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  1. The GOTH Conspiracy w/ ADAM LAMBERT There seems to be some movement with the GOTH and TWIGHLIGHT CONSPIRACY (S).... ADAM LAMBERT concert or special has BEEN CANCELLED due to PARENT OUTRAGE... He is clearly promoting the GOTH LIFESTYLE and BI-SEXUALITY among TWEENS and TEENS... Also, the PUNK ROCK CHICK from NCIS is doing it as well and had her own special with NCIS LOS ANGELES last night showing a true goth club activity... I would watch that episode again... They used the term "Muggles" in the episode which is from the Harry Potter genre and lexicon. We also believe that BILLY IDOL and ADAM ANT as well as others from MTV in the 1980's were "covertly" promoting the "GOTH LOOK" and "GOTH LIFESTYLE". We have to add THE HELL'S ANGELS and THE DEATH METAL BANDS and FOLLOWERS to the GOTH, POTTER, TWIGHLIGHT Conspiracy's that may be SATAN'S ARMY of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. TheCigMan
  2. HEADS, ARMS, LEGS on VISTA HOTEL - 9/11 Conspiracy Firemen indicated that there were HEADS, aRMS and LEGS on top of the Vista Hotel. WHERE WERE THE BODIES???!!!! And the History Channel has a new episode about the ESCAPE from THE VISTA HOTEL where only 5 People escaped from the hotel. We believe the rest where taken up to the top of the Vistal Hotel and Killed for body parts for the FAKE FLAG OPERATION of 9/11. So it would "support" the "missing people" from the Twin Towers. TheCigMan
  4. FIREMEN SEARCH FOR PLANE PARTS - FLIGHT 77 Firemen at the scene indicate they were looking and collecting plane parts for Plane Flight 77 from Logan Airport. NOT ANY OTHER PLANE! TheCigMan
  5. TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS - MEAT PUPPETS We can tell you now who are the Meat Puppets... It is people who use the following technologies: Cell Phones (Microwaves) PDAs like the Blackberry and iPhone (Microwaves) Personal Computers (CRT scenese and wi-FI (Microwaves) TVs (CRT and 3 Electron Gun Color) Radio Hand Set Phones (Sublimial undetectable tones) Land line phones (Rings have subliminal undectable tones) Microwave Ovens (Microwave Pychotronic Generator in your home) Edison Lights (Pychotronic Lightwave Weapons) The HUMAN BRAIN has a "MICROWAVE LIKE" THOUGHT SIGNALS for your INNER MONOLOGUE!!! You shouldn't use these technologies or technologies in unison in home. YOU can be REPROGRAMMED into a CYBERTRONIC MEAT PUPPET for THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Your MIND will be REPROGRAMMED for EVIL!!! We finally understand what ADMIRAL POINDEXTER meant by TOTAL INFORAMATION AWARENESS and HUMAN RESOURCING!!! IT's a HORROR SHOW!!! SO BAD WE CAN'T TELL YOU!!! Eliminate or cut down on your usage of these technologies... Use only 1 at a time... TheCigMan
  6. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books- FRAU FARBISSINA We know the possible identity of the character - FRAU FARBISSINA Tina Fey Lorraine Neuman Rosie Shuster (Ex-Wife of Lorne Micheal's) Gilda Radner OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! We hear that Lorne Michael's "introduced them" to "S&M" :) lol :)
  7. Re: 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - MINI-ME We know the possible identity of the character MINI-ME! It is either: Michael J. Fox (Canadian) David Spade (Girly man like Lorne Michael's) Drew Barrymore Rob Schneider Cheri Oteri Other "short" SNL Players OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!
