning about it. anyway, i am a film student and i am contemplating making a documentry about time travel, and even evidence that there are time travelers among us. now, a friend of mine told me a couple of months ago about a man in New York that got arrested(?) for insider trading on wall street, he later claimed to be from the future. my friend didn't know much about it, but he claimed to have read an article about it in a respected publication. he also seems to think the man claimed to know when AIDS would be cured and where bin laden is hiding. but he doesn't remember what article. now i know it's not John Titor because this was only a few months ago and not in 2001. so does anyone remember this guy? even if it's completely disproven and absurd, i would like to hear the story, or see the link. thank you in advance for any help.
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