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  1. I remember reading about a person who posted last October 2019 that they was from the year 2030 something (I don't think it was the Titor 2036 year). This was posted on an internet forum. This person claimed that from 2020 onwards, times were going to be difficult. They said there would be a Superflu that killed millions. They said that the British Royal family would experience troublesome times. I think they said that the Queen would die in Dec 2019 (Obviously got that one wrong) They said that Trump would win 2020 election and that the Democrat Party feel it was unfair/rigged. Riots then ensue (they named the cities/states but I cannot remember). This person mentions that social media is taken over and regulated by Governments (due to being bailed out, I think). They also said that in 2028 (I think) that somebody called Lauren Underwood would be President of the USA. This person also mentions that Time Travel is developed from some sort of Augmented reality/VR technology. The person behind this technology is called Kyle Rand. I can't remember anything else. Not sure if this claimant visited this forum.
  2. Look what I found. In 2018, an alleged time traveler named Noah from 2030 supposedly reveals "exact dates" of events in the future. There is even a video of him talking, which you can see here: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1053653/Time-travel-proof-real-time-traveller-noah-2030-future-prediction-dates-apextv "Noah then goes on to describe a number of future predictions such as the rise of an Artificial Intelligence world government, smart brain chips and a global conflict with North Korea." Well, those are some pretty vague statements considering the fact that a) Elon Musk was already talking about AI in 2018 and b) We were already having conflict with North Korea in 2018. Anyone could have made those statements and call themselves a prophet. Another issue I have is that the creator simply SAYS he passed the lie detector test without showing any proof to us. Another source mentions the following predictions he made: - The US president in 2030 will be a random person named ‘Ilana Remikee.’ - Humans will reach Mars in 2028 — the same year time travel will be discovered, and that Google Glass-style robots will take over the world. So, we have a few years to see if those pan out.
  3. I used the search feature and several showed up with 2030. Read through a couple, didn't see any of those mention Superflu, etc. . Maybe if you do it, seeing their name might help with recalling who it was that wrote those things. I typed "2030" into the search box. See if this link works. All posts with "2030" in them
  4. I am not here to Proof that i'm real or not , Because i know that i am , My main reason is that to proof my theory . My theory was that "Is it possible that to turn back the memories of Lin"? => By Showing some most known words from the main past of Lin. A Person Asked me "Who You really are?" ; My Name is Valerine Icenhour , I am from the year 2038 . I am the developer of the time machine in year 2030 , I know My Lin from my world , But ; Lin is forgotten by all , Because of a Time traveler who did changes in year 2019 . I am writing a file to tell you every thing , and also want to explain everything i have to. Just need some People who can help. I know Jonathan pretty well. A Part of my story : As i said , I am the time travel and it's machine developer , I had a good relationship with Jonathan Lintitor , After he stole my Beta time machine to do the mission by it self, He traveled to many world lines and Victor Mousi (a guy who worked on time machine theory with me) Used Alpha Time machine witch General Electrics Co. Built it to stop Lin from finding his dad out . after many tries , Victor died in year 2020 , and made big changes . Isn't it your Question that "Why 2020 is Weird ?" I'll explain everything in my file witch i send it soon here. "I've missed you Lin" .. / .-.. --- ...- . / ..- / - --- / .... . .- ...- . -. ... / --. .- - .
  5. Hi I'm from 2030, any question about pre 2030 Better ask quickly, I'm not sure when the time patrol will find me.
  6. My name is William J. Ozone and I'm most commonly known as "Captain Ozone" throughout the world. I am a caped clean energy crusader and my mission is to prevent any future wars over oil from occurring. As fantastic and strange as this may seem, I am from the year 2039 and I arrived in your timeline on March 13, 1989. My time machine was confiscated by the police the same day I arrived in your timeline and I never retrieved it since. I am looking for another time traveler who can get me back to the late 2030's. No snarky replies, please.[ATTACH=full]22[/ATTACH]
  7. This is certainly happening in 2020 near the next election. We do have a type of civil war going on at the moment, with racist groups like Antifa and other domestic terrorists destroying towns and liberal mayors letting them. Small business first had to shut down to the the political Chinese virus, and now they have to just close busines completely because hate groups are destroying them. So, does this happen near every election or was Titor 15 years off? I'm not sure if I can call this a prediction because Florida democrats have been cheating for how long now? We always have mail in voting issues every election. And the odd part is that the big cities are Democrats but the rest of the state is Red. Odd. Cheating. Ha. 2020-????? If you consider fire "armed". This is the conflict that is going on now, but not all officers are bad. An entire race is being blamed for the bad actions of ONE officer and it is definitely becoming a civil war. (Don't hate the messenger. It's out there). 2030? We know all about the DEEP STATE. Reagan then Trump. Everyone in between was deep state garbage.