  8. JFK - MAGIC BULLET THEORY DEBUNKED TTI, The History Channel has a new episode on the JFK Assassination. Where one pathologist debunks the magic bullet theory. He says there are 2 BULLETS one shot from behind and another shot from the side from the grass knoll or by badge man. The show also states that there are 6 missing minutes from the Schrudder film when the Kennedy limo goes around the turn near the grassy knoll. Something allegedly happened to a sign in front of the grassy knoll that is replaced after the assassination. The show also states that people RUN TOWARDS the GRASSY KNOLL after the shot. However, the show omits the FIRST SHOT where KENNEDY is SHOT IN THE THROAT and grab the front of his neck MAKING THREE SHOTS that killed President Kennedy. Also, omitted is the FORTH SHOT from the SEWER under THE UNDERPASS past the GRASSY KNOLL. TheCigMan I believe the following is the episode but I'm not sure... Includes X-Rays and Bone Fragments of President Kennedy's skull indicated SKULL LOSS of the back and side on the right of his head. ================================================================================================== http://www.history.com/shows.do?action=detail&showId=179766 Investigating History Episode: The JFK Assassination.There are no upcoming airings within the next two weeks. Search for other upcoming episodes RSS What is RSS? How does forensic science help resolve questions about the JFK assassination? With the help of a group of scientists and researchers with access to the evidence in the case, Investigating History looks at new information that examines which theories are believable, and which are not. Specifically, the experts looked at the acoustic evidence from the radio of one of the motorcycle policemen in the motorcade and the number of shots that were fired; at the reliability of autopsy X-rays of JFK's skull; at the investigation that concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin; at the new evidentiary support for the "magic bullet" theory; and more. =========================================================================================== http://www.history.com/content/ourgeneration/key-events November 22, 1963: John F Kennedy Assassinated Listen: Lyndon B. Johnson on the assassination of President Kennedy Watch: This Day in History: Kennedy Assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is assassinated while traveling through Dallas, Texas, in an open-top convertible. First lady Jacqueline Kennedy rarely accompanied her husband on political outings, but she was beside him, along with Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, for a 10-mile motorcade through the streets of downtown Dallas on November 22. Sitting in a Lincoln convertible, the Kennedys and Connallys waved at the large and enthusiastic crowds gathered along the parade route. As their vehicle passed the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired three shots from the sixth floor, fatally wounding President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally. Kennedy was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Dallas' Parkland Hospital. He was 46. Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who was three cars behind President Kennedy in the motorcade, was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States at 2:39 p.m. He took the presidential oath of office aboard Air Force One as it sat on the runway at Dallas Love Field airport. The swearing in was witnessed by some 30 people, including Jacqueline Kennedy, who was still wearing clothes stained with her husband's blood. Seven minutes later, the presidential jet took off for Washington. The next day, November 23, President Johnson issued his first proclamation, declaring November 25 to be a day of national mourning for the slain president. On that Monday, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of Washington to watch a horse-drawn caisson bear Kennedy's body from the Capitol Rotunda to St. Matthew's Catholic Cathedral for a requiem Mass. The solemn procession then continued on to Arlington National Cemetery, where leaders of 99 nations gathered for the state funeral. Kennedy was buried with full military honors on a slope below Arlington House, where an eternal flame was lit by his widow to forever mark the grave. Lee Harvey Oswald, born in New Orleans in 1939, joined the U.S. Marines in 1956. He was discharged in 1959 and nine days later left for the Soviet Union, where he tried unsuccessfully to become a citizen. He worked in Minsk and married a Soviet woman and in 1962 was allowed to return to the United States with his wife and