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  1. Not talking about John Titor 2, but John Titor II, dude is supposed to be John Titor 2.0? Is on Midnight In The Desert right now. Check out his backstory... John Titor II is a Lieutenant Colonel and Training Officer with the Temporal Reconnaissance Operations Team, 177th Time Travel Division. John Titor started posting on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0, he stated he was from the future and predicted the end of the world. The name John Titor was not introduced until January 2001, when TimeTravel_0 began posting at the Art Bell BBS Forums. The Titor posts ended in late March 2001. Then, he suddenly disappeared, never to be heard from again. Those posts, and the John Titor story, have since become legendary. [/url]Wed Mar 23 - John Titor - Time Travel - Midnight in the Desert Totally bogus. Dude has a paypal and is asking for money... Question: Will we see more of the Temporal Reconnaissance Operations Manuel? Will we be able to order a full copy of this manual? Answer: Full copies of the manual are available. They are expensive to reproduce. I accept PayPal. Send $125.00 to [email protected] using PayPal. This covers shipping to the lower forty eight and sales tax. You have to have a PayPal account then just use the send function. I sign all copies! Leaping through Time! Bogus city. Apparently being a time traveler is hard, but the only way he's a broke time traveler is if he's a total idiot because all he has to do is buy some stock in Google or Apple etc. Hilariously easy to debunk this guy. And it isn't pronounced TIE-TOR, that's a fanfiction bogus pronunciation. I will reveal the correct pronunciation and reveal the true identity of Titor on Dec 31st. I'm not 99% sure, 75% sure, 50% sure. I'm 100% sure. Know what he looks like. Know who he is. Got confirmation. Didn't reveal it because I'm not a fan of Titor, don't care, but I see you peeps do care, so, based on that alone, will reveal it. Will finally reveal my concrete proof, 3 pieces of evidence I came across 2+ years ago, making the identity 100% clear to me. Confirmed in multiple ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSSgHZH10TU
  2. Thanks Jimmy, Jimmy makes a good point, have the haters brought anything to the table? Have they tried? Have they released their 'vault of information'? Have they released a shred of anything even vaguely recognizable as a shred of evidence? Ever since my video "The Real John Titor" was uploaded I have been getting emails from someone on the inside. I respect this person, and they have shown a great amount of respect for the hard work I've put into this. I can confirm they are who they say they are, it's not an imposter. This post alone may jeopardize their want to continue emailing me, but I have promised this person I won't reveal their exact name, nor a few sensitive pieces of information. I've been doing this for 9 years, I have received dozens and dozens of bogus tips from anonymous tipsters. I know the difference between an anonymous coward and a real person, this person is real. I'm not sure the time travel institute crowd are ready for this information, I may wish to release an edited version of these emails in 2013, but due to the lack of respect being shown for the hard work I've put into this I will probably wait until 2014. The emails themselves contain a great amount of evidence, a great amount. That's all I'm going to say at this point, the haters will scoff, but those who recognize truth when they read it, they will know I'm telling the truth. Thanks to people like Jimmy Mayo this world isn't a complete cesspool. I'm not a debunker, a debunker assumes something and uses any strategy to disprove something based on that assumption. I'm an investigator, amateur or not, I build a case based on facts, here are the facts; 2004: My case was that Gerald O'Docharty might be John Titor because he used the very rare terms "gravity lock" & "local gravity" on the internet in 1997, he was the only human known to man (based on internet searches) that used these terms prior to John Titor using them in 2000. 2009: My case was that Richard Haber might be John Titor because of his unusual association and appearance on a TV show which was interviewing Larry about Titor. In addition to this the PO Box that clearly stated "John Titor" and "John R. Haber". 2013: My case was that Morey Haber might be John Titor because of the 1,000+ exact phrase matches, many of them significant, some being used in the same odd context, using rare words like "vector". Apparently everyone you meet uses the word "vector", good for you, I haven't met a single person in my entire life that has ever used this word in a sentence. The linguistic fingerprint is there, it's invisible to anyone who wants it to be invisible, but it's clear as day for anyone who wants it to be clear as day I understand the position concerning this. There are 2 ways to find further results, I can't directly conduct a scientific blind comparison, because it would be claimed I was biased. I can't hire an expert forensic linguist, if I worked for a show like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura I would have already done so. The above 3 cases are based on facts, cold hard facts, a debunker doesn't focus on facts, a debunker will pick any convenient excuse and they will use these convenient excuses to 'prove' something is false. If you haven't noticed, I've done the exact opposite, I've worked hard at finding these facts, it's the exact opposite behavior of a debunker, it's the behavior of an investigator that focuses on the facts.