  8. Global conflict with North Korea? No. How about the current conflict between Russia, Turkey, Greece and Syria? Turkey is currently flooding Greece with migrant invaders. Russia has secretly entered war. Smart brain chips? Because machines can break and be hacked, cyborgs in the near future are not a thing. Mobile suits like the one Tom Cruise wears in "Edge of Tomorrow" is a thing. We call them EXOs as in exo-skeletons. Just see the current technology of Boston Dynamics Atlas. That's the same thing that goes into the EXOs that we consciously control. Elon Musk uses that same robotic technology to build fully reusable space ships. We'll see that in this lifetime. The U.S. President in 2030 is not Ilana Remikee. Yes. We will reach the Moon and Mars again and use it to test inflatable habitats and farming. Elon's spaceships will get us there. Google Glass-style robots make no sense. Yes. We will use augmented/mixed reality devices more. But they will be safety regulated. Your field of vision must not be obstructed while you are moving.
  9. This is my 2nd, exclusive interview with Captain Ozone – the real-life superhero who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2039. This 2nd interview was done via shortwave radio and is mainly about the Captain's Green Power Rally . If you wish to read my 1st interview with Captain Ozone, go to web page. Vanessa Jefferson: 'What exactly is Green Power Rally going to be protesting, Captain?' Captain Ozone: 'Green Power Rally is not going to protest against anything actually. It's not going to publicly attack the fossil fuel or nuclear power industry, nor is it going to bash any political figures or parties. It's going to be an optimistic, peaceful march for pollution-free, renewable energy.' VJ: 'Where is your Green Power Rally going to take place?' CO: 'Environmental Media Northwest and I are organizing thousands of people to march in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle on September 12th this year.' VJ: 'Can I participate in this march?' CO: 'Anyone can. We're looking for thousands of demonstrators at Green Power Rally to carry signs and banners advocating solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen power – everything that's zero-emissions.' VJ: 'Has anyone ever done this in America before?' CO: 'This event will be the very first peaceful demonstration of its kind in America, raising public awareness and support for green power all over the nation – perhaps all over the world.' VJ: 'All over the world?' CO: 'Well, we're quite confident that the press will show up to this event. Should that be the case, Green Power Rally might have a good chance of getting international media coverage.' VJ: 'Are you going to march at this rally as well, Captain?' CO: 'Yes, I am, but I won't be dressed in my uniform. I'll be wearing plain clothes or a different costume.' VJ: 'Why?' CO: 'If I went to this rally dressed as Captain Ozone, I would probably get mauled or some people might grab me and try to pull my cowl off. A lot of people are curious to know who I am, Vanessa, especially the press. Ha-ha. Incidentally, I'm also encouraging Green Power Rally's demonstrators to show up in all sorts of costumes, which will attract attention even more.' VJ: 'That sounds like a lot of fun, Captain. Cool. What else have you done to help promote green power?' CO: 'Well, since 1989 I have been advocating the benefits of pollution-free, hydrogen fuel. I started out by making pro-hydrogen fuel posters and posting them at universities. I also wrote letters about the merits of hydrogen fuel to hundreds of university professors and have sent letters to regional power companies urging them to convert to solar, wind and geothermal power.' VJ: 'What about your public service announcements that you're famous for? Were any of them about green power?' CO: 'Yes, I co-produced and starred in a pro-hydrogen fuel PSA that was televised in 1998 – back when hydrogen fuel was merely an esoteric area under discussion. This was the very first television PSA to air in the United States and Canada that highlighted the benefits of hydrogen fuel, and it was written by two eighth-grade school girls who starred in the PSA with me. I also helped produce television PSAs through EMNW's Youth Ecology Program on geothermal power and vegetable oil fuels, or biofuels.' VJ: 'You've been very involved with Environmental Media Northwest (EMNW) for quite some time now. How did that involvement come about?' CO: 'I met Mike Schutte, the Executive Director of EMNW, and his brother Matt, the Art Director of EMNW, in a night club while playing a game of pool in the spring of 1989. Michael and Matt liked Stoli vodka, just like me, and they were also amused by my practical jokes. After I kicked their butts at the pool table, we sat down and talked over a few drinks. I liked what they had planned to do with EMNW, especially their pioneering aspiration to raise public awareness and support for green power sources that were practically unheard of at the time. Seeing that these guys were prepared to boldly go off the beaten path, which I am well-known for, I offered to help them out. At first Mike and Matt thought I was offering to donate money to EMNW, but after we hopped to another club and had a couple more drinks, I felt we were comfy enough for me to speak in