infant daughter. In early 1963, he bought a .38 revolver and rifle with a telescopic sight by mail order, and on April 10 in Dallas he allegedly shot at and missed former U.S. Army general Edwin Walker, a figure known for his extreme right-wing views. Later that month, Oswald went to New Orleans and founded a branch of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a pro-Castro organization. In September 1963, he went to Mexico City, where investigators allege that he attempted to secure a visa to travel to Cuba or return to the USSR. In October, he returned to Dallas and took a job at the Texas School Book Depository Building. Less than an hour after Kennedy was shot, Oswald killed a policeman who questioned him on the street near his rooming house in Dallas. Thirty minutes later, Oswald was arrested in a movie theater by police responding to reports of a suspect. He was formally arraigned on November 23 for the murders of President Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit. On November 24, Oswald was brought to the basement of the Dallas police headquarters on his way to a more secure county jail. A crowd of police and press with live television cameras rolling gathered to witness his departure. As Oswald came into the room, Jack Ruby emerged from the crowd and fatally wounded him with a single shot from a concealed .38 revolver. Ruby, who was immediately detained, claimed that rage at Kennedy's murder was the motive for his action. Some called him a hero, but he was nonetheless charged with first-degree murder. Jack Ruby, originally known as Jacob Rubenstein, operated strip joints and dance halls in Dallas and had minor connections to organized crime. He features prominently in Kennedy-assassination theories, and many believe he killed Oswald to keep him from revealing a larger conspiracy. In his trial, Ruby denied the allegation and pleaded innocent on the grounds that his great grief over Kennedy's murder had caused him to suffer "psychomotor epilepsy" and shoot Oswald unconsciously. The jury found Ruby guilty of "murder with malice" and sentenced him to die. In October 1966, the Texas Court of Appeals reversed the decision on the grounds of improper admission of testimony and the fact that Ruby could not have received a fair trial in Dallas at the time. In January 1967, while awaiting a new trial, to be held in Wichita Falls, Ruby died of lung cancer in a Dallas hospital. The official Warren Commission report of 1964 concluded that neither Oswald nor Ruby were part of a larger conspiracy, either domestic or international, to assassinate President Kennedy. Despite its seemingly firm conclusions, the report failed to silence conspiracy theories surrounding the event, and in 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in a preliminary report that Kennedy was "probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy" that may have involved multiple shooters and organized crime. The committee's findings, as with those of the Warren Commission, continue to be widely disputed. =========================================================================================== http://www.history.com/shows.do?action=detail&episodeId=488254 The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After In 2009, 46 years after he was shot, JFK will be gone for as long as he was alive. While the moments and hours after his tragic assassination were some of the most formative and important for our country, that story has rarely, and only partially, been told. For the first time, using never-before-seen transcripts only recently made public, this film pieces together the 24-hour period after the shots were fired. The timeline reveals startling new information about the death of the president and the traumatic transfer of power to his successor, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. From new details about when JFK really died, to the truth behind LBJ's Oath of Office photo on Air Force One, this special uncovers an unfamiliar story born out of one of the most crucial days in American history.
  9. The Real Question -JFK - Men In Blue Dealey Plaza TTI, It seems it was the CIA, RAND, SKULL & BONES and possibly the MEN IN BLUE w/ EAR PIECES who were in Dealey Plaza not the MEN IN BLACK. MEN IN BLACK apparently were in the Dallas Police Station questioning and/or guarding Oswald. (Who may have worked in AREA 51 before Russia and JFK apparently went to AREA 51 to "see things from space" (Aliens?)) TheCigMan
