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  1. everyone should be talking about me,instead of chrono. hes just a normal time-traveler, nothing special in the future compared to me.
  2. because, im here to talk about me, not about you.
  3. I do, but I don't really care what your name is, your a nobody in my time. Im too busy trying to figure out how to complete what I need to do
  4. I don't really have time to play your name games. The year 2601 is in deep trouble
  5. I can't give out your name on the forums, and I can't really explain in detailed on how you look, but i can say im better looking than you.
  6. bad symptoms, i can't write it all out because its really bad, and theres tons of symptoms that will take forever to post on the forums. thats why I just gave you ur conclusion to your life.
  7. chronohistorian - You'd be dead by then so it doesn't matter. and that was a typo btw.
  8. he can't die from siegmund, its a paradox then. Because I looked through the database, and he died from chronoradiation in the yr 2523
  9. chronohistorian- "1. his claims about the skaarans will never happen 2. I am not detecting any chronoradiation" Skaarans already happened in my time, you dont know because your just the "past time" compared to me. Of course your not detecting chronoradiation, i have a chronojammer. "just thought I would tell you that where I am from it is already 2523." Well guess you better be prepared, your gonna pass away soon or in a few months. "I can't die from chronoradiation because this is my first mission and I have very little chronoradiation on me so there is no chance of that happening." It already happened in my time, you can't stop fate.
  10. because i just reopend it and in the yr 2591, so i can get more hits
  11. I used my database and scanned for the traveler that traveled back from 2522, as a chronohistorian. It says he passes away in 2523, when he heads back to his time, due to intense chronoradiation he has received because technology has no developed the shot during that time to save him. Sorry I had to give you this information chronohistorian, but the inevitable awaits you. Anyways, in the mean time, I can help anyone with information regarding my time of the future. And what has happened to the government
  12. "the skaarans have outer space stations which look for anything from ships to asteroids that could destroy their planet. If anything gets past that then there are two shields protecting their planet. it would take an armarda of ships just to get passed the space stations and the ships which they would send out." The shields are gone, because of the space stations was destroyed, by the Dracalk race. They were recently discovered when they entered the skaarans area. While the battle was raging a few of the skaarans were held captive by the Dracalks. Then suddenly an asteroid hit them, and they weren't even prepared because they were too busy fighting the war. You wouldn't know because this happened yrs after your time.
  13. "all I have to do is send them 1 day before you did that and if there is such thing as a warptronic band then I will tell them to put theirs on so you won't know they are coming." Well then ill just jump few hours earlier, and assassinate you, so you have never read the post and you would have never told the timeguards anything because you cant detect where im coming from because of my chronojammer, and you give off chronoradiation and can use my chronoradiation-detector to find out your location. "we already know chronoradiation can affect the brain and all we have to do is use anti chronoradiation to stop it." You haven't figured out what happens on a higher level, because they haven't found it out until 2523. Which you have no experience yet so you cant know.
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