confidence to them about me being a futuristic time traveler. Well, as you can already guess, they thought I was off my rocker.' VJ: 'Yeah, I could see that.' (giggling) CO: 'A few days later we met up again, this time without the Stoli, and I showed them my uniform along with some other items to prove that I wasn't a lunatic. Once Mike and Matt ran out of cynical questions and their disbelief wore off, they let me join forces with EMNW as a spokesman and co-producer.' VJ: 'And that was it?' CO: 'No, I also co-founded EMNW's Youth Ecology Program, which is a hands-on workshop that enables school kids to write, direct and star in their own television PSAs that promote renewable energy.' VJ: 'What do you like most about EMNW? What separates EMNW from other environmental organizations?' CO: 'Well, EMNW is very optimistic. They're not all about doom and gloom and scare tactics, like most other environmental organizations are known for. They've never publicly condemned the coal, petroleum and nuclear power industries, or any large corporations. They're mission is to solely promote constructive alternatives. Just like me, EMNW believes in the Chinese proverb: "Better to Light a Candle than Curse the Darkness." Environmental Media Northwest is also the hippest environmental group on the face of the Earth – even more hip than Greenpeace.' VJ: 'What's so hip about EMNW?' CO: 'Can you think of another environmental group that has a time traveler from the future as their spokesman?' (laughing) VJ: (laughing) 'No, I can't. Last time I interviewed you five years ago, you refused to divulge any information about yourself being a time traveler. Why was that?' CO: 'Let's see…if memory serves, I asked you then if you believed that I was a time traveler, and you said no.' VJ: 'I see. Okay, well, assuming that I do believe you're a time traveler, what is going to happen in the future as far as green power goes? Do things get better in the future?' CO: 'Well, let's see…the United States was no longer the first world power by the 2030's due to excessive outsourcing of major industries. This had nothing to do with our lack of renewable energy sources, but I thought this should be brought to everyone's attention. Today, and into the 2030's, very little had been accomplished worldwide to build a pollution-free, renewable energy infrastructure. Since fossil fuels were still the cheapest and most profitable power sources, most of the world felt no incentive to build a zero-emissions economy. Carbon dioxide – the primary greenhouse gas from fossil fuels that's believed to cause global warming – was reduced in the atmosphere through a carbon capture and storage technique known as carbon sequestration.' VJ: 'Carbon sequestration – can you explain how that works, Captain?' CO: 'Well, It involves capturing carbon dioxide from factories and power plants and injecting it underground or in the ocean floor where it's presumed to be stored permanently.' VJ: 'I see. Carry on.' CO: 'Anyway, global warming never occurred in the 2030's despite today's popular belief that it would, but many scientists and ecologists were worried that enormous earthquakes would cause megatons of captured carbon dioxide to leak from where it was stored and escape into the atmosphere, causing sudden climate change. When petroleum began to dwindle in supply by the late 2030's, it shot sky high in price, triggering a world war over control of several oil fields situated in two countries.' VJ: 'World war? Between what nations?' CO: 'I cannot identify the nations that were involved in this world war because it will only incite suspicion, fear and hatred between these nations at present. For the same reason, I cannot identify the two countries the petroleum was situated in that these nations were warring over. Furthermore, a space-time continuum, sticky situation could very well occur if I were to identify these nations, or even make known who was President of the United States during the war. If all our nations had become energy self-sufficient by the 2030's through solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen power, this war could clearly have been avoided. Instead, our nations relied on the most profitable energy sources and swept their greenhouse gases under the carpet so to speak.' VJ: 'I see. Very intriguing. What needs to be done to prevent this world war from occurring?' CO: 'Well, to avert the Petroleum Wars, we must start building a nationwide, renewable energy infrastructure immediately and have it completed within the next 20 years. This commitment will cost the world approximately a half trillion dollars or more over the next two decades, but we have no choice – either Green Power, or World War III. We must also raise public awareness towards the potential hazards of carbon sequestration. The fossil fuel industry, power companies, and the automotive industry are currently throwing away billions of dollars on the research and development of carbon sequestration. Fossil fuels are more cost-effective than renewable energy sources – in the short-term, that is to say – and that's why these industries are investing in carbon sequestration schemes.' VJ: 'And your mission as a futuristic time traveler is to stop this world war from occurring?' CO: 'That is correct, Vanessa. I thought I'd also mention that I originally brought