  10. Re: JFK Assassination - Names of The Suspects - ADD We need to add the name Crispen to the suspect list of the JFK assassination. He seems to have been a "fixer" for the Boeing Corporation as well as other "interests" or "organizations". He is also linked to Clay Shaw and/or Clay Bertrum of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY depicted in the Oliver Stone movie JFK as well possibly David Ferry. There was a great show on Coast to Coast AM - New York 77 AM 1:00AM-5:00AM last night. =================================================================================================== I would definitely buy Mr. Kenn Thomas even though he thinks many people are "Anti-Semites" and dosen't like people who are afraid of "spy agencies", "black heliocopters" and MICROWAVES (CELL PHONE and CELL TOWERS) even though there are 2 MILLION CELL PHONE TOWERS IN THE U.S.A. TheCigMan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.coast2coastam.com The JFK Assassination: Recommended Reading List November 22, 2009 In anticipation of the JFK Special, we polled Jim Marrs, John Barbour, and Kenn Thomas for their recommended reading list of books related to the JFK assassination. The result was a veritable cornucopia of conspiracy tomes covering not only the assassination itself, but also Lee Harvey Oswald's life as a spy, the story of a man who may have been set up to be the 2nd patsy on November 22nd, 1963, and some recent examinations of America's most infamous parapolitical mystery. Jim Marrs: Anyone who wants to really delve into the Kennedy assassination should start with the Warren Commission Report (1964). Most of the information in this report is valid. The problem is not with what they reported but with what they failed to report. Then read my 1989 book Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy to take up the slack. These two books should give the reader a good background in the case. Then, for more up-to-date thoughts and the broad perspective, I would recommend: •David Talbot's Brothers (2005) •James Douglass', JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) •John F. Kennedy: History, Memory, Legacy (2009) •Revisiting Dealey Plaza: What Happened to JFK? - a compendium of various researchers edited by James H. Fetzer John Barbour: •On The Trail Of the Assassins by Jim Garrison. Garrison's view of the killing as a result of his investigations, and the book bought by Oliver Stone as the basis for the film. •Rush To Judgement by Mark Lane. Forced to go outside the country to get his critique of The Warren Commission published,(being paid only $1,200.00,) this is the book that really brought wide attention to the shabbiness of the Government's non-investigation. •The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell. It's a long book but an unbelievable read about Richard Case Nagell,the man assigned to kill Oswald, but who felt he was being set up as the alternate patsy, and to save himself walked into a bank just weeks before Nov. 22nd., 1963, shot bullets into the ceiling and when arrested said, 'I don't want to be in Dallas on Nov. 22nd!' •Crossfire by Jim Marrs. Another well-written, solid taking apart of the Government's case against Oswald, and another book used by Oliver Stone for his film. •Post Mortem by Harold Weisberg. Weisberg is a former Intelligence Officer who self-printed a number of books called 'Whitewash' in which he very meticulously shreds the myths surrounding the government's view of Kennedy's killing. •Sons And Brothers by Richard Mahoney. Mahoney, who ran for the Senate in Arizona, started out wanting to just write a book about Bobby Kennedy, but the more he delved into the material the more he realized there had been a major conspiracy at the very highest levels. •Deep Politics And The Death Of JFK by Richard Dale Scott. The title is self-explanatory and shows just how deep the conspiracy went. •Conspiracy by Anthony Summers. This English Investigative Journalist is the British version of Jim Marrs, and shows just how international is the disdain for The Warren Report. •A Farewell To Justice by Joan Mellen. The best book written about Jim Garrison's case against New Orleans businessman Clay shaw, and probably the best book written about Garrison himself. •Heritage Of Stone by Jim Garrison. This book about the Clay Shaw trial received rave reviews by John Leonard in the morning edition of The New York Times, but didn't appear in the late edition. Evidently the Times didn't think it was News Fit To Print! Kenn Thomas: •NASA, Nazis & JFK ... yes, one of mine, but it has the indispensable Torbitt Document •Rush To Judgment by Mark Lane ... since it was the first (and has a movie documentary) •Plausible Denial by Lane ... covers the E. Howard Hunt trial story •Spy Saga by Phil Melanson ... covers Oswald's life as a spy •Oswald and the CIA by John Newman ... also covers Oswald's life as a spy •Crossfire by Jim Marrs ... for best overview of the case •Best Evidence by David Lifton ... covers the "body switch" theory and "wink" photo •Legend, The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald ... has a photo of John Wayne and Oswald together •Destiny Betrayed by Jim DiEugenio ... covers the Garrison case •On The Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison
