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Found 12 results

  1. Some person claiming to be a time traveler on Reddit time travel sub claims that Japan will win World Cup. At the moment, Japan have against the odds progressed to last 16 knockout stages (beating both Germany and Spain in the group stage). if Japan beat Croatia then they meet favourites Brazil in the Quarter finals. For the record, I do not believe Japan will win the World Cup…. But if they did? Then it’d be against all the odds.
  2. 4PAX AZN OK. Co'th To'er 30 Forty Three 16s+ 21 Fourty Four 40e Scenario C plus 2. KK.
  3. I am a time traveler from the year 2038. I have been sent back in time to alert you of a coming war. In my time, the United States has been divided into two nation-states: One is a dictatorship controlled by the UN, which has banned all firearms. The other is a totalitarian regime that controls all aspects of citizens' lives. Both sides regularly launch propaganda campaigns to control the minds of their subjects. I am part of an underground effort working in the region of Cheyenne Mountain. On October 29th, 2024, your leaders will pass a bill that will outlaw any weapon more powerful than a .22 caliber handgun and require registration of all guns in America. You must begin building an arsenal now if you want to survive. On January 11th, 2025, at 9:45 AM, a woman named Paula Shriner will be arrested outside the White House in Washington D.C. for going on a hunger strike and refusing to leave until firearms are legalized in America again. Secret Service agents brutalize Paula, and video of her death will leak to the internet. The video will go viral, and riots will ignite nationwide. This will be the tipping point. Martial law will be declared and a cold civil war will break out. The war itself will last over three years and at least 600,000 Americans will lose their lives. Most of those will be caused by another bio-attack which we believe was introduced somewhere in North Carolina. I cannot be more specific here. I am giving you this warning so that you can prepare yourself. You must begin acquiring the guns, ammunition and training now. Ultimately, federal and state law enforcement agencies are absorbed by the UN; you cannot rely on them for help. The best way to survive is to band together in groups of people who are willing to fight for your independence . Groups of two to five, max. This war is inevitable , but it can be weathered if you make the right decisions now. As for me, I volunteered to go back because I believe America deserves a second chance at freedom. You must learn how to use guns now. Get trained up on how to shoot straight and defend your liberty from tyranny. If you wait until the uprising begins before trying to learn about guns, it'll already be too late. In my time, some of those people were my friends… Plans exist to free America from her chains, but those plans can only be enacted by those who heed this message. On March 30th, 2029, a law will go into effect outlawing ALL private ownership of firearms in America except for a single .22 caliber handgun per household which must be registered with your local UN branch office. Several standoffs occur, most streamed on the internet further radicalizing and sowing chaos. The government claims this measure will protect citizens from terrorists, but everyone knows its true purpose is to ensure a monopoly on violence. Time travel is a real and understood technology even today, but it will be considered a hoax by the public for at least another 70 years. That is all I can tell you, and that's all I know. To my friends from other times sowing your message, we wish you Godspeed in everything you do. We pray for your success.
  4. I am not from 2054, I am from 2172. I was sent here for the purposes of acquiring information. Your time, roughly 2003-2027 is a dark period. Little to no information is known. That is because in 1962, the United States of America and Canada collaborated to invent time travel. They worked on it for almost 40 years and finally, in 2003, they had a breakthrough. They created temporal displacement field that could be used to travel in space and time. In 2014 they designed a way to put it into objects with specialty magneto-vantablack casings. They decided to use it for personal gain and release this info after the deaths of the team, or 2072, whichever came first. They held yearly summits to improve the machine, and to approve radical uses. The 2028 summit was struck by casualty when propane gas exploding in the conference room ignited a display case with a Vietnam era flamethrower inside. The ensuing napalm fire killed most of the men, with the rest later dying in hospitals from severe burns. On December 17, 2028, the time machine’s invention became public. The official statement put its invention at October 2025. Any questions you ask will be answered, about past before 2003, present or future after 2027,due to dark period lack of knowledge. Please ask questions and make me known. If you are a fellow traveler, come to the location of the 1978 lab in east Los Angeles, 2004. Thank you.
  5. The attached voicemails were left on the TTI Hotline 2022-04-04 at 18:08:07 UTC. Caller repeats the words "axiom" and "zanzibar" along with number sequences and dates. Unsure what it means, but I like it.
  6. Firstly, hello. If what I am about to claim is true, your question is undoubtedly why am I posting here? There is no one I can confront to discuss this topic in seriousness. I will be easily escorted into a behavioral health facility and never be taken taken seriously by anyone. Even online, there is simply