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  1. There may not be "time. The perception of time is only the perception of change. What we call the past is the state of things prior to the "event" that changed it. The future would be a future state based on an event not yet happened. Hmmm. I hadn't really thought of the universe as a big State Machine before. But if it were, then time travel would be possible by resetting back to an earlier or future state. Reality though would have too many variables to control and no reset button. At least I hope not.
  2. Come on... Eeveryone know you need a flux capasitor and 1.21 Gigawatts of power.
  3. Time02112, I had never heard of this phenomenon before and it sounds very interesting. Since I have not experienced it myself, I cannot comment on it too much. I have however had glimpses into the future that later seem a bit like deja vue (however you spell it) so I don’t doubt that you saw what you say. I do question weather you were seeing into the past or into another reality/dimension or is there a difference.
  4. What about the motion of the cesium atom???
  5. RE: Project \"genesis\" Interesting theory. However light in glass moves slower than light in air, but does this produce "lift"? It does produce visual distortions. Ken
  6. Raz, A second may be measured that way or even defined that way, but it doesn't mean that it has anything to do with the essence of time.
  7. RE: Project \"genesis\" Are we removing ourselves from natural selection or have the rules just changed. It has happened many times through out history. In pre-historic times bigger was better then the rules changed and smaller more adaptable mammals were the fittest. There is no set definition of what is the fittest. We were the meek who inherited the Earth before. Maybe we wont be so lucky next time. Raz, Maybe the successful and brilliant people should help and educate the poor. This would make them less 'slummy' as you put it. BTW, I really don't like the tone of a couple of posts here. Everyone have a right to an opinion and a right to state it, but what they do and say is a reflection on and defines themselves. A person's economic standing and education level have nothing to do with their value as a person. That is of course only my opinion, but I feel I must speak out rather than stay silent. If everyone had respect for everyone then we wouldn't have the masses of poor. <This message has been edited by kentheee (edited 19 September 2000).>
  8. Raz, Yeah, I get them confused once and a while. I had to look it up to make sure I was right. They are relatively confusing. After reading up a bit on General I think I understand how gravity causes time dilation. Gen Rel says the gravity and acceleration are the same. I guess if the gravity is strong enough it would be equivalent to a velocity approaching the speed of light and that would account for the time dilation. No Time, A black hole is a result of a Red Giant star going supernova. If the star is massive enough it will collapse in on itself becoming extremely dense. It was called a "Black Hole" since in theory of the time there would be no way to observe one. Now it is know that black holes radiate x-rays. These are not actually escaping from in side the event horizon, but rather just outside of it. I think Stephan Hawking theorized this. I'm not sure, but he did write about it. Basically what happens throughout the universe is partials and anti-partials are created and reunite all the time through out space. When this happens near the edge of the event horizon of a black hole however one partial may be caught within the event horizon and not escape. The other partial will escape and is observed as x-rays. At the center of a black hole is a very dense and massive object. It is the mass of the object that causes the extreme gravity or curvature of space-time. There are theories about large black holes caused by many stars in close proximity of each other. They are thought to possibly exist in the center of the galaxy. I don't know too much about this, but these would be different from the ordinary type of black hole.
  9. Here is an excerpt from this web site( http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Cyberia/NumRel/GenRelativity.html ): Gravitational Time Dilation Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity predicted that time does not flow at a fixed rate: moving clocks appear to tick more slowly relative to their stationary counterparts. But this effect only becomes really significant at very high velocities that app roach the speed of light. When "generalized" to include gravitation, the equations of relativity predict that gravity, or the curvature of spacetime by matter, not only stretches or shrinks distances (depending on their direction with respect to the gravitational field) but also w ill appear to slow down or "dilate" the flow of time. In most circumstances in the universe, such time dilation is miniscule, but it can become very significant when spacetime is curved by a massive object such as a black hole. For example, an observer far from a black hole would observe time passing extremely slowly for an astronaut falling through the hole's boundary. In fact, the distant observer would never see the hapless victim actually fall in. His or her time, as measured by the observer, would appear to stand still. The slowing of time near a very simple black hole has been simulated on supercomputers at NCSA and visualized in a computer-generated animation.