  11. 9/11 SECOND TOWER EXPLODED NOT HIT BY PLANE TTI, Here is the "common picture" and "new picture angle" used to "illustrate" a second plane hitting the second building. Now this picture seems be a "grainy phoney photoshop" picture. THIS IS THE REAL EXPLOSION THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE "REGIS and KELLY" BROADCAST - HINT: NO PLANE TheCigMan
  12. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - MUSTAFA - A.P. We believe that MUSTAFA is a Shriner or a Mason or maybe a Bildeberger, CFR, Bohemiam Grover... Mustafa may be a SYMBOL for a ORGANIZATION. Possibly the ELKS LODGE or MOOSE LODGE or AMERICAN EAGLE LODGE or SHRINERS or MASONS or FRIARS CLUB - COMPLETE MEMBERSHIP But it may be Comedians from SNL as well.... :) - Chevy Chase - David Spade - Bill Hader - Bill Murray - Billy Crystal - David Letterman - Jay Leno - Andy Samberg - ALL OF MALE SNL CAST Comedians "repeat jokes" just like MUSTAFA needs to be asked 3 Times for advice OR its is SNL FRIARS CLUB HOSTS who HOSTED more than 3 TIMES!!! TheCigMan
  13. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - NO. 2 AUSTIN P TTI, We believe we know who NO. 2 might be from the Austin Powers movie and a "super criminal" in Real Life working for DR. EVILS - LORNE MICHAELS and possibly PAUL SHAFFER. No. 2 maybe... - Al Gore - Donald Trump - Alec Baldwin - Tom Hanks - Steve Martin - Rob Lowe And others who fit the profile of wearing a "SUIT" in their private lives and ROLES in TV and MOVIES. Is "Virtucocn" THE INTERNET???!!! Virtucon the "legitimate face" of COMPLETE EVIL!!! THE SATANIC INTERNET and SURVEILLANCE TOOL that can do "virtual mind reading" with emails, ims, cell phone texts, cell phone ims, and VOICE recordings for DATA MINING and CYBER SPY attacks and "mind screwing" by WEIRDO PHONIES prentending to be all sorts of people. TheCigMan
  14. IT IS NO JOKE. TheCigMan ==================================================================================================== It is for my upcoming book and movie deal - Refer to thread - "The Shadow Government" - Search TTI ====================================================================================================
  15. ==================================================================================================== MESSAGE INCOMING: CONFIRMATION CODE - ALPHA BRAVO NINE VECTOR CHARLIE ==================================================================================================== DEFECTOR: LATE NIGHT COMEDIAN CONFESSION OBTAINED: YES - VIA PSI INTEROGATION CONSPIRACY IDENTIFIED: SKULL & BONES IN HARVARD, PRINCETON & YALE & IVY LEAGUE & SEVEN SISTERS COLLEGES INSTRUCTIONS: INVESTIGATE AND ELIMINATE METHODS: ALL METHODS APPROVED Signed, BETA ==================================================================================================== Copyright © 2003-2009 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.
  16. =========================================================================================== BULLETIN: SUPER CRIMINAL IDENTIFIED - NEUTRALIZE =========================================================================================== WANTED MICHAEL CRICHTON CRIME: CREATING PSYOPS FOR THE CIA IN MOVIES AND BOOKS - CRIMES AGAINSTS AMERICANS CRIME: EXPOSING AMERICAS SECRET RESEARCH AND SUPER SECRET BUNKERS INSTRUCITION: NEUTRALIZE ASSIGNED TO: OPERATIVES METHODS: MIND CONTROL Signed, GAMMA ============================================================================================ Copyright © 2003-2009 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.
  17. =========================================================================================== BULLETIN: SUPER CRIMINAL IDENTIFIED - NEUTRALIZE =========================================================================================== WANTED TOM CLANCY CRIME: EXPOSING AMERICAS MILITARY SECRETS IN BOOKS AND MOVIES INSTRUCITION: DETAIN ASSIGNED TO: UNKNOWNS, QUESTION MARKS and MYSTERIONS METHODS: AT YOUR DISCRETION Signed, ALPHA ============================================================================================ Copyright © 2003-2009 John J. McMonagle All Rights Reserved.
