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  1. i believe free will does not exist in a mortal realm.. you choose to give that away once you are born, point being if "free will" were possible eating , sleeping and death would be a choice..not an ineveibiltiy. on the other hand i do believe god gave us free will only to our eternal side to live and learn as we see fit..this wordly physical plane is our welcome to life to accuire a set of ground rules in which we learn how things work and to obtain a sense of the genuine humility of existance in which we should all reval in.
  2. i have a question for anyone familiar last night me and a friend decided we'd start an experiment with telepathy where we'd send each other things at any give time during the day. so last night at around 3 in the morning i dig very very far into my mind to calm it down and block out anything i didnt want to think about so i could put all my mental energy into what i was trying to send/recieve. about 15 minutes into it i was really deep into the pits of my mind to a point where i was completely at peace and silence with the world..so i started to say, ok if anyone wants to talk im open to whatever....IMMEDIATELY i started getting very dizzy and stomach sick...i actually thought i was going to throw up. im not sure what i did? has this happend to anyone else?
  3. and ovr everythings much better...theyre back and we're on level again! i figured out what i was doing wrong and everything was forgiven! thank you for youre help!
  4. just curious, but what does your "grounded" consist of?
  5. Re: Bush death will be the beginning of the civil truth imagine it.
  6. things have been getting better spiritually..though my body is taking an absolute beating. iovr itd be very hard to explain to you my light but i'll try to just to see if anyone else has ever had it. when i close my eyes alone to talk to them its a white semi circle where i cannot see the top, it pulses and makes my body warm. its actually more like conveing feelings or emotions then actually talking. if i were to ask something directly i would be flooded with energy making my whole body tingle and all hairs stand up on end, ive now come to know what kind of 'language' this is through years as a child being confused to why i couldnt listen back. rescently in the past few years ive found this type of language to be used by everything. if you can make sance to any of that my hat goes off to you...as i said before my body isnt being treated very nicely..ive now gone a few days without much sleep and its pretty hard to keep a train of thought going.
  7. creedo if you tried to make sence sometimes id probably get what you were talking about...
  8. i always had " the full armor of god" up until rescently..im not kidding when i say something is very very pissed off at me.. if something is out to get a piece of me its comming all out.. i know whats eating me spiritually but im having a real hard time stopping the thoughts..and i think ive been left on my own this time to stop them since they were stopped before when i asked. i let them back into my life and now im getting the [censored] kicked out of me for it.... its not pleasent. wish me luck
  9. youve stumbled on the exact same thing i have entropysux...odd researching the annunaki lately seems to be fitting the peices all over..
  10. i had sp for the first time around a week ago...i'll have to explain what has been happeing before it though. ive always been very close to something spiritual ( god..angels..spirits..what ever you want to call them ) my entire life or as long as i can remember..we talk very frequintly and help each other out in anyway we can. anytime i decide to talk to them or they to me ive always felt this light in the top of my field of view when i close my eyes, its very real and i know whats going on, anyways recently i know ive pissed who ever it is off and they will not forgive me for what i asked for. for the past week my minds been flooded with very very scary images of me stabbing myself or just really bad things happening to people i care about or this constant feeling something evil or something with bad intentions is following me in every room i enter.. even when i close my eyes to talk the light is gone and im very scared that someone isnt comming back. ive never been afraid of anything because i always knew itd be ok...but lately i just dont know. anyways my sp happend as i said a few night back while i was lying on my face in bed with the lights off. as i was JUST falling asleep i felt something in the room and it grabbed my hand which was hanging off the edge of the bed very very tight..i tried to open my eyes but they wouldnt let me for a few seconds..the whatever it was then let go of my hand and leaped on my back crushing me into the bed..i tried to scream but it put its hands around my neck and wouldnt let me scream..i eventually screamed so hard i thought my heart would burst then it just stopped. i was VERY awake during this entire experience. ive always been able to control my dreams no matter what the situation. anyways...has anyone else felt like something is very very mad at you?
  11. i hope you pat yourself on the back before you go to sleep.
  12. ive been pointed in this direction lately and i was just wondering if anyone was familiar with the story? how these historical references tie into most or all ancient text somehow is mind blowing. A genetic swap if you will with our Homo erectus ( the reigning progenitor of man at the time ) with a long lived "alien" race for slave purposes seems like a perfectly plausible missing link. just a thought.
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