  10. Raz, I think you have gotten them backwards, but please let me know if I'm wrong. The equations I posted earlier were from Special Relativity. I alway though General Relativity was the mass warping space-time thing.
  11. Dr. Light I think you are confusing terms and combining things that don't go together. Cold is a relative term. Cold fusion could still be warm to the touch, as long as it is relatively cooler than the sun. Fusion is the opposite of fission. In fission neutrons are shot at large molecules (plutonium et. al.) to split them apart which releases neutrons that split other atoms. If this isn't controlled ...boom! Boom! BOOM!!! Mushroom cloud. Fusion on the other hand, is the combining of two hydrogen atoms (1 proton & 1 electron) in the helium (2 protons & 2 electons). Both of these processes release energy and produce heat. Fusion release more energy and produces a byproduct that only makes you talk funny. Well fission's byproduct would make you talk funny too, but it would be more like gurggle gurggle arrhhh.... Absolute zero is just the point at which molecular vibration stops and was determined by ploting points on a graph of molecular vibration vs temperature. Since that is a linear graph. it is easy to extrapolate at what temperature there would be no vibration. It happens to be at -237.15 deg C. <This message has been edited by kentheee (edited 18 September 2000).> <This message has been edited by kentheee (edited 18 September 2000).>
  12. Yeah, you right. I edited them. I don't know the equation for time dialation due to gravity. Do you? I would be very intrested in seeing them. The equations above are based on velocity. I guess the time dialation ones would be based general relativity and gravity warping space and time. Couldn't this be used to travel forward in time? The event horizon is the point at which light can't escape. Wouldn't that mean an object with mass would have an "event horizon" based on its mass and velocity outside of which it could still escape. You could "orbit" the black hole for a period of time and when you left you would be in the future. It wouldn't be very useful since it is a one way ticket, but it may have its uses. The question is though, would that orbit be close enough to the black hole to feel the effects of the time dialation. There would be some dialation based on your velocity itself but would that be enough. Maybe that is how it could be controlled.
  13. Light does spread out like a wave but it spreads out in straight lines in all directions. That is why things make shadows. Ultraviolet light and X-rays are just different frequencies of light. Visible light is just a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (approx 400 to 700 nm wavelengths). EM waves are measured in either frequency or wavelength since they are inversely proportional. Freq = c / wavelength Higher frequency light does have more energy however as shown in the equation Energy = hf h= Planck's constant = 6.260755x10-34 Js f = freq in hertz. Here is a link with more info: http://www.geo.mtu.edu/rs/back/spectrum/
  14. A laser is not compressed light. Laser light has 2 characteristics that make it special. 1. It is monochromatic. This means it consists only 1 frequency of light. 2. All the light has the same polarization. I guess you could call that compressed, but don't confuse its properties with that of compressed gas. A laser is created by pumping energy/charge into the atoms of a gas (argon, neon, etc). The type of gas or gasses used determines the frequency of light produced. When the atoms change from higher quantum states to a lower quantum states photons are released. This happens in a normal florescent light as well, but in a laser there are two curved mirrors on each end. The light reflects back and forth between these two mirrors. One of the mirrors has a transmissive part in the center allowing light to escape. There are also laser diodes, which are used in CD players and light pens. They operate slightly different, but similar. The term 'speed of light' (c=299792458 m/s) is really the speed of light in a vacuum. Light does travel at different speeds in different objects. There is a constant ratio that the speed of light is multiplied by to determine the speed in that substance. This number is always less than 1. This is why objects look different in water as opposed to air. The light is traveling slower in the water then it is in air. However, the light in air is still slower than light in a vacuum. Light also travel in a straight line unless affected by gravity. And then General Relativity says that the light is traveling straight, but though curved space.