  3. I can see your attempt at being snide, these forums aren't exactly a happening place. So far I am overwhelmed by the responses, I've been investigating John Titor since 2004, and from then to now, 9 years, I've not once been communicated by anyone with any official association to the official spokesman of John Titor, until now. I would say the official response is very interesting, and very positive, I would tell you all about it, but that would be telling. Be seeing you.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxDY02GsPWQ It's not about one match, or the chances of one match, it's about the complete number of matches as a whole, and the chances of the complete number of matches as a whole. If someone can find better evidence, I will happily accept it, I have yet to find better evidence than this.
  5. Well, this is a good idea, but I released this so someone else could take the torch, I'm done with Titor. I keep saying it'll be my last video and it never ends, Hoaxhunter was inspired by Titor, but it was never meant to be the exclusive JT hour, it was also inspired by In Search Of, The Prisoner, Sightings, The X-Files & Unsolved Mysteries. I started a Montauk Project video a year ago, I'm going to finish it, I know people haven't seen my Philadelphia Experiment videos but I believe they are the most in-depth videos on the subject you will find on youtube, excepting maybe 1 professional grade documentary-like special on the subject where they track down the relatives of the man behind the story, but there are insights in that episode concerning the Philadelphia Experiment that were impressed upon me as I made the video, I learned more than I wanted to know, and it being the origin story for the Montauk Project I will refer to the Philadelphia Experiment videos to solve the case. I welcome anyone to get a handful of blogs from similar subjects and compare them against Titor and see if you can find a similar amount of matches. WCopyfind is a great program, I found it to be the only one of its kind I could find that works totally offline, but it's not 100% accurate, it misses punctuation and things like that so every match has to be manually double checked but I recommend WCopyfind to be used.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Z3P45Yz04 In all honesty an expert linguist needs to see this data and give their expert assessment, but this is all the information I was able to gather in the past few years so I decided to release it rather than keep it locked away gathering pixelated dust. I felt the Titor crowd deserved to at least know about it. I personally believe it's accurate and I stand by it. It was difficult trying to fit all the information into 1 video, but you can always just look at the documents. If you don't have a gmail/youtube to access the public google drive folder you can always see the pdf here: PDF Host My favorite youtube comments so far; "I think you are right. Although the evidence may appear sketchy at first, it all adds up in the end. If the police were in need of identifying John Titor, this evidence would be more than enough for law enforcement to instigate an investigation." --- ElGatoLoco698 "This information needs to be seen by a professional for a real analysis. Let me make a phonecall for you." --- xXDEICIDE216Xx If anyone is a linguistic expert, or knows one, your expert opinion is welcome.
  7. Making the video now. Why do I make more? I only get hundreds of requests to make more. Sure I have haters, but I'm immune to you haters, the more you hate the more you prove how legitimate something is. I do a show, it's part entertainment, with a focus on the factual, truth seeking. It's more than I can say for Coast to Coast AM, the current host has zero interest on truth seeking, zero interest on facts, 100% interest on agreeing with every guest and doing zero research. I would know, the host claimed to have called me, talked to me, got my side of the story, when the truth couldn't have been more the opposite. One of his producers emailed me his phone number, asked me to call him, I call him up, he claims he's on lunch, tells me he will call me back, never does. The next day on the show a caller calls up and asks about me, and the host claims he talked with me, got my side of the story, etc etc. Sometimes I'm not dead on, sometimes I break some eggs in the process of looking for the truth, but I never intend on misleading, I never put entertainment above the facts as I know them, I put the facts above anything, and if my facts aren't 100%, I will make a new video until they are 100% (especially if people ask for it), you don't have to watch my next video, but I assure you, you will hear about it, because there is some 'very interesting' new information that will be disclosed, and for the record, it will be my last JT vid, excepting JT responding. Episode 004: Last JT Episode Episode 005: Extraterrestrials on Earth? Episode 006: The Montauk Project So you see, I'm pretty much just making this video to make the fans happy & get the subject out of the way, but it coincides with a large sum of information that happened to materialize, I found it by accident, but it's 100x better than any of my previous evidence, in fact, it makes my previous evidence look weak, which is why I understand the skepticism.
