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  1. In light of the recent threats in NYC, I have been trying to think of ways that explosive materials can be detected in a fast and accurate fashion. (I think it's a joke that they just realized that the subways are a target. I'm sure they have been a target from day 1) On the news today they were showing officers standing in the stations checking the bags of passengers and people were complaining that they were missing their trains (which is also a joke because they would all throw a fit and blame the same authorities if something did explode in the tunnel). What I was thinking is, can some sort of a device be created that "shoots", for a lack of better term, subatomic particles through people and their belongings that then catches them on the other side, analyzes them and detects any changes in them? I'm thinking that if a particle can be identified that changes its properties after passing through explosive materials, then that particle could be used to detect explosives. Subatomic particles can pass through mass, correct? If not, then throw this idea out the window but if so then this would be an easy way to detect explosive devices. I know nothing about subatomic particles, that's probably more than obvious to those that do, so this can be an entirely impossible scenario but I figured I'd throw it out there and see if there's someone on here that knows enough about them to say if this is possible. Does anyone think that this can work? 1stBorn
  2. I have always felt that in some strange way I DO have control over the universe and events in my life and am somehow manipulating the way things unfold. Maybe control is not the right word but I feel connected to it and feel like I can manipulate it through thought. Now, obviously combinations of decisions somewhat determine my fate but I suspect that it goes deeper than that. For example, it seems like every time that I think of someone that I have not seen or spoken to in a while, I see them or they call. I have had this happen to me so many times that I can NOT simply write it off as coincidence. Last week I laid in bed on Tuesday night and thought intensely about someone that I haven't heard from or saw in a little over four years. The crazy thing is... she called the next day! I nearly flew out of my skin when I picked up the phone and it was her. Seriously, it was crazy. I then tried to play the lotto and concentrate on my numbers but that didn't work.. I didn't even get one number. Ever since I was a kid I can recall thinking about something or someone and then having the thoughts come to life in the near future. I do not mean to sound like a crazy person but I really am beginning to think that perhaps the way to achieve time travel is to just have more people believe that it is possible. Currently if you ask the average person what they think about time travel they will say something along the lines of, "you mean like back to the future?" I seriously believe that if more people only thought that it was possible.. it would probably come to be possible not long after. I remember on the second anniversary of 9-11 the lotto came out 911. Could that have been because soo many people were thinking, 9-11? coincidence? I doubt it and am leaning more toward creation. Any thoughts? Maybe we can start a "Time Travel just might be possible" campaign and then it might become a reality. has anyone had similar experiences where they thought about someone that they haven't saw on a long time only to hear from or see them soon after? A little freaked out, 1st
  3. Re: John Titor, still not convinced it's a hoax? here are the stats on his ip OrgName: America Online, Inc. OrgID: AMERIC-158 Address: 10600 Infantry Ridge Road City: Manassas StateProv: VA PostalCode: 20109 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: AOL-MTC NetHandle: NET-64-12-0-0-1 Parent: NET-64-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Assignment NameServer: DNS-01.NS.AOL.COM NameServer: DNS-02.NS.AOL.COM Comment: RegDate: 1999-12-13 Updated: 1999-12-16 TechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN TechName: America Online, Inc. TechPhone: +1-703-265-4670 TechEmail: [email protected]
  4. Our friend Harrold is not the only technical savy person to frequent this forum and the wheels of revenge via internet warfare are in motion :devil: I'm curious to see if we hear from him any time soon. a.k.a, I wonder how long it's going to take him to recofig his pc :yum: 1stBorn
  5. Re: John Titor, still not convinced it's a hoax? The site really does have a Trojan! This post should be removed from the forum, immediately. My AV software caught it right away but I'm sure some people will not catch it. 1st
  6. Ray, I couldn't agree more! The person behind the hoax surely achieved the desired effect, it's a joke really. I WISH that people would focus on what it's going to take to achieve time travel and have such discussions here as opposed to the titor: true or false discussions that plague this board. I often think that people are curious about time travel, google it and end up here... that's what happened to me :) but instead of engaging in realistic meaningful conversations regarding our perception of time and time travel, as the physics can be confusing, they are swept away by the fascinating story of JT. It's easier to debate the story than to cook one's noodle over the mystery of time and time travel. I've gotten to the point where I don't even read the threads anymore.. I just browse them for any information worth while... and that is scares these days. I actually feel bad for the younger people who come on this board looking for information and are cheated of reading the better threads, like those that used to be around and are now buried in the archives, and end up getting into the titor hoax. By the looks of things, I don't see it changing any time soon so I will patiently wait out the 29 years and then happily post a "I TOLD YOU SO!" thread. 1stBorn
  7. We can all have the "titor : true or false" discussion until we are blue in the face but basically, based on your logic, which I understand and agree with, the only way that we can resolve this issue 100% is to sit tight for 29 years and see what happens. However, when 29 years comes to pass and if we still DO NOT have the ability to travel time, I expect the titor believers to say that we DO have the ability, just in another time line. As long as I am still alive, I will talk to you in 29 years and hopefully confirm my suspicion that it IS a hoax. Patiently waiting, 1stBorn
  8. Re: Darby, I didn't want you to miss this question MEM, your obsession with Darby and Titor is border line psychotic... seriously son, don't you have more important things to think about? Maybe if you close your eyes really tight, click your heels together five times and say, "I know titor's real, I know titor's real"... maybe, your wish \ fantasy will come true. How old are you chap? A young feeble minded juvenile, I bet The way that you have been jacking and spaming this forum is ridiculous. Can't you keep all of your Darby \ Titor b.s. posts to one string? hugs and kisses :yum:, 1st
  9. 6+ hours in front of easter standard time? That is really funny as I have traced you IP address to Texas, USA. Which would put you -1 hour from eastern standard time. You're full of it pal, the IP doesn't lie! Here's the info that I gathered on your IP and in NO WAY is it incorrect OrgName: Everyones Internet, Inc. OrgID: EVRY Address: 2600 Southwest Freeway Address: Suite 500 City: Houston StateProv: TX PostalCode: 77098 Country: US
  10. And what college do you claim to have submitted this post from? What state is it in? The reason that i ask will be told after you respond.