  15. Those equations looked much better in Word when I wrote them.
  16. Light as the fastest comes from Einstein's special relativity equations for mass, length and time dilation. Which are: L = L0<1-(v/c)^2>1/2 Length t = t0<1-(v/c)^2>1/2 time m = m0<1-(v/c)^2>1/2 mass In all three of these equations any number substituted for velocity (v) would result in an error. Light can't escape a black hole because gravity bends light and the force of gravity within a black holes event horizon is strong enough to bend light enough that it can't escape. <This message has been edited by kentheee (edited 18 September 2000).>
  17. How can a laser beam travel faster than teh speed of light since it is light?
  18. interesting theory, but I don't get it.
  19. Isn't "null field" an oxymoron? A field is just the area affected by some collection of partials. An EM field is the result of dissimilarly charged partials and a magnetic field is the result of a flow of electrons (ie. electric current. I guess it could be argued that the partials and current are a result of the field, but they still are there. Are you talking about a field that would eliminate or nullify all other fields? The stuff your talking about would have to change the universal constants of e0 (8.854187871x10-12) and m0 (4p10-7). These are use in calculating EM wave propagation and their degradation over distance. There are modifiers for these for different medium such as space, air, or water. Water for instance doesn't propagate high frequency EM waves very well, but is a real good conductor of low freq sound waves. A medium could reduce the effect of a field like water.
  20. Matt could be talking about a collection of neutrons. The only question would be what would keep them all together. The strong nuclear force keeps a normal nucleus together but then again without like charged portons what would be pushing it apart.
  21. Another way to look at this is maybe time is never constant. Raz int your post, you refer to internal and external time. This may be an illusion. We observe "time" by observing events and things in motion. We even measure time by the same (ie. rotation and revolution of the Earth). The question is can you lose yourself in that way. I know it is easy to lose track of what day it is, but could it be done on the scale that Shaun is talking about? Also that bring up another topic. If we left the Earth and went to another planet with a different ronational rate would time be the same. The theory of relativity says that velocity effects time and the faster you go the slower time passes. It shouldn't be very noticeable until you approch the speed of light, but there would be some effect. Kentheee
  22. TTA: I understand what your saying. You are arrogant and paranoid. Interpret that as an attack if you like, but it is what you said in your reply. Here is what I mean: The arrogance comes from the fact that you and you alone think you have precious secrets. This is probably is as a result of your age more than any thing. When I was a teenager I though I knew things that others didn't then I found out that others had learned the same truths as well. Only by telling others what you think can you learn that you are not alone in your thinking and learn more about it. You may learn more or even teach others. The paranoid part comes from the fact that you think that Shaun will or even can use what you post against you. Shaun was not asking for your personal information or secrets a bout you, but rather your thoughts on the relative perception of time. It is a sign of respect to be even asked your opinion. Shaun is saying that your opinion is valuable and maybe we could all learn from it. But of course you haven't stated any real opinions. It is not wrong to be cautious with things that are valuable, but first you must know that they are valuable. I wouldn't disclose any patentable material here, but stating your opinions about time travel is not dangerous. Nobody can steel your ideas about time. And that is all I will say on that. Shuan: I had never heard it used to that degree before, but that would explain how Buddha could sit under a tree for that long. It was supposed to be 3 years or so. I forget. I'm not a Buddhist, but have read a bit about it. It is very interesting to think about, but you must be careful and not get too engrossed or you may end up 200 years in the future. :) I would think though that if one was still within the fabric of normal time-space that you would notice the effects of the passage of time like might and day and seasons. This would mean that a person would have to get unstuck in time and just reenter in the wrong place. Hmmmm…
  23. How much trust does it take to honestly state your opinions? Shaun: I re-read your original post and one explaination of second hands slowing down or time to appearantly slow down is that your mental processes speed up. In which more time would seem to pass by between each tick and it would appear to slow down. Another explaination, in keeping with my previous post defining my concept of dimensions, could be that we just slow down in time. If we are spiritual beings "riding" through this dimension like a person going on attraction rides at Disney, then the speed of the ride is completely irrelivant to the outcome. Granted, this would be a bit more complex than a Disney ride and one in which you have control over the direction it goes. You could speed up and slow down many times without effecting the outcome. Another way to look at it is fast forwarding or rewinding a VCR tape doesn't change the movie.
  24. Well at least you amaze someone, but then you must be easily amazed? I think 10% is a bit on the high side for some.
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