  8. @titorite I coined the term "titorite" in 2003/4, on anomalies.net I believe, surprised it stuck. No preparation needed for this one, I'm just gonna chill til it's January and quickly record & upload a video. It's information that you've never heard, even the guy behind JT himself will find this information 'new', but he will connect the dots, my guess is he stays in hiding as being JT isn't his day job, and it doesn't pay anymore so why bother.
  9. I'm going to make 1 last video in January of 2013, I won't have time to write a script (As I have no incentive to do so) so I will just talk off the top of my head, but I will reveal one last thing, it'll be my last JT vid, because there will be no more to tell from my side, excepting the impossible event that JT actually admits I'm right, I would know, but the fans, I wonder if they would even believe his confession if he still had the original home-made time-travel-box prop, so much time has gone by it's possible he's destroyed it, dismantled it, or from the perspective of fans, had the time to make an 'exact replica' of the prop. I'm going to release info in my January video that no one knows, no one except for myself and the solitary author behind JT himself. January isn't that far away. It'll be on my hoaxhunter channel.
  10. Is, is, is, is Anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone Here, here, here, here ... *crickets* ... Well, I guess 2012 is the end of some things...
  11. Jack Shephard is the next Jacob Out of the following choices this is the conclusion I came up with. It has to be Jack, in the last episode he said 'something isn't right' he jumped off the boat and willingly went back to the island. No other candidate would have done this. The other candidates are.. Hurley Reyes - too stupid, no offence but he is not smart enough to replace Jacob. Sayid Jarrah - too evil, he's killed too many innocent people in recent episodes to replace Jacob. Sawyer Ford - hates the island too much, too emotional. Jin/Sun Kwon - hate the island too much, only want to leave. Which leaves Jack, he's the obvious choice. It's possible they may allow Sayid the option of saving himself by going back to the good side, but I doubt it. Hurley is spiritual enough, his only reason for staying would be to visit his dead girlfriend. Sawyer might do the same thing, to hang out with his dead blondie. Jin and Sun, they could co-rule, but not likely. How is this time travel related you ask? Take a good look at what you see on the majority of these threads and ask yourself, are they really time travel related or are they just a bunch of bs written by people with too much time on their hands. Talking about a tv drama that has time travel as a theme is more time travel related than half of the posts on here. LOST is only a great show because of the themes it steals from The Prisoner (1967) Starring Patrick McGoohan. The dharma logo on all the food and signs, no different than the logos on everything on the Village island. The others are no different than the others who rules the Village island. The secrecy, secret experiments, black projects and the like are no different than those on LOST. Rover? how about a smoke monster instead of rover. The similarities continue, these are only a few. When Hurley mentioned back to the future and how he could write star wars for george lucas, that was the funniest episode.
  12. McVeigh, never thought of him as a suspect, I met McVeigh's first cousin, he was a nice guy, anyway the term 'montauk boy' is thrown around a lot these days, heck, I was a boy in 1983, maybe I'm a montauk boy! bam... 1 year later I have a montauk boy book out attempting to siphon off what I can from the dying hoax. The hoax industry is the same worldwide, a tall tale is made up, sometimes for evil purposes, sometimes for harmless purposes, it gets out of hand, idiots believe it to be gospel, and money is made, the hoax slowly dies and it like a hollywood movie is re-made over and over because original writing is scarce.
  13. Re: A Major Problem For 'Internet' Time Travellers I agree with the op, you that believe otherwise, I guess you won't learn until your dead, but anyone posting on the internet claiming to be a time-traveler is a fraud, joker, fake, hoaxer, 100% of the time. It takes a kid with an imagination, and perhaps family, living, issues to even believe in such nonsense, wake up, grow up, if you want to fantasize about time travel you might as well become a theoretical quantum physicist, that's the closest thing there is to a time travel expert. There are an infinity reasons why online posters are not time-travelers, and I could list a few hundred but life is too short.
  14. Well, if time travel existed, and it was dangerous it would make sense to send the brightest robots, I've seen zero evidence of working learnable a.i., just hoaxers claiming to have magically created it, yet when I see it it's always a robot with a program attempting to mimic learnable a.i., terminator the matrix, I just can't see a.i. ever winning in a fight against humans, we may not be the brightest but we can adapt, and destroying things comes naturally to us.
  15. I have to say this thread is pretty funny.
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