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  1. I guess I should come clean. Yes I am TimeTravel_0. I was hoping to put this mystery to rest and stop all this madness you people have gone through to try to prove or disprove my existence. My real name is Samson Rodriguez. It all started as an elaborate hoax that me and my friends thought up. I am only in college and would like to apoligize to all of you who have defended me as a real person. My "time machine" was nothing more then a few junk items we found in a trash dump where we found all our supplies for the hoax. Again I apoligize for all the work you have put into this and thank you again. Signing off one last time, John Titor
  2. Again believe me or not. Just wait you'll see soon enough just wait till the civil war. It has already begun.
  3. I think you can wait until your timeline discovers in naturally. Untill then I only have a few more days left.
  4. TheSadOne: You bring up some valid points that I will address. 1) I am not TimeTravel_0 that was John and he will always remain TimeTravel_0 also knowing John he would want his legacy to continue if he wasn't truely dead. 2) Please I beg for you to come to our timeline and attend the funeral. 3) As John stated earlier Titor is not his true last name. Johns familey has left Florida in this timeline and moved to an undiclosed location. 4) In the future the Everglades was completely dried up and thus turned into an enourmous graveyard. Any other questions?
  5. Drak: Would you have believed me anymore if the day after John died I came to the day after he left and said John died 3 years ago? I wouldn't have believe myself then. frequency: John tried to prove to you he was what he said he would. He had pictures of his time travel vehicle, the user manual, and told you everything that you asked him to tell you to the best of his ability. Believing him and me is a personall desicion.
  6. Recent developements have allowed time machines to choose a specific timelines and time travel there. John specified this wordline and this is where I was sent.
  7. Warrior: John has already answered all these questions already. frequency: John did not mention this because on our timeline it never happened. Are we suppossed to know everything since we are from the future? The weather in any part of the world at any time? We are not superhumans just from the future. Keven: I came now because it was Johns death wish to have this forum notified. I didnt come years ago because he only died 4 days ago. John is being buried there because in my own timeline that is where the national military cemetary is currently located. Drak: I came through a timemachine of course.
  8. I was one of Johns friends in the military. I was instructed to follow out one of his wishes that this forums be notified of his death. I was chosen because John was a friend not for any other reasons.
  9. His funeral will not be a secret. It is being held in our own timeline in the area known as "The Everglades" in your current time. If you can get to the timeline you are more then welcome to come. The coordinates are 25/22/13 N (Latitude) 81/02/46 W (Longitude) In what is now known as Graveyard Creek. It will be held in 4 days at 5:30 p.m. followed by a small service afterwords. Please join us anyone who can time travel. If you can't keep the date saved untill then.
  10. Three days ago John Titor died. In his final words he asked that the "Time Travel Institue" from the year 2036 (2000-2001 your time) be notified of his death and told this. The Unix problem had been fixed and that his mission was a total success. John also asked that you be told that he would need someone who would follow an order till he or she died to seek him out. In this world John is only 6 currently. I cannot disclose where exactly he lives but if you find out, when the wars come very soon you will have a place of safe being. Let this be known to all. Dolph Acimsli
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