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  1. These light anomalies are often misconstrued as time effecting events. They are nothing but natural "events" we don't quite understand as of yet. Most have very little to do with time as we know it..
  2. I agree with Darbyshire. Eventually we'll get an "Ooops!! we used the wrong measuring tools to measure what we don't quite understand yet."
  3. I know I am going to regret replying to this grettis of a thread but.... who do you think are the "factions" involved and why were the timelines changed? I hate it when timelines get changed - the hangover can be a trife. Oh wait, that's the cheap beer here causing that. carry on..
  4. Re: LARRY AND RICK HABER INTERVIEW- Monday August 8th! Eyes, Love the presentation. You guys are a riot. ABANDONED!!!! NO WAY!!! DUDE!!! That sleighs me. Anywhopla, looking forwards to videos 6 and 7. You guys get to know Larry pretty well. Share some beers?
  5. Looks like Jeff E. is ignoring you beouch.. I say go ahead and spill the beans!!! That is unless you are the wuss...
  6. http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=blog&id=4195
  7. Razi, I think a few folks came to the conclusion that it was a Ha.ber family operation a few years ago. You have definitely added more solid information to that theory. John Ha.ber, Larry Ha.ber, and the son of Larry Ha.ber (aka mr debate team aka Malderi) were all group Tee.tor. Great presentation btw. By golly, I think you have kicked this one's ass! Kudos!
  8. I get the impression that many of you are not reading Titor's original posts. You Titor fans are reaching farther into the reachings of others. Re-read the original posts and stop being blind followers of blind followers ya scrubs..
  9. Wasn't Maldari, or whatever the phuk his name was, already implicated ya bitches?? Haber's fantastic debator/son. Razi - highly doubt you can kick this one's ass....
  10. Re: Disinformation Agent Poll Love that Einstein quote Herc. Did he, Einstein really say that? http://www.hellospoon.com/mandy
  11. KUDOS to the cig smoke snorting dude dingledork for starting this topic. Indeed the first commmandment spells out that worshipping anything or anyone other than the unamable is a sin. http://www.hellospoon.com/mandy
  12. Re: Yet another time traveling claim Man. sucks that this ended before we could really have some fun. Here's a really ugly girl/woman posting as a time travler... http://www.hellospoon.com/mandy And no she cannot whup my ass....
  13. Man I would love to do college all over again! This time around I would choose the other chick I liked and see how things go with her.. tehehe
  14. Does anyone know where all those Yellow Stone prediction threads from last year went? I forget who but someone kept insisting on the Yellowstone belch before all the hyped up talks began in the Media.
  15. barcoded, ouch! Pretty brutal there buddy. Do you need a hug? I'm available for one for at least another 60 yars or so.
  16. Shangraleezy17, sure they do.. buurrrrp! Where at in Naples FL?
  17. Uuhmmm. FYI - Boomer = John Teetor. They are one and the same. Boomer is a nick given by Darby Shire at the time of JT's dribbles.
  18. LOL! Add a few more z's and I'd buy it!
  19. YES! YOU GO LtSiegmund! GOTTA LOVE IT!
  20. Herc - while I admire your intentions you should really go back and read Boomer's posts as well as all the arguments/evidence brought fourth at anomalies.net and on other sites. It's pretty obvious that you are not well read on the subject. I mean no offense but, then again, you can't whup my ass either way sooooo. check these out bro: http://communities.anomalies.net/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=001138 http://communities.anomalies.net/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=000389 and of course the ever popular: There is simply too much evidence stacked against Boomer to go over in one thread. I seriously hope you all take the 'time' to read all of it prior to taking your stance on the subject.
  21. Creedo, Please tell us how you know that they "almost always turn white or blank?" Really man: #1. there is no Boomer jump video #2. the bent laser picture is a fake #3. smaller words work just fine for those of us that subscribe to the KISS schooloth #4. again, dudester, crack is wack and lettuce is grettis! - just kidding witcha
  22. DOH! Just mistakenly crash landed my nuclear fission powered unmanned space ship in Moscow! My bad. I'll help pay for the fallout cleanup.
  23. Would love to read your experiences. Do go on.
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