my holopedia here from the year 2039 which had schematics of future designs of solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen power technologies. My mission was to give these futuristic schematics to scientist all over the world that are involved in the research and development of these technologies. Unfortunately, my holopedia's memory was wiped clean when I passed through some type of electromagnetic storm while traveling through time.' VJ: 'What's a holopedia?' CO: 'I was afraid you'd ask that. I'll try to describe it in layman's terms the best I can. A holopedia is a palm-held computer from the 2030's that can see, hear and carry on intelligent conversations with you. It has encyclopedic, flip-DRIP memory and is programmed to be either male or female and each individual one comes with its own personality.' VJ: 'What's flip-DRIP memory?' CO: 'The simplest way I can explain flip-DRIP memory is that it's not digital memory. Binary code became obsolete in the 2030's and was replaced by holographic synaptic signal, which works very much like the synapse in the human brain.' VJ: 'Where is your holopedia now, Captain?' CO: 'I clumsily dropped it in the middle of Lake Samish while fishing in 1990.' VJ: 'Hmm…I must say that was rather clumsy of you!' CO: 'Well, it was a cold wintry day and I had a little Stoli buzz going to keep me warm, if you know what I mean.' (laughing) VJ: (laughing) 'I understand. Hmm. How did your time traveling toilet come about? Who created it?' CO: 'Questions about my time latrine are asked more than any others, and are second only to inquiries about my g-string.' (laughing) VJ: 'Oh, please!' CO: 'In 2035, a satellite detected a metallic object of unknown origin on Mars. A robot probe was covertly sent to Mars and discovered the metallic object to be an alien toilet. The toilet was retrieved to Earth and several months later was discovered to be a time machine created by human beings in the future. It was carbon dated to be 4,200 years old and believed to have been created around the year 6,200 A.D.' VJ: 'Why was your time machine created in the likeness of a toilet?' CO: 'That has remained a total mystery. Many people have speculated that the toilet design signified something in particular, but its significance has never been explained. Others reasoned its design was simply camouflage to make it appear as a common household fixture. A theologian once told me that my time latrine traveling backwards through time with me seated on it was in fulfillment of prophecy in Revelation 20:11. I have to confess, the earth and heaven fled away when I passed through that electromagnetic storm, and there was no place found for me and my time latrine.' VJ: (giggling) 'And you expect people to believe all this?' CO: 'I quote Robert Ripley: Believe It, Or Not.' VJ: 'Okay. Let's move on to something more tangible. Why do you wear a g-string?' CO: 'My g-string enables me to think outside the sack. There's nothing magical or supernatural about this, it's purely psychosomatic.' VJ: (giggling) 'I like your g-string. It's very manly!' CO: (laughing) 'Thank you.' VJ: 'Can you give me a short biography of Captain Ozone?' CO: 'Well, my parents and some of my siblings are alive somewhere in the United States at present, and I do not wish them to be disturbed, so this is all I will divulge for my biography: I was born William James Ozone on April 7, 2011. I departed in uniform as 'Captain Ozone' from Washington DC on March 17, 2039 and arrived at the Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, Washington on March 17, 1989. My mission is to help save the human race from its ill-fated future. I am also a neurologist and a geneticist that is currently working with several other scientists on a classified project. I enjoy camping, fishing and the great outdoors. I am an outstanding poker player as well as the oldest real-life superhero in the world.' VJ: 'Do you play poker for money?' CO: 'You bet your sweet bippy I play for money, Vanessa. I play high stakes too. I've complemented my income through my poker winnings since 1989. I even helped finance 1/3 of the production costs of Environmental Media Northwest's 'Save Our Wild Salmon' television and movie theatre PSAs from my winnings.' VJ: 'Is that right? That's quite admirable of you. Is your poker playing done by Captain Ozone, or your alter-ego?' CO: (chuckling) 'If I were to casually waltz into a brick & mortar wearing my uniform, I'd have security all over me before you could say "royal flush" (laughing). Besides, managing a handful of cards while wearing a pair of blue gloves isn't easy.' VJ: 'Do you play Texas Hold 'Em, or something else?' CO: 'Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hi Lo are fine by me if there's no limit, but I prefer to play Seven Card Stud or Seven Hi Lo. I can sense when Lady Luck is with me or when she's on vacation. Using the poker-parlance of today, my playing style is more like a rounder than a grinder. What I enjoy most is winning a large pot with a hand full of nothing. I'm an expert bluffer, and I don't rely on any obvious coffee housing techniques. Paul Newman was being truthful when he said, "sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand."" VJ: 'What sort of other work have you done since 1989, Captain?' CO: 'Since my debut as Captain Ozone, I have