  18. Re: Titor Prediction - Nukes Ruthless, Living next to an Air Force base is nothing.... I used to go to school at St. Peter's College which was known as "Ground Zero" by the DOD, St. Peter's College graduates (They even had a Ground Zero club in the school.) and THE RUSSIANS. It was the FIRST STRIKE nuclear target for THE RUSSIANS. And a russian general once said and was quoted in major newspapers that "New York City would burn for days with Bayonne, N.J." because of the EXXON, TEXACO, and IMTT gas refinery sites and TANK STORAGE. I bet you can see them ON SATELLITE. They would appear as ROUND WHITE CIRCLES. They are STILL HERE even after EXXON and TEXACO left. Well EXXON now. And I grew up in REAGAN YEARS where NUCLEAR WAR was a MINUTE BY MINUTE possible REALITY. Everyone went to "crazy" lifesytles because they wanted to enjoy EVERY SECOND THEY COULD BEFORE THE BOMBS HIT MAJOR SITES AND MILITARY STRATEGIC NUCLEAR TARGETS like the BAYONNE MILITARY OCEAN TERMINAL and SEALIFT COMMAND CENTER known as the BAYONNE MOT. You worry to much dude :) lol :) TheCigMan
  19. RMT, Now that I think about it... =================================== I wouldn't trust VERIZON either. I hate to tell you that BAYONNE PEOPLE are EXECUTIVES IN VERIZON like Eduardo "Eddie" Ferrante and his brother Frank "The Irish Chick Magnet" Ferrante. They are SERIOUSLY "Mobbed Up" as they say... and maybe have been trained the "CIA TRAINING CENTER" known BAYONNE HIGH SCHOOL :) ------------------------------------ Windows CE is NOT WINDOWS MOBILE my brilliant accomplished "and infamous :)" engineering friend with a "reading comprehension problem"... It is simply a personal computing device. Tell me RMT... How come IPHONES, DROIDS don't have ANTENAES like OLDER CELL PHONES used to have... :( How does the MICROWAVE SIGNAL get from the CELL PHONE TOWERS into the device... I don't believe they even talk about "embedded antenaes" under HARDENED PLASTIC!!! BIG HINT:!!! But you carry around your WI-FI PERSONAL HAND HELD COMPUTER bouncing off GPS CELL PHONE TOWERS so you can be TRIANGULATED by the "evil dudes" and "evil dudettes". BIG HINT: THERE MANY "EVIL ORGS AND PEOPLE" INFLITRATING in the U.S. BIG HINT: THERE ARE MANY TRAITORS TO THE BILDEBERGER, CFR, BOHIEMIAN GROVE, SKULL & BONES POWER ELITE also called the NEW WORLD ORDER. BIG HINT: They have a SATANIC ARMY called THE GOTH and THE POTTERS and THE FRATERNITY SYSTEM. Have fun with your "droids"... (I miss you... after they "triangulate you") (sound stragulation doesn't... just a bit to "creepy for me")(I always have DARBY to talk too... HE IS ONE OF THEM! :) ) TheCigMan
  20. paladius, It means THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT is TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS :) Please have "emergency supplies" and stay in your homes (Secured Basement if you can) until the lights and power come back on. Evil nuts use "cell phones" and "scanner devices" like the "tricorder" in Star Trek and there alse "infrared phasers". TheCigMan
  21. Citizens of the United States of America, I regretfully have to WARN YOU if you live in a LIGHT RAIL city or town. or even with in 50 miles of LIGHT RAIL city or town. It appears that there a VACANT LOTS next to LIGHT RAIL STOPS. The VACANT LOTS appear that they could be HOLDING PENS for MASS FORCED MIGRATION or KULLING or KIDNAPPING. It appears that LIGHT RAIL was a SECRET PLAN by individuals who have studied the NAZI Berlin and Warsaw FORCED MIGRATION BY TRAIN during the Holocost by the NAZI PARTY and S.S. and GERMAN ARMY and GERMAN CIVIL SERVICE (Including Mayors and local city governments) and GERMAN RAILROAD EMPLOYEES. You should be VERY CONCERNED about the MEDICAL IMAGING INDUSTRY that PRESIDENT OBAMA is hoping comes from