  11. Yes, billions of trillions. Yes they would exist in various quantum states and would exist in all "times" as they are the essence of time No one particle would exist in the "past" but all "past" particles would exist in the present. As far as how to capture and identify the particle.... your guess is as good as mine. Well, small enough to fit in a bread box, i would imagine. if you are looking for an exact measurement... i have no idea.. but i would assume that it would be macroscopic The intergration of the three particles are the "flow" or "fabric" of time. one does not stand alone but is connected with the other two to create time. Well, not many time related theories do but i have thought it out... somewhat. by no means am i saying that i believe this theory to be true but i also realize that at this point it can't be ruled out. regardless... it sounds a hell of alot more plausible than the jt bit that's run on a daily basis on this forum. 1st
  12. we have talked about the idea of time particles, i know some here rule it out, and i have been throwing around ideas regarding time particle entanglement. lets assume that there are three particles that form a "blanket" of time in the universe. the three particles are past, present and future. they are entangled particles such that when something changes in one it effects the other two and no one particle could exist without the other two. If one of them could somehow be manipulated it would effect time and events in time as a whole. assuming that such particles exist, it would seem logical to think that if one of them could be "captured" and manipulated then timelines of events could be influenced by the change. i dunno, just something i was thinking about and figured i would throw it out there. any thoughts? 1stBorn
  13. nope, not at all. the only conclusion that I have drawn is, it's obviously a hoax.don't waste your time cooking your noodle over it. 1st
  14. under his tuxedo, he wears a pink speedo, with each post of his that I reado, I get annoyed out of my seato, we all know him as ... :yum: 1st
  15. well said, Ray. there is no question about it, had america failed to come to the aid of europe, during and after wwII the world WOULD be a different place. taking that FACT into consideration, it is difficult to understand WHY more european countries do not support our war on terror. i understand that they might not agree with the way bush had gone about the war but they SHOULD support us. We not only liberated them but we forgave massive debts in order to make their future brighter. As far as those that say, "don't live in the past" i.e wwII... i say to them that wwII was not that long ago and the world has still not fully recovered from the devestation of nazi germany. there are plenty of people alive today that lived and fought through the war. based on the words of a few of my family members that lived through it, in Italy, I have no doubt that the average person that survived that time period would say "America not only saved its own skin but saved the world." the battle was a collaborative effort but our assistance in the rebuild is second to NONE. to those in Europe : I ask you to talk to someone that was around during the time when Germany WAS dropping bombs and leveling towns, cities and villages (in YOUR country) MURDERING 1000's of innocent people. Ask them how they felt during that time and how they felt about America. I wish the usa could feed every mouth on the planet but we can't. the only way to continue to help\feed the 100's of millions of people that the usa DOES help is to keep on making bombs and keep defending those people with the presence of those bombs. I don't feel it is the governments responsibility to feed the world as much as it is to defend it.. Did you hear about the french military? they changed their uniforms to skirts and sneakers so that they can sh*t in their pants and run at the same time. :yum: Lets face it, they planted trees along every river bank in their country so that the germans could march in the shade :) To the French : Eleven thousand soldiers lay beneath the dirt and stone, all buried on a distant land so far away from home. For just a strip of dismal beach they paid a hero's price, to save a foreign nation they all made the sacrifice. And now the shores of Normandy are lined with blocks of white Americans who didn't turn from someone else's plight. Eleven thousand reasons for the French to take our side, but in the moment of our need, they chose to run and hide. Chirac said every war means loss, perhaps for France that's true, for they've lost every battle since the days of Waterloo. Without a soldier worth a damn to be found in the region, the French became the only land to need a Foreign Legion. You French all say we're arrogant. Well hell, we've earned the right-- We saved your sorry nation when you lacked the guts to fight. But now you've made a big mistake, and one that you'll regret; you took sides with our enemies, and that we won't forget. It wasn't just our citizens you spit on when you turned, but every one of ours who fell the day the towers burned. You spit upon our soldiers, on our pilots and Marines, and now you'll get a little sense of just what payback means. So keep your Paris fashions and your wine and your champagne, and find some other market that will buy your aeroplanes. And try to find somebody else to wear your French cologne, for you're about to find out what it means to stand alone. You see, you need us far more than we ever needed you. America has better friends who know how to be true. I'd rather stand with warriors who have the will and might, than huddle in the dark with those whose only flag is white. I'll take the Brits, the Aussies, the Israelis and the rest, for when it comes to valor we have seen that they're the best. We'll count on one another as we face a moment dire, while you sit on the sideline with a sign "friendship for hire." We'll win this war without you and we'll total up the cost, and take it from your foreign aid, and then you'll feel the loss. And when your nation starts to fall, well frenchie, you can spare us, just call the Germans for a hand, they know the way to Paris." that's my 2 cents - 1stBorn
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