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  1. "--As I see it, if we are to grasp the solution to "Time Travel", we must first come to grips with just what "TIME" is. " i know people who know how to drive cars,but havent the faintest on engine mechanics... FastWalker2
  2. TT_0 was always saying he has nothing to prove to us..then WHY..WHY come to a TIME TRAVEL forum(and numerous others) to spout off your achievements.. now i believe TT_0's time machine is a fraud. when the real questions popup he is as silent as a man with no tougue. FastWalker2
  3. Pamela, you have met TT0 in the person? have you seen the time machine? im not paranoid(not too paranoid) but i think it was a terrible idea for TT0(if his story is true) to have told us anything about it. question for TT_0 on the event of his return, what affects the probability when traversing through time? and have you heard of the Time Vector Field Chronicles? FastWalker2
  4. David, the space around your body and time machine which the fields from your time travel device occupy(be it electromagnetic,light,crystal,whatever) pushes the air that occupied the space your time machine occupies once you stop.. time travel isnt instant..you dont just zip there like on back to the future.it is a slower effect like on HG Well's Time Mahine(Rod Taylor).. speculation..not proven fact..yet.. FastWalker2
  5. TT_0, have you heard of the tensor coil? ive heard it can be used for time travel in a certain configuration.. FastWalker2
  6. Paul... i dont think your first post provoked this discussion..it was TT_0's claims of time travel... FastWalker2
  7. the chronocraft DOES have electrodes for electrical input... FastWalker2
  8. EoF, i dont see why you campaign on about affecting the time line,when you know that anybody in their right mind would do so. in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, if someone feels like they should have been a bus driver instead of an astrophysicist,then by all means quit your job and buy a bus... im not a TT_0 fan,nor a soothsayer,but theres no use telling the people here about such nonsense...i heard this in some movie a while back: "your destiny is yours.you cant change it,but you can rise up to meet it." some words of wisdom from an eccentric soul. FastWalker2
  9. Thanks Lara but ive already seen that information,and Diego's site(which hosts the same information) im looking for the rest of the pages. FastWalker2
  10. rgrunt, the double spacing is not needed..just add a space inbetween ideas.. Draco, your a druid?a friend of mine is Wiccan...their like ancient hippies FastWalker2 "May you be Enlightened"--....
  11. i dont understand why all these people are like 'TT_0 touched me and opened my eyes to the world'.. and TT_0 seems to change his opinion of the people of "this" time every other post of his. first he despised us,now he admires us for shaping the things to come?? FastWalker2 PS No tt_0 no questions were directed toward you in the making of this post.
  12. yea i know.. im looking for more detailed information on it rather than an interview mention.. FastWalker2
  13. Art Bell Returns to Radio: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/artreturns.html FastWalker2
  14. does anyone have any information about Arlinski's Chronocraft?? IGAS is charging so much for the information on it(200+ dollars..the usual fee is around 3 dollars for information) that im starting to wonder if it really works. if you have some information,or have bought igas's information on the subject,PLEEEASE post. FastWalker2
  15. rgrunt your always posting some of the longest and largest collections of rhetoric nonsense i have ever seen in all my life. your message starts out saying people believe in aliens because it is more believable than time travel...and?? why exactly do people who dont believe time travel is possible come and check out the time travel boards? why...nevermind. FastWalker2
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