MEDICARE, MEDICAID and WELFARE REFORM INITIATIVES that he calls "Health Care Reform" The NAZI PARTY used supposedly IBM TABULATOR MACHINES to develop databases on everyone in Europe and Espcially Jews in Germany and Poland. Then the NAZI PARTY conducted THE HOLOCOST and INVADED POLAND and STARTED WWII. (With the endorsement of ENGLAND, THE ROYAL FAMILY, THE UPPER CRUST OF ENGLAND and NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN.) You should be very concerned about the CONSTRUCTION of LOCAL GRAMMAR SCHOOLS and HIGH SCHOOLS in your community. The GRAMMAR SCHOOLS and HIGH SCHOOLS are "over designed" with INCINERTOR BASED HEATING SYSTEMS. The INCINERATOR BASED HEATING SYSTEMS can be used a CERMATORIAMS. And you should be VERY CONCERNED with NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. They can be OVERHEATED and CREATE MASSIVE RADIATION POISONING or RADIATED CLOUDS to POISON YOU and KILL YOU with the "atmosphere". HUDSON COUNTY NEW JERSEY is the CANCER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. This is most likely cased by BROWN FIELDS POLLUTION in NYC and NJ AREA. As well as CHROMIUM POISONING from sites now known as SOCIETY HILL development in JERSEY CITY NJ on Route 440/169 on the BORDER of BAYONNE, N.J. Living in HUDSON COUNTY and breathing THE AIR is the equivalent of SMOKING 2 PACKS OF CIGARETTES A DAY! The NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS WATER AND NUCLEAR ROD SYSTEM can be used a RADIATED DROWNING POOL or RADIATED CREMATORIUM. It seems the INFRASTRUCTURE of the AMERICAN HOLOCAST has been ARCHITECTED by GOVERNMENT and CITY PLANNERS and ARCHITEST including FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL government officials of past and present for over 50 years since WORLD WAR II(III). The lives of your family and friend and neighbors ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. Retreat from the cities INTO THE COUNTRY SIDE for you OWN SAFETY. Retreat to YOUR VACATION HOMES or SECOND or THIRD HOMES. We in the SHADOW GOVERNMENT are directly ENGAGED AGAINST THE ENEMY in HAND TO HAND COMBAT across THE NATION. We do things "a little differently" than the "evil elements" of the U.S. Government and especially the STATE OF NJ, THE CITY OF BAYONNE, NEW YORK CITY and "Wall Street". GOD BLESS AMERICA, TheCigMan
  22. RETRACTION OF APOLOGY - John J. McMonagle TTI (Bayonne and the rest of the world), I am retracting my prior apology. I was having a really really bad day. I do suffer from severe depression every few years. Severe depression can "mimic" or "illustrate" more serious mental illnesses (which may or may not be real.) I suffer from depression. I was diagnosed with DELUSIONAL DISORDER officially. The diagnosis of DELUSIONAL DISORDER has been confirmed TWICE in recent years. It is the MILDEST and LEAST HARMFUL and LEAST THREATENING and LEAST DANGEROUS of "diagnosied mental illnesses". I am no threat you and/or your families. I just a quiet bookworm of guy who is a pop culture fan and movie buff. I'm also a well known writer. I have had a movie review site. I have a robotics online magazine feel free to contact the executives of the iRobot Corporation to verify my claims of being a writer. I do not take back what I said about the crazy rude hateful nutty Bayonne citizens who have harassed me since the 5th Grade and have ACCELERATED THEIR GROUP ATTACKS AND STALKING since I've been 25 years old. And now the WHOLE TOWN seems to be "in on it". Sincerely, TheCigMan a.k.a John McMonagle
  23. 'God Channeling' Movie AUSTIN POWERS- FAT BASTARD! We know the possible identity of the character FAT BASTARD! It is either: John Goodman John Belushi Jim Belushi Chris Farley Horatio Sands and possibly George Wendt OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!
