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  1. Thought about that today as well, Jim. Oh, I know the debunkers will rush in and scream it was all a hoax. But for some that were there from day one.... we will probably always wonder. If it was a hoax, it brought together a group of folks who probably wouldn't have met in different circumstances, and made them friends. That's one thing that no one here can debunk or take away. *waves to Florida Jim* :)
  2. Re: Experiment with Time, your assistance is reque It really has nothing to do with Peter showing up. The fact that it was posted here by Zeshua, and several were reminded that all communication would stop after 3/09, means that many interested parties are watching. Not just Peter. Further, Zeshua said she was part of a group doing an experiment. Sol may be part of that group. Sol, Where did you/your family reside when you were abandoned? What do I want? I'd settle for peace and the Golden Rule.
  3. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE It appears that by unmasking her address, it could VIRTUALy lead us right to the GIRL .
  4. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE Zeshua, You forgot to use your masked IP address. Hmmm, who do we know in Austin Texas that was a moderator on the old TTF forum? Please discuss, indeed.
  5. Re: Pictures How about a general location... such as what State in the US... if it is the US?
  6. Re: Pictures Just one more thing Zeshua,: FACT: You sent these pictures not only to our group, but to a member named Crosstika. FACT: In May 2006, SnowFireWatches posts some hostile remarks on TPN. She was released from "the group" several months before. She threatened to post the pictures. She did not do so because she couldn't figure out how to upload the pictures. FACT: Crosstika cannot figure out what the big fuss is, he decides to try and post them. He ended up sending them to several other members (one being Risata). FACT: A member of TPN posted those pictures. It was not a member of our group, nor was it a person you had sent pictures to. FACT: You are a liar. You are a fraud. You are a stalker. FACT: Once your true identity is known, it will be posted on the forum that Cary, NiteScott and I moderate. TRUST ME.
  7. Re: Pictures Zeshua, you have got another problem. See, I have a good friend who is a Cambridge Alumni. You wrote: My friend states that GPA's are not used in the UK.... or at Cambridge. Further, "you are assessed in your final dissertation and exam, there are no measures prior to that, no GPA's to count, no Merits to collect, 3,4 or 5 years of study, exams and a dissertation, that's it." I may have hung myself, but you seem to be using a very large shovel to bury yourself. What say you, Zeshua?????
  8. Re: Pictures Zeshua writes Peter from 2025: Zeshua writes Sosuemetoo in 2027: Zeshua, evidently someone cut that rope that I hung myself with. Would you care to clarify?
  9. Re: Pictures True, but JT doesn't continue to post or PM. I believe that Zeshua is merely attaching herself to the Titor Bandwagon. However she's been pretty consistent in calling you "old friend" since the beginning.
  10. Re: Pictures How about the third option that he believes this should be given the benefit of the doubt. I believe a year or so back that you thought JT could be Darby or Pamela. Instead of pointing fingers at people that are "available" (posting), how about helping us figure out who is the real Zeshua? Have you seen the pictures? Have you seen what's posted on CC.net? I invite you to look before you leap to conclusions. Start here: http://www.gatorskinboots.co.uk/board_forum/index.php?showtopic=12546 and here: http://www.gatorskinboots.co.uk/board_forum/index.php?showtopic=11185
  11. Re: Pictures I wasn't going to hijack the thread and argue with Peter on a matter which was private. I can understand why it sounded a bit confusing to people. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my position.
  12. Re: Pictures Just want to clarify that "Group Zeshua" is a group of 6 that Zeshua stated she trusted enough to share certain information. The pictures are just some of what was shared. All 6 members happen to be members of CC.net. It gets a bit confusing because many believe that Zeshua is actually a hoax that has been perpetrated by 3 or more individuals.... thus why Zeshua is sometimes called group Zeshua too. You're most welcome. I hope so as well.
