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  1. This incident is very real, thus my reference to it, the alien UFO is not although the site was visited after the fact so that information could be gathered. What was related to us was that this radiation was caused by an atomic reaction of unkwown source. Could be alien ship from a species we have not encountered as yet. As for Creedo299 and the girl ! Did you look into my eyes creedo299 ???? When I make statements and refer the WE, I live here and include myself as I live as you do while I am here. Don't eat your food but the McDonald fries are good. Fag ??????? Homophobic ????? Fags are cigarettes aren't they ? I do not see the relation with the term Fag and homofobic unless it is a poorly used term for a homosexual human male. To this I laugh because anyone that uses the term fag to relate to homosexual male is probably a non smoker who likes it up the Cognac bottle. I am laughing, thank you!
  2. No all true what you say about curing of cancer, if you remove a cancer cell, it was once a good cell, you can not remove it as per say but you will have to replace it with a good cell, for this you will need the mathematical equasion of the cell so that it can be reproduced during transport. You may not want to transport to cure so you will have to keep the "biological" in stasis or in suspence so that the good mathematical cell can be added to replace the cancer cell. We are all based on cells and when broken down to the simple of simple, we are all mathematical equasions.
  3. http://www.space.com/imageoftheday/image_of_day_040309.html home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Beaming something uses the same basic principles as beaming someone, atoms are atoms and cells are cells, the mathematical reading of the teleportation device will read the object/human in the same fasion. The human mathematical propreties will hold more information than the inert object but the basic calculations are the same. You will need a better processor and more cache memory so that the information can be buffered and resequenced accordingly. Humans have been ready and experimenting with this theory for a number of years already.
  5. Re: Hmmph? Please coordinated with creedo299, he is aware of information that you wish to have. You are not alienated, life is closer to earth than you are being told, some satelites in your space are alien.
  6. Anything that is transmited from me over the internet is now monitored due to this thread. I will simply let the prediction follow it's course and let it be. Pay close attension to all of the speaches not only the public speaches but those givien in intimate closed environments. This prediction needs to happen for the natural positive worldwide outcome, it can not be provented.
  7. Re: Let us timephase there name: 56497.035 (tzingenfak) area: spektakugnz sector (translation is not quite accurate)
  8. Any such information would set off an investigation by the CIA, FBI and all of your anti terror units in the US. The date will not be provided but this date is of great significance in your calander.
  9. Well, I tried to register and I was told that my name and email address was already in use so naturaly I tried to log in, well low and be hold, Posts were made in my username but I can not recal ever making them. From what I can tell, I am using the same secure electronic masked route to get here so I conclude that it must of been me.No one else could ever fing this route. When I teleported here today, I was told that this was my first mission to your planet. It seems that I have some research to complete, my private message box hee is full. I am AlienChild from TML21 in sector 2376.0746.
  10. Creedo has decided to stay for now. I leave you now and will come back for creedo when he is ready to be embasador to earth.
  11. My time of departure is 16:00 today, once I am gone, creedo might explain all pending his decision, he is aware of the situation. Id he chooses, he will not be able to answer your questions you will be left with the information so far provided.
  12. Do to creedo's information, I will be ending my exploration here on earth. Thank you creedo, may you and your human friend be safe and just so you know, it is not necessary for you to blow up the sun in this time line, it will destroy earth soon enough. TML21 will end in your year 2156. I leave you with on thought. The life you persue is not the life that you were ment to have. The life you have, you persued in blind trust. The trust was founded on lies. The lies, built on fear. Fear, induced by ignorance. Ignorance, by lack of open minds.
  13. Goerge W. Bush will be shot at during the month of September by the mother of two fallen U.S. soldiers who died during the fight on terror in Irak and Afghanistan. The President will not be affected but this will make his road to re election a land slide. It will be later determined that the two soldiers were of Islamic decedance and were both killed by "friendly" fire. This will cause an investigation and eventually the resignation of the President as it will be found that it was ordered by the joint chiefs in fear of treason. From the notes of Jeremy Hutchkins.
  14. Re: Cookbook for Creation Because your God is yourselves being made greater by your mind.
  15. I do not enjoy cliff richard music, why do you reference him to cliff richards, not the same type of music.
  16. I mostly sing in my native tongue, the songs of my mother. Here you would call them balads I guess. Since my stay here, I have come to like blues, guitar palyer names Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton. I like to sing their words. This music is relating and tell stories. interesting music and use of string instruments. I'll have to ask if I can bring one home so that I may keep practicing.
  17. That is kind of you to say. Father is better now no need to be sorry. No, on our world or on any other that we know, we have no powers as you say. I am good at singing.
  18. <pre><font class="small">code:</font><hr>I had asked ALienChild soeth9ing isn a P.M. I don't think hes very responsive. </pre><hr> Please excuse my late answer, please verify your mail. I was reading on your atomic war.
  19. I use cronos to describe you Chronostorian, I've always called him cronos, that is how I translated it the first time so that is what I call him. This is what I thought cronos was before I was reading. http://homepage.mac.com/cparada/GML/Cronos.html Am I not correct? Cronos travel trough your time not philisophy.
  20. War killed many, we are at peace now, many of us fear war. Our war was over as fast as it started. They (omega's choiced militant)killed two cantons worth and we gave up. The omega is strong. We are now peacefull and well many thanks to our omega.
  21. My father is in the great life now. He was a great person, he lived for better of our kind and evolution. He was a teacher of ground materials. He is now dead as you call it.
  22. Thank you for the correct translation. For you a time traveler, I used time walker instead.
  23. Thank you, it was. I translated from englisg to french then dutch then german, thought is was good way to do it, I guess it was not.
  24. When I write in other language I write by translating words directly as for I do not now precise dialects, I hope to just be able to communicate in other tongue than mine, it is an effort not a ridicule.
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