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  1. why would Time be a conman ? ? he stands to gain nothing from this you dumass! ? i dunno ..... oh, well u took it back :-) ------------------ >Truthguy -> Tiocfaidh MO Lá!
  2. yeah .... thats kinda true, but excatly profound is it ? ------------------ >Truthguy -> Tiocfaidh MO Lá!
  3. my! that adds support to the theory! :-) if the flash can do it anyone can!!! thanx.
  4. ' Bad ' Effects..... man And, given that we're on the time travel board im of course, talking about the side effects of time travel. This has probally been discussed before (i didnt check ), and if it was sorry. If someone travel through time and was exposed to the associated effects, what would happen to the person ? - what has happened to the person ? ;-) We know about the Philadelhia Experiment in '43, and the effects that it had on the sailors (or test subjects) in question - being dementia, paranoia, being 'lodged' in solid steel, becoming invisible etc. The same risks (or similiar ) could be said to put the lives of potential time-travellers at risk also. My thinking on the dementia side is that the subconcious mind, know that it shouldnt be in the place/time constantly seeks to return home so its own place in time and this struggle leads to run-of-the-mill mental illness. Or, the simple fact that the matter of traveller is not intended for that time/place and the effects of spacial equallibrium act upon the body on the level that determones its own existence - 'cosmic balance' i suppose. Although, the Philadelphia exp. wasnt into time-travel as such, it did put its toes into that area - was it that the ship in Q. was placed in a temporal limbo and faded from existence as well as not at the same time? + im beginning to ask myself if that how 'UFOs' attain those speeds they do without the raw forces of nature acting upon them. is it that they become non-existant in the same way and as such arent subjected to the forces that would seem to make those speeds impossible? Well, i dunno .... im a 'Junior' member :-) ------------------ ]Truthguy -] Tiocfaidh MO Lá! <This message has been edited by truthguy (edited 26 July 2000).>
  5. yeah, very interesting. Makes you wonder if there isnt a global scheme to things. What waves would/could either man have made if not killed? But we're not really in any position to make any conclusions. Are we ? ------------------ >Truthguy -> Tiocfaidh MO Lá!
  6. im not 100% sure if you'll find this interesting or not but anyway... I was recently talking to someone in a MSN chatroom, who after some time confided in me that he/she had experienced 'visions' since birth of ancient times, specifically Atalntis with the Gods of antiquity ! i was very interested to say the very least. We went one for some time discussing several topics about the Sumerian Gods mostly. We then came to the fact that he/she had the ability to hop from dimension to dimension, namely the dimension were he/she belived the ancient gods came from. I was sure that he/she meant some kind of astral projection, but i was told this wasnt the case, that he/she was capable of travelling through dimensions by altering he/she 'frequency' - i instandly thought of the electromagnetic spectrum when i was told this! ( i only know about that from TIME02112 by the way :-D ) It strung into my head that, wouldnt it be not-impossible for a human to be able to alter the frequency at which his/her electrons operate at in the atoms? In a world were people can float in the air and bend spoons with their minds is this not possible? Imagine that, a whole body began to operate at a higher electromagnetic frequency? higher than taht of say, a wall? because of this could it be possible for the perosn to displace the matter of the wall given the state he/she may be - in effect walking through a wall ?! You may have heard of the captured alien from Roswell - named EBE. EBE, was said ( by bill cooper, Hmmm...) to have the ability to wall through walls and vanish into thin air and the only way that this could be prevented was to prevent the transmission of electromagnetic energy. Quite similiar. the alien had to be enclosed in a faraday shielded enviroment (spelling?). The same theory could, and many theorize (ive heard!) that this is indeed the very basis for time travel - but many of you know alot more than me on this subject! Thanx, please respond. ------------------ ]Truthguy -] Tiocfaidh MO Lá! + thanks for the welcome lads ! :-) <This message has been edited by truthguy (edited 26 July 2000).>
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