worked under the table at several different jobs. I bartended for eleven years in Washington State and I even drove an ice cream truck part-time to make a few extra bucks.' VJ: (giggling) 'Ice cream truck? How did that go?' CO: 'I made very little money at it, but it was a blast – even with that annoying little ditty from the movie 'The Sting' playing over and over all day long. I enjoy kids, probably because I've never had any of my own. I guess that's one reason why I co-founded the Youth Ecology Program – to make up for not fathering any children.' VJ: 'I think you've done very well for not being a parent.' CO: 'Well, thank you, Vanessa. I need to hear that once in a while.' VJ: 'Has anyone in the last 20 years seen you outside of your uniform?' CO: 'Michael and Matt Schutte and two confidants here in Ireland are the only souls who have seen me with my cowl removed. All four have taken a sworn oath not to divulge my identity to anyone.' VJ: 'That's it? No one else knows what Captain Ozone looks like?' CO: 'Bear in mind that I have friends, co-workers, and a girlfriend who see me on a daily basis outside of uniform, but they don't know I am Captain Ozone. And they know me by a name other than William James Ozone. I have fake ID, no social security number, and I work under the table. My voice has been electronically disguised in my television and movie theatre PSAs as well as my video documentary. My voice that you're hearing right now over shortwave radio is being disguised as well. Mugh-hugh-hugh-hughhhh! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!' (laughing) VJ: (laughing) 'Are you a lone wolf by nature, or out of privacy concerns?' CO: 'Since the time I donned the uniform and took on the task of being Captain Ozone, my social life has changed completely for obvious reasons. Some of my friends and family I once knew are still here, but they don't know me today because I haven't been born yet. Because of the nature of my mission, I am forced to adopt an entirely different social life. My social circle is much smaller than it once was, and I am very careful about choosing my friends and associates. For the most part, I am attracted to people who are not only broadminded, freethinking individuals, but who are also devoting their time to teaching others how to become revolutionary agents of change. In the uniform, I can't afford to be anything but a lone wolf. There are many powerful people who would love to get their hands on me. Some may want to silence me, while others might want to use my knowledge of future events for their own personal gain.' VJ: 'Who would want to silence you?' CO: 'In 1992, one night when I was driving from Seattle to Bellingham Washington, someone drove past me and put a 36-caliber bullet through my door, missing me by just a few inches. It could have been a random, gang-related, drive-by shooting, or it could have been a contract put out on me. I was publicly advocating hydrogen fuel at the time, so it's quite possible that some oil moguls wanted me dead. A couple of people, and even an ecological organization, have tried to sabotage my mission and slander me. Most ecological organizations do not like my unorthodox approach to environmentalism.' VJ: 'That's pretty creepy. Well, I've run out of questions, Captain. Oh, wait – I've got another question, okay. Why did you move to Ireland five years ago?' CO: 'Well, I'm half Irish and I've always wanted to live in Ireland. I really dig the off-beat Irish sense of humor here and I just love redheads. I get my pranks from my Irish mother, you know.' (laughing) VJ: 'What was one of the best pranks you've ever pulled?' CO: 'Let's see…I slipped a raw cow-tongue in Environmental Media Northwest's P.O. Box once. Mike Schutte opened the box, reached in without looking, grabbed the raw cow-tongue and practically had a heart attack!' (laughing) VJ: 'Oh, gross! I'm glad you moved to the UK, buddy! (laughing) Is there anything more you wish to say about Green Power Rally?' CO: 'Yes, I'd like to say a few things real quick before you go, Vanessa.' VJ: 'Fire away.' CO: 'One: renewable energy can stop wars over limited supplies of foreign oil and make all nations energy self-sufficient. Two: renewable energy can create millions of new industrial and scientific jobs – boosting our global economy. Three: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen power are all renewable, zero-emissions energy sources that will not cause climate change. If you want to help raise public awareness and support for renewable energy far and wide, please dress up in costume and come to Green Power Rally and demonstrate. For more about this event, go to web page. Also, If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit organization that's making a big difference on very little funds, go to Environmental Media Northwest's website at web page. Thank you.' VJ: 'Is that it?' CO: 'That's it.' VJ: 'I have just one request for you, Captain…' CO: 'Shoot.' VJ: 'Heaven forbid, but if some diabolical oil barons do assassinate you, can I have your toilerang weapon?' CO: 'I thank you for your interest, Vanessa, but I've already willed my toilerang to the Youth Ecology Program. As you saw in the video documentary featuring me, the kids really dug it.' To see a documentary in streaming video about Captain Ozone, click web page.
