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  1. Rainmantime, San Andreas fault will be the cause of a major earth quake. Nowhere did I mention or refered to small "seasonal" tremors. I say "soon" because giving time and dates shoulf come from a time traveler not an alien with a book of scrabled notes. The year will be end of 2007 from what little I can desipher.
  2. Warrior381...... I simply red the post....I made not predictions and to simply answer your question: No I do not time travel. Olly my friend, this is the statement that should of clued you in to by disbelief: Seem to be a Titor student under the influence of Cronostorian.
  3. No Olly, not imporessed, just pointing what he wrote.
  4. He was correct about your Iran problems. That alone should make you look at this twice. Seem to be a Titor student under the influence of Cronostorian.
  5. The civil war is noted as starting with a major catastrophy, in my book of notes that catastrophy is noted as a Pacific Tsunami. Los Angles California to Vancouver Canada. San Andreas fault will cause major avoc in the world soon.
  6. You are all an energy form. All is energy, why is it that you seem to require a soul to function?
  7. No, only Roswell, never again.
  8. We are here. Why so many do not believe or choose to ignore?
  9. AlienChild


    Re: UFO's Not in this picture RainmanTime, look at it again. Or are you saying that you are in collaboration and are aware of this ship and it's implication of immitation of a german flying vehicle?
  10. I am not trying to portray as you seem to think. You are correct that this technology was fully exploited and is communly used today. All that I have said on this subject is the Avro car was step one in the evolution of this type of travel. Correct that air propultion was not the optimal propultion for this type of vehicle but none the less it was fully tested and is being used in other vehicles now. The keys to the avro car testing was for the saucer shape and the air propultion system. DND and DOD has never fully rel;eased documents on the shape part of the tests and to this day are still using infortation based on those first tests. Please understand RainmanTime that your intelligence and knowledge is ont being questioned but you must understand that in the 1950's the tests were all about understaning not develloping.
  11. You are all mamels...just like whales, dogs, cats.......What gives your the right to have a soul and not a whale? the difference is that humans are self aware and seek intelligence, "your" soul was "invented" to keep you in line, nothing more. Jesus....God.......all a good story book but not your God and savior.
  12. Humans did not understand what they had at hand to reverse engenere from in the first place, let alone rebuild it. The Avro car was a simple test of shape and control, it was the first step, the second was to have the Avro car be jet propultion capable and eventually capable of space travel. """i would suspect that the funding would have been focused around cracking the real propulsion system under original analysis. Which was (even back then) obviously not built around air transfer.""" You are right and to this day D.O.D. is stil funding the developpemnt of a perfected propultion engine found in the Roswell 1947 incident.
  13. The avro car was never ment to fly in space. it was simply built so that the saucer shape could be tested as flyable in a stable fashion. Agreed that some other agendas were created afterwards such as the U.S. Harrier Jump Jet and hovercrafts. the avro car is a direct test and the first step.
  14. Early experiments in the U.S.A on a space car was the Avro car, this was the first reverse engeneered tentative space car made by human hands. Please prove otherwise RainmanTime because that is the only information that can be derectly connected to the military.
  15. Soon you will be on a new friends home planet. Do not impose your human maners upon them as they are not like you.
  16. AlienChild


    Re: UFO's please show this picture.
  17. The X-15 is not the birth of human space travel, it is the birth of human endurance to forced subjected to the body under extreme forces. The birth palce of human space travel is the Avro car.
  18. Re: Prophecy There is no god, humans have this need to believe in a superior being. The ancient Egyptians did not believe in a god, they had multiple gods....wich on of their gods do you pray to? none, right? What makes humans think that in 5 thouwsand years from now you will be praying to god and jesus and mohamed or budda ? waste of energy and time, focus on better human development instead, it will make you all advance vaster and with better values.
  19. Re: http://www.johntitor.com no longer? Mad cow is very real and very present, why do you not see it. The different governments have hidden the issue in order to stablize the global beef market. The avian flu (h5n) is only that....yes it will kill but it will kill mostly the old, the yong and the weak.The predictions are not even 1% of the global population. Mad cow on the other hand is infecting all humans that eat beef, no exeption. The meat is on the market, you are ingesting it unknowingly.This is infecting over 67% of industialized nations thus over 19% of the total global population. Out of this percentage you need to calculate the poeple that do not eat beef, the numbers are approxated at 1.3%. The total number that we end up with is 17.7%. Much higher than the Avian flu.
  20. You have never been alone. Humans tend to think that they are the first ones. You are not, others have found you before you ever thought that there might be life elswhere.
  21. Re: Hello, AlienChild The information is writen in a scrap book let to me. The person that left it behing is a supposed time traveler. I only posted what is in the book. Now with this wall being proposed in the U.S., it is the first step in a long dialog and seems to point in the direction of the written words of the book.
  22. Re: The new Cana HIST note:: The Voynich MS is a book or "codex" which counted at least 116 parchment folios, of which 104 remain.
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