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  1. Rainmantime-I will not tell you a specific month. You will have to wait and see. OllyB- No wager. I am from the future. I cannot just come back. This will probably be my last time here unless I am on the finance committee again which is unlikely. On May 1st , I am not sure (can't remember all the history) but I think the government starts fighting within. You will know what that means if it comes to pass.
  2. I never said that NATO or the UN will invade. They will be invited.
  3. I will be leaving in a couple of days but I tell you this: In the coming months you may see UN and NATO troops marching through your country to 'restore order'. Many Americans will see this as an invading force and will engage them in combat. The streets of America will run red for many years.
  4. roorichard-Yes Warrior381-We lost the info but managed to retrieve it. I thought I told the forum. What I am not sure about is if they show it on the news and if they show it on the news whether they will be truthful.
  5. Risata-Like I said many years ago. When you have information downloaded and time travel for the first time you lose information and pick up some. I forgot a lot of things my first time here. It has something to do with the immigration rallies but I am stationed in England and ask any English person and you will see that the rallies are not covered on the news.
  6. If you want to know all that just look a couple of messages back. I can tell you that the first stage of civil war will start on May 1. If you have a gun carry it with you at all times on that day
  7. If christ came back I am sure it would be in the history books somewhere or maybe he just came back on a holiday to see some disciples. The rules of time travel dictate that I cannot tell you when it was invented but it was invented a long time after 2036.
  8. I can't tell you when time travel was invented. The civil war started because of the treasonous government who purposely engineers an economic Armageddon. Jesus Christ does not come back.
  9. I know of the illuminati. Conspiracy theorists think its some kind of organisation that rules the planet
  10. Kryten-Actually it hasn't been like that for three of your years. When I change the sig it changes on all my comments including the ones I made in the past. No doubt it has been the same for a year and I would change it if I wanted to but I have nothing to change it with and it's been many decades for me.
  11. norn iron-It's a woman OllyB-What are you trying to say Creedo-No
  12. norn iron- The downloading process is a very complicated process. Sometimes it pushes other languages out but most of the time it doesn't. However it does seem to push languages out a lot of you download ancient English. Lady Vanes-I cannot tell you details if those details could possibly change with me telling you those changes.
  13. Norn Iron-I haven't been here many decades. I have been back in my own time for many decades. 1. If you would read what I have been saying I have has the language of today downloaded into my brain. I will say 'stuff' a lot. 2. Like I said the history was lost and sometimes in the downloading process you forget other events and people. Olly B- They could be decided before birth. In fact I and many others believe they are. You have to remember that it's a faith which hasn't yet been proven by science. We believe in past and future lives. We believe that when we die our spirit plans the significant events in our lives. The spirit is also planning and getting approval from other spirits seeing as some of that life will affect other lives. If they are not in agreement they have to plan again. This is where past and future lives come into it. Lady Vanes-No. I am sorry.
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