  10. In response to Poster: PamelaM217 Subject: Re: PamelaM127 requested I discuss what I know I was thinking as I was driving home today what would happen if you had a vision while driving. I mean is just some of the current reality blocked by the vision or does it block your whole visual area? Would you be able to still drive? That's a very good question because my medication has kept my seizures under control for nearly 2 years now so I want to try and go for my learners permit but after reading what you said I'm now a bit concerned and worried. Because when I do have future visions it does block all of what is going on all around me. That is why it feels like I am in the future. But I'm still in fact in the present day it's just that the vision encompasses all of my senses. So makes me think twice about getting my learners permit now. I would hate to have a future vision and cause a terrible accident getting people injured or possibly killed. :eek: Do you feel the visions coming on to have enough time to pull over or would it just happen unexpectedly? That is what really worries me now. It may come on slowly or really fast. So if it came on too fast I know I would not be able to see to stop. I would be effectively driving blind while the future vision is occurring. As you Pamela and all you other members who are drivers will most likely know it only takes a second for something to go horribly wrong in a vehicle if you are not paying attention when you are driving. Also do you just see the future or also the past? I can also see the past. It seems just as strange as seeing the future. I've seen past visions of ancient roman times, Ancient Sumeria, Ancient Egypt and Babylon, The middle age Crusades and many other era's of history, It really does come in handy though when I am doing research on historic topics. If you walk into a house can you pick up "feelings" from the house of things that happened from the past or is everything just geared toward the future? I can definitely pick up feelings/vibes from a house. Some houses just feel really bad others can be really good. Then some just feel neutral. I can also sometimes see past visions of something that has occurred in a house or building in the past but not too often. Have you and your mother ever had the same vision of the future? Yes. I'd ask her about it if I could but she's gone to visit her mum at the moment. When she gets back home I'll ask her and then post what she said in here. Are you visions increasing,decreasing, or staying about the same as youi get older? They seem to be getting clearer and more accurate these days. I do seem to be getting more future visions as I get older. I also keep getting some of the older future visions that that have yet to happen. Also if you see an event how do you determine the year something is taking place in? I look for signs literally. For example when I saw the olympics in 2012 I saw the sign for it. Saying London 2012. It's not very clear but's good enough to know the year. I also try and see if I can hear anyone talk about the year and if they mention it have it typyed somewhere or written down. I can hear the future as well. Oh and it looks like America has a female president elected in the 2020's. I think she is the second female president. Hilary Clinton might be the first after Obama. Is it an election year for Americans this year or next? I can't remember if America has 3 or 4 year terms in Government. Clothes would not really be an indication unless you knew what the fashions of the future are. How do you know something is taking place in 2030 verses 2020?? Again I look for signs that indicate what the date and year is. I also compare other decades to each other and they don't seem to change too much in ten years. I'm kind of disappointed I expected to see clothing to be a lot more outrageous in the 2020's and 2030's. There is a slight difference in fashion of the 2020's than of the 2030's. The fashion of the 2020's isn't all that different from now. Although it looks like the womens bare belly midriff look has gone. I don't know if that look is still prevalent in the US now but it is still here in Australia. People do seem to dress practically in the 2020's Although some things are still a bit quirky like on some guys shirts their collar is much higher on one side than the other. looks kind of funny and weird. but that's probably some kind of fashion statement in the 2020's. The person wraring that kind of collar looks between the ages of 13 and 30. Womens clothing seems less revealing and more conservative in the 2020's than now. The dresses seem longer and reminescent of the 50's and early 60's. Gender equality seems a lot better too. Which I think is really good. Now the 2030's are even more conservative in terms of fashion. Sort of like the 2020's fashion but even more conservative and less quirky. People seem to very concerned about how people dress and behave in the 2030's. People seem a lot more civilized towards each other than now. The internet also seems to be not as popular as it is now. It looks cleaner and all the computers seem to be either built into the wall and emit a 3d color holographic display. There is also what I think are future laptops that look like almost paper thin picture frames that stand on a desk or table. Oh and 2030's mobile phones just look too creepy for me. I won't be getting one. They actually come out of peoples ears really fast like in about 2 seconds or less and people can then make a call with their mind or a voice command. Looks like those future mobile phones are some kind of weird implant. I think I'll be sticking with my basic nokia mobile or a iPhone. The 2050's seem a lot different in fashion than the 2020's. They actually seem to look a bit more stylistic again and lot less generic. They still look a bit conservative though. Why did you pick the name writer 2036? Well the first reason for is actually because I am a writer unpublished so far. Still working on my first book which will be part of a 4 part series. The 2036 part is to do with my favorite year of this century. That year from what I can tell is just the best year I have ever seen for this century and probably better than any of the years from the 20th century as well. The world seems to be almost at peace with each other. There does seem to be a few countries in 2036 that are having minor skirmishes. Looks like some states of africa are still having some tribal issues but other than that 2036 seems almost utopian or the closest we will ever get to it. Sure people are still arguing over things like genetic engineering abnd modification should be banned. That seems like a hot topic in 2036. Most of the Genetic cellular reconstruction technology is still very new at this time and some people appear to be concerned that the technology will be dangerous. That it is against god and nature to use such technology. But there are a lot of arguments against that saying the medical profession could use the basis of this technology to possibly genetically regress such progressive and terminal illnesses such as Cancer and Leukemia. So 2036 for a lot of people living in that year seems like a year of hope and possibilities of getting closer to curing cancer and Leukemia. They are still one of the greatest causes of death in 2036. Doesn't look like they use radiation therapy at all either. Seems to have been totally removed as a medical treatment. They seem to be using many different methods to treat cancer. The way to treat cancer has broadened as well. Some doctors seem to believe that direct medical nanomachine technology (The nano technological medical machines would be custom pre programmed with specific instructions regarding the patient and then they would be injected into the body to fight the cancer directly and follow each pre programmed instruction.) works better than the anti cancer medication or genetic cell manipulation therapies. I am really looking forward to living in this year.
