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  1. Not long ago at all, me and my wife went to the movie theatre to see "The Cell". This was a movie whose essential body was that, with a little help from an extranneous electronic device, one could go either forward, or backward in time, i.e. body and soul, into a different dimension. This reminded me a lot of some of the Steven Gibbs' devices as well as those on other websites which advertise this out-of-body experience. Was wondering if anybody else had seen this movie, or, if anybody cared to comment.
  2. Pamela, so long as you are on this spiritual subject, you know, with spirits ascending in the air and what-not, describing what is happening on the operating table, or, perhaps who is sitting in an adjacent room, how is this documented? Why are there so many inconsistencies? Why does one person supposedly die and see his/her relatives? Why do Buddhists claim to see Buddha? Why do some see heaven?hell? Others see Christ? Other stories?
  3. If you say so, I certainly don't wish to "rock" this website. Simply, I really don't care if the government likes caves or not. I only wish to seek the truth. I am much more interested in time travel, than reading all the what-not of how or why someone thinks the government is "watching" them.
  4. Time 02112, why are there so many people like yourself who believe the government operates deep underground or in a deep cave or whatever. Sure I could be wrong, but I believe, unless there is any evidence, that it could be possible that you are a bit paranoid.
  5. For the last couple of months or so TEC(Time Enforcement Commission)seems to be unreachable. Does anyone know why? Also, are any of the other web sites offering anything similar to what they did in the way of time machines? Was this web site proven to be a hoax? Does anyone have any ideas on this matter?
  6. It is said, by who? At any rate, I believe another government agency, like the USAF would usually be the first to investigate. Personally, I am all for an investigation of some sort into a UFO incident. I only feel that it is in the best interest of national security to do so. Am I, therefore, pro-government? My answer is, only to a limted extent. I still feel, and I could very well be wrong, that the good ol' gov probably has better things to do than chase every little thread on a website, or even every other. I enjoy hearing from you, tta. As strange as that might sound, this website, in my opinion, is much more interesting by your input. Whether I agree with your opinions or not, should be of little matter.
  7. Yeah, just one, what list? Your need for importance astounds me. Just exactly what is it that you have done that the government needs to monitor you-oops, I almost blew it-that must be a secret.
  8. Excuse my ignorance-I don't get it. If the government were really concerned about what is going on, why wouldn't they choose to monitor us, rather than shutting us down? Are we, perhaps, giving ourselves more credit than we deserve? My computer, or my communications link crashes about every other week. Am I to believe the government is involved, especially when this has been going on for at least the last 3 years? Somehow, I have to believe the government has better things to do than monitor our posts. If there is even any government employee visiting this website, I'll bet they do so, only when they need a good laugh.
  9. jth40

    Moving on...

    UFO alien race working with the government on time travel? Any proof at all? <This message has been edited by jth40 (edited 29 July 2000).>
  10. RE: What's the deal with paradoxes in Time Theories? I have to think that a great deal of "paradox" that arises out of this situation, is simply our lack of knowledge of almost every feature of time travel. I mean to insult or belittle nobody. Simply, the more knowledge we seek to know, the more that we discover we don't know.
  11. Interesting concept! However, where does that leave the religious concept of one's soul? You know, the one and only one? If science were to, one day, clone a human being, than there would be 2 or more people sharing identical gene pools, but also different souls, or I would assume. But how does that work, provided one were to take a religious standpoint, with parallel self?
  12. tta&shadow-I don't believe most people would patronize this discussion of the supposed "similarities" Every now and then, when I'm in a grocery store checkout line, I happen to notice the Lincoln-Kennedy list in one of the tabloids. How far do we want to go? Both were males, both had ten fingers(8 fingers and 2 thumbs), both had darker hair, both liked dogs-somewhat.......the list goes on..........and on..........and on.......
  13. Never tell anyone? Why not? I already have, that of actually talking to my father, shortly after his death, in a dream. Was this actually real? Probably not, though I sincerely believe it to be. I know I am contradicting myself, but this is how I feel, and have related this to my wife, my mother, and several others. I think it is terrific to hear from you, Pamela, especially so late in the evening.
  14. Mathematical odds? The truth is out there? Does there not exist the possibility that someone, plainly and simply, lied? I am not saying that is what happened-I wasn't there. I remember when I was in high school, I read in the local newspaper that my good friend, Mark, shot a hole-in-one while playing golf!! This was witnessed by his brother, Paul, another good friend of mine, Bill, and two or three others, in a separate group. I still remember the picture in the newspaper, that of Mark and his brother leaning over the hole, clubs in hand, and big smiles on their faces. Later, they told me how much fun they had, not to mention all the attention they got. They lied! And so did everybody else!! No matter, for a brief period in their lives, they were heroes, at least to some. Still skeptical? Yes
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