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  1. TTA - You make complete sense- if I were you. But I'm not. I honestly respect your ideals and anyone elses, as long as it does not harm any being. We both know that we could go round and round this subject in debate forever. So for this reason I do not care to discuss this subject in this forum any longer. I'm really interested in YOUR views on time travel (as previously stated). Let's keep to the subject. Respectfully earthship
  2. I find this to be a very interesting outlook regarding duration of now-moments: " ... everything that exists at the material level is composed of "Kalapas." Kalapas are material units very much smaller than atoms, which die out immediately after they come into being. Each kalapa is a mass formed of the eight basic constituents of matter, the solid, liquid, calorific and oscillatory, together with color, smell, taste, and nutriment. The first four are called primary qualities, and are predominant in a kalapa. The other four are subsidiaries, dependent upon and springing from the former. A kalapa is the minutest particle in the physical plane -- still beyond the range of science today. It is only when the eight basic material constituents unite together that the kalapa is formed. In other words, the momentary collocation of these eight basic elements of behavior makes a man just for that moment, which in Buddhism is known as a kalapa. The life-span of a kalapa is termed a moment, and a trillion such moments are said to elapse during the wink of a man's eye. These kalapas are all in a state of perpetual change or flux. To a developed student in Vipassana Meditation they can be felt as a stream of energy." What do you think? earthship ?
  3. Greetings TTA - I am neither a hustler, nor fat and lazy. However, in the spirit of time travel (as this discussion is about), I feel that time machines are a crude method of time travel. I do not care to proselytize my interest in psycho-active compounds to anyone, and I definitely do not wish to "hustle" anyone into taking "drugs". But TTA, how can you put down my beliefs if you have never tried a psycho-active substance. At least I can say that I have tried some martial art techniques (aikido & tai chi) and am actively involved with Vipassana meditation (definitely NOT a short cut method to altered states of consciousness). Okay, with my rant aside, I would be happy to hear your view point on time travel. Also in So. Cal. peace, earthship
  4. Thanks for that Pamela. Has anyone read "An Ascension Handbook," channeled material from Serapis, by Tony Stubbs ? Lots of interesting ideas in there. warren
  5. mark go read "time travel paradoxes" it's all explained there w
  6. TT 0 Time - I don't believe it actually exists. Or rather, it exists as a series of "now moments" for eternity (that's a paradox if i ever saw one). My question is; SHOULD we try to avoid this pending calamity (ww3) in our future? It seems that to bring about true change, some growing pains are needed to be experienced.
  7. Hi again all - I just love the way these discussions progress. Came across an interesting article the other day at: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news_225131.html which I would say is pertinent to this discussion. Hopefully I'm not years behind with this info, but check it out anyway, 'cos it is about scientists being able to detect thought. My case of "thought creates reality" is, I believe, definitely based on faith. ie: the reality will not manifest without clear, honest intent. However, I have noticed that even a mild, partially aware thought has created my reality even when I didn't want that particular reality to occur! That can be a drag. My thanks to all contributors to this discussion, as it has humbled me greatly. Blessings, I ps: Pamela, hope you got my email with details on vipassana.
  8. Pamela - oooh eeeh. I love it! This is the kind of awakening/remembrance that i love. Many people are starting to awaken to *their* truth. Only you can know where you could have ended up had you chosen the murky, dark side. I believe your reality would have changed to that other side, but without your remembering this side. In this reality, possibly you would be perceived as being in a state of unconsciousness or coma. All speculation on my part of course, but as my belief goes: thought creates reality. I would recommend a total obliteration of your being. I have tried numerous entheogens (hallucinogenic plants), but they always return you to the bottom of the mountain, only to have to re-climb it again. One sure way of climbing that mountain of truth consciousness is to do a 10 day silent Vipassana sitting. (if you're interested, contact me). facinating stuff, mmm I
  9. Re. pamela's input. I beleive it is VERY important that we all stop refering to our dreamtime as "just dreams". We deep-down-know that it is more. Feel truth, then trust in it, and move forward with it. love & blessings I
  10. YES! I agree. Time dialation is what is happening to me. At first i thought i was nuts. Just last week i lost 2hrs, 52mins while driving home. Yeah, i know it sounds improbable, and i even doubted my own perceptions for a while, but i "lost" that time. ie: i could not account for the lost time. No i was not abducted by aliens, and no, i'm not on medication. ANYONE else experiencing this??? Would love to hear your comments. Peace, Earthship
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