  11. It was not just my consciousness, it was half of me. I had bio located. This differs than just the consciousness. This is like taking a paper with three folds in it. One fold in this reality, the other in an interspace margin or transit reality and the other in prehistoric times. This is what I was like for about two minutes. There had to be a biological host for that other third fold of my being and the prehistoric times were that. The thing that I don't know today, is if Semjase and the Pleiadeans planned it this way, or it was only an accident. This happenstance left a gene affected archetype, this is why I had to add the reptile. Just preceding this time, I started to be able to communicate with reptiles, that were afraid of people. So this must have been working in me in the few short years after 1982. However the John Titor said devices work, is that they generate a pinpoint magnetic field, through magnetic interplay. This cast a simulated black hole, however this appearance is again, like a timed incidence and NOT a solid one hundred percent happening. Both double enveloped black holes are modulated and this is how one gets the twin kerr nonlocalities. I think that we did early on, term them as Trippler, then corrected tippler devices. This goes back a ways. I think and this is the Symantology of issues, that there is a pull from a battery or AC inverted, then the kerrs activate, then you have part of you columniation via, cryogenics.__On your said supposed device, I would guess that this would be larger and floor mounted, maybe three feet off the ground?...... Yea, someone called the tippler cylinders, then. Here is the diagram for the Titor time travel machine. Note, from what is given in history, I think that there is a semi-integrated circuit board, which is not shown there.It was supposed to have been over-volted when Titor hit a solar flair in coming here.He was in Miami at the time and asked if there was a place that could replace this e-board? The answer then was Radio Shack, or some other distributor. However what the problem was him being from 2030, is they still made components, but the inside constriction of those e-boards had drastically changed.There was also a burn in time, if you could say jump a bad compoenent. This is history and someone should have a copy of it. We had no idea what timeline said supposed Titor was from? Then a P*m, a lady who was on the board, who was said to have known Titor, suggested that he would use other timelines to get here. So the Titor-mobile as we referred to it, must have had some fine tuning to it? John Titor's Time Machine
  12. The answer to both dates is UNIX: January 1, 1601: When programming in C++ The FILETIME structure records time in the form of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2009/03/06/9461176.aspx AND: "So if you are trying to convert a FILETIME date that comes for example from theFindFirstFile/FindNextFile Win32 API you may find it’s not completely straightforward. Don’t try to accomplish this with some date function conversion because you will probably just waste a lot of time –I know because I did. A UNIX timestamp contains the number of seconds from Jan 1, 1970, while the FILETIME documentation says: Contains a 64-bit value representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 (UTC)." http://www.frenk.com/2009/12/convert-filetime-to-unix-timestamp/ January 18, 2038 The Year 2038 Problem: (John Thomas gets credit for making me aware of this on another forum) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem John Thomas states: " In summary, on some 32bit UNIX time devices, you can set the time to 2030 and it will automatically reset it to 1970" NOTE: John Titor stated he can only travel 60 years each direction. 2030-1970=60 Conclusion: It is very possible that Titor's time travel device uses the Unix operation system, and what kind of computer did Titor come back for? An IBM 5100 running Unix. They probably needed to try to fix the 2038 problem in 2036. So, gnostic's story ties in with this very well, in my personal opinion.
  13. My name is Kyline. I’m a history professor from the year 2713, at a university which is in 2016 called Yale University. My specialty is in the history of the early 21st century, from 2000 to 2030. I’ve visited multiple time periods in my life time, most often 2006, 2012, 2021, 2003, 2016, and 2025. I can’t tell why I’m here, but I will say that every time I come to any of the time periods I’ve listed, I’m shocked at the amount of sexual degradation of females. By the way, that will take about 100 years to finally (mostly) get over. Gender roles are completely different in 2713 than today, in fact mostly opposite. I’m also shocked at the prematurity of 21st century education. In about 400 years, classes will all be in universities and each one only will last about three weeks. Anyway, I just came to tell you that most of the “time travelers” here are fake, because an actual time travel mechanism was not invented until 2591, and not fully developed until 2636. Common question: How do you speak 2016 English? Well, I do study this time period as a career, and have been here several times, so I have fully adapted to your English. Also, watch out, because the next U.S. President is going to be a huge instigator of the 2062 economic depression, and the President in that year was even worse than the 2017 President. I hope you voters are happy.