  13. Re: Pictures When the pictures were given to me initially, Zeshua told me never to post the pictures on a public board. Approximately 3 months later, she wrote to all the members in the group (copy of e-mail is posted on CC.net thread) stating that we could release everything publicly three days after she left in 2005. I received a PM from her on a private message board saying that she was leaving and to tell everyone goodbye for her. That PM is dated 2/23/2006. A request was made earlier this week by Baudmiksen on CC.net to see the pictures. The group voted initially and it was a tie vote. After much thought and discussion, I changed my vote. I informed the members that I had changed my vote and posted the pictures. Peter is taking a private matter and placing it up on a public board. If he would like to discuss this with me privately, I'd be happy to do so. I believe a member named Crosstika had three of the pictures, he sent them to another member on TPN who posted them. Soon after, TPN went down and the thread and pictures were gone. I hope that clears up this matter.
  14. Re: Pictures Agreed. Baudmiksen is my hero. I have posted the original pictures here in it's own thread: http://www.gatorskinboots.co.uk/board_forum/index.php?showtopic=12546&pid=72368&st=0&&do=findComment&comment=72368 You can discuss the pictures here: http://www.gatorskinboots.co.uk/board_forum/index.php?showtopic=11185 There are five pictures. Two of them have been debunked. Help us debunk the remaining three pics if you wish. We are seeking people have been to Cambridge University. Even better if you've rented a "punt" on the River Cam.
  15. Pictures Pictures sent by Zeshua to a few people when she was posting back in 2005 can be found here: http://www.gatorskinboots.co.uk/board_forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=11185&view=findpost&p=72291
  16. I'm not impressed either. Zeshua, the first time you mentioned the word "third" was here: http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=32350&Forum=time_travel&Words=3rd%20zeshua&Match=And&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=32350&Search=true#Post32350 Then you included it in your list of predictions. What does Palestine have to do with the Pope and Terri Shiavo? Why do you call Darby "old friend?" You seem to have some private information about Pamela. I'm not the least bit curious WHAT the private information is, but I'd like you to explain how you got it.
  17. Re: There is something very important you must kno Posted on CC.net earlier in the day: http://www.conspiracycafe.net/board_forum/index.php?showtopic=11942&st=0&p=66899entry66899 Interesting that the IP's don't match though. The post here locates him in California. Post on CC.net in Texas.
  18. The person checking into his AIM is not him. We believe the same might be true for his MySpace. He has not returned any Myspace IM's.
  19. I'm guessing someone hasn't paid the bill. For one reason or another. Another TT forum bites the dust.
  20. We have and there has been no response, only concern. I hadn't thought to call his ISP, but I highly doubt they would reveal anything. Our hope is that he's on the beach, left his computer at home, computer got hacked , will return and wonder why people were concerned. Yeyeman9 would have let us know if he was leaving on a vacation (he has in the past). And he wouldn't have sent an e-mail out saying he died, claiming to be his brother. Again, if you've heard from Yeyeman9 since February 27th, please PM NiteScott or me. We are concerned.
  21. I believe I stated this on CC.net. She used my daughter's name. It is not a common name, nor is the spelling common. Two people in "the group" knew that name. One is very close to me and would not reveal that name to anyone. The other, is no longer in the group, but I doubt she would have revealed the name at that time. Outside of "the group", only a few on the staff of the now Defunked TTF knew the name. I don't know anyone on that staff that would have the dedication/brains to pull this hoax off. I have no clue. Maybe is a free service in 2025? Maybe a family member of hers in 2005-2009 had this paid service and she has the password to it? Maybe she's a hoax? :confused:
  22. Welcome Back, Zeshua. Glad to see you back. Had a feeling you'd come by today. I noticed you registered at CC.net and looking forward to hearing what you have to say at either site. Sue
  23. Merry Christmas to you, Blair. Me too, my old friend, me too. PM, IM, email me sometime so we can catch up!
  24. Okay fine, Indazona. I've been a member here for over three years. I've enjoyed exploring the possibility of TT. I attacked those that accuse Peter, Yeyeman, Scott and I of being Zeshua because it is was a cheap shot. It's what new members do on any TT forum when they don't know who they are attacking. Anyone exploring Zeshua must be a part of the scam, right? You didn't open anyone's eyes, you simply attacked the easiest way possible. Yes, Peter posted publically his opinions, just like Pamela did about JT. See where it got her? I don't mind, because you don't matter. I'm not a part of a scam. I'm not a part of a hoax and frankly I'm offended that you would accuse me of being one. I'm not going to give you anything further to feed on. Sit in your [censored] and spin. Let TTI become an ANTI-TTI site.
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