  24. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - AUSTIN POWERS We have decided to "channel" what the ALMIGHTY GOD set in motion with the movie AUSTIN POWERS! We have devined the messages! Mr. Mike Myers has admitted that DR. EVIL was based on LORNE MICHAELS... But we know that DR. Evil is a dual portrayal role for LORNE MICHAELS and PAUL SHAFFER!!! The look of DR. EVIL is "borrowed" from Mr. Paul Shaffer! The mannerisms of DR. EVIL are "based" on Lorne Michaels! ========================================================= FUN FACT: NEVER TRUST A CANADIAN - THEY ARE ALWAYS LYING! ========================================================= Paul Shaffer a.k.a. Paul Allen Wood Shaffer of SNL, Late Night w/ David Letterman and The Late Show w/ David Letterman. November 28, 1949 (1949-11-28) (age 59) Fort William, Ontario, Canada http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/77/Paul_Shaffer_1992_crop.jpg/215px-Pa ul_Shaffer_1992_crop.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Schaeffer November 28, 1949) is a Canadian musician, actor, voice actor, author, comedian, and composer. Currently, he is the bandleader and sidekick on the Late Show with David Letterman. His memoir, We'll Be Here For the Rest of Our Lives: A Swingin' Show-biz Saga was published by Flying Dolphin Press on October 6, 2009. Lorne Michaels a.k.a. Lorne David Lipowitz November 17, 1944 (1944-11-17) (age 65) Toronto, Ontario, Canada http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a7/Lorne_Michaels_at_the_2008_Tribeca_ Film_Festival.JPG/250px-Lorne_Michaels_at_the_2008_Tribeca_Film_Festival.JPG http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorne_Michaels Michaels was born Lorne David Lipowitz in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the son of Florence (ne Becker) and Henry Abraham Lipowitz, who was a furrier.[1] He was the eldest of the Lipowitz children. He has a sister, Barbara Lipowitz, who currently resides in Toronto and a brother, Mark Lipowitz, who died from a brain tumor. Michaels attended the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto and graduated from University College, University of Toronto, where he majored in English, in 1966 .[2] Michaels began his career as a writer and broadcaster for CBC Radio.[3] He moved to Los Angeles from Toronto in 1968 to work as a writer for Laugh-In and The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show. During the late 1960s, Michaels married Rosie Shuster, who later worked with him on Saturday Night Live as a writer.[4] She was the daughter of Frank Shuster, one half of the famous comedy team, Wayne and Shuster. Michaels and Shuster were divorced in 1980. TheCigMan
  25. The Twilght GOTH Conspiracy with KELLY RIPA The TWIGHT MOVIE "mega-hit" is a HUGE SATANIC/CANNIBALISTIC/VAMPIRISM CONSPIRACY!!! It was marketed to the GOTH COMMUNITY!!! Who talk and act "english", "translyvanian", and/or "russian"!!! It seems the first GOTH CHICK on TV was KELLY RIPA of ALL MY CHILDREN as HAILEY!!! HAILEY was dressed in BLACK PUNK OUTFITS with ZIPPERS and BOBBY PINS and BLACK HAIR and BLACK LIPSTICK!!! BLACK LEATHER JACKET and ALL!!! It seems she was THE FIRST SIGNAL!!! In the Late 1980s. Now this morning KELLY RIPA talked about a 2-day shoot return to ALL MY CHILDREN as HAILEY! It is a CONFIRMATION SIGNAL that OPERATION HAILEY (GOTH CHICK) is a COMPLETE SUCCESS!!! And TRIPLE CONFIRMATION with the PREMIER of THE TWIGHLIGHT MOVIE opening... Goths are CREEPY VAMPIRE CULT... Who have DRACULA FANGS and CABALS of WOMEN for EACH MALE GOTH! Goths DRINK REAL HUMAN BLOOD... We believe them to be SATANISTS using the VAMPIRE LIFESTYLE as a SOCIETY DISGUISE!!! Local News has profiled the GOTHS in NYC and say the have MASSIVE NUMBERS of FANS of TWIGHLIGHT... (Just as popular as Star Wars fans or Harry Potter fans.) We believe that there is a cross linking of Harry Potter BLACK MAGIC ENGLAND FANS and GOTH PEOPLE and fans of the movie TWIGHLIGHT!!! IT IS A HUGE CONSPIRACY WITH VAST MEMBERSHIP Especially in the NYC AREA!!! We believe that the MI5/MI6 and THE KGB may be VAMPIRE CONTROL AGENTS of the GOTH PEOPLE. They are 2 known GOTH CLUBS in the NYC Area.. 1 in Elisabeth New Jersey. 1 in north of Wall Street near Thomas Street and Broadway I would not let your children go to these clubs or any other GOTH CLUB! They may not come back... :( TheCigMan
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