  14. KYLINE. with the up coming election in 5 days, and your studies of 2000-2030, surely you can tell us who the next president is going to be? I believe this would add credibility to your claim to be a Time traveler
  15. Mine peaceful time will be at 2030 when bugs will eat my genetic body parts to bones. Who knows maybe it just next in reincarnation.
  16. "I am coming from 2116, World War in 2032, Nations won't use Nuclear Powers, But US using Nuclear Bomb to Iraq. Time Machine founded in 2030. John Titor were Soldier he is dead already. I came for saving the world. I tried travel to 2003, but Machine sent wrong year.my name is my Code, i am a scientist. Humans not are "cyborg". Mars colonies are in the Mars in 2026 June. I will go back to my year in 1 week. Thanks and this site will close in 2029. " Here what I get- WW3 in 2017-2018 or 2029 Mars colony will start 2025 Why bomb Iraq again? Nonsense.
  17. A time travel claim written in binary code. Translated = I am coming from 2116, World War in 2032, Nations won't use Nuclear Powers, But US using Nuclear Bomb to Iraq. Time Machine founded in 2030. John Titor were Soldier he is dead already. I came for saving the world. I tried travel to 2003, but Machine sent wrong year. my name is my Code, i am a scientist. Humans not are "cyborg". Mars colonies are in the Mars in 2026 June. I will go back to my year in 1 week. Thanks and this site will close in 2029. New Russia in 2027 China is the new superpower in 2024 US Started III.World War in 2032
  18. Re: Hi I'm from 2030, any question about pre 2030 The Hall of Shame? Don't you think that is a little drastic? I mean come on man, let's talk this out. How can I get off the [censored] list because I don't want to go to the Hall of Shame. traveling through a time portal (naked!) and going though all the bullshit I had to do to escape 2030, just to be put in The Time travel Institute hall of Shame? Not fair, not fair at all~! Do you have something like the Hall of super cool dudes from the future? I'd like consideration for induction into that organization.
  19. I was being a tad facetious, as the technology that allows me to be here with you today. Was the result of research in to fusion by CERN in the early part of 2030, that lead to a stabilized micro-singularity. Tachyons particles was discover much early. The micro-singularity that’s at the heart of my temporal manipulator device was custom built at the home of a friend Dr L Alexander in his kitchen with the aid of to CERN engineers. Of course all this happen from the world-line which I came from.
  20. ok here is the whole part of the IRC we are talking about: TimeTravel_0 : Can I ask you brits a question? G° : sure Yareisa : yeah sure G° : shoot TimeTravel_0 : When I was a kid...back in 2012... G° : a good year for cyberpunk... TimeTravel_0 : I used to watch a DVD called UFO that was made in England. TimeTravel_0 : Ever heard of it? G° : oops no, that was 2030, sorry G° : the tv series? 70's? wyrmkin_37 : i saw it on regular tv TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!! TimeTravel_0 : You've seen it? Yareisa : oh yes I remember that one TimeTravel_0 : Wow...we do have something in common. G° : yeah, dreadful outfits! TimeTravel_0 : No one has heard of it here. Yareisa : straker wasn't it G° : and hairstyles! TimeTravel_0 : I loved that show! the red part is my point nothing spectacular either like always with titor.
  21. HI IncreasedSharkAttacks2015 Just because you mention this part i will get you going. Titor wrote in the IRC chat you are talking about the following: "TimeTravel_0 : I used to watch a DVD called UFO that was made in England." Like you mentioned UFO was released the first time 2002 -> FAQ ufoseries.com It was not "a DVD", it was a "two deluxe sets each containing 4 discs" or "8 individual discs" Sure you have to say that he goes with the "show" when G mentions it. TimeTravel_0 : I used to watch a DVD called UFO that was made in England. TimeTravel_0 : Ever heard of it? G° : oops no, that was 2030, sorry G° : the tv series? 70's? wyrmkin_37 : i saw it on regular tv TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!! TimeTravel_0 : You've seen it? Yareisa : oh yes I remember that one TimeTravel_0 : Wow...we do have something in common. G° : yeah, dreadful outfits! TimeTravel_0 : No one has heard of it here. So judge those links by yourself : UFO (1969–1973) U.F.O. (2012) get your juices flowing....happy hunting heka
  22. Re: Hi I'm from 2030, any question about pre 2030 which country did you come from?
  23. Re: Hi I'm from 2030, any question about pre 2030 no that is not me, there are some video of me in your historic record though. Here is an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNz0kdGLX-E
  24. Re: Hi I'm from 2030, any question about pre 2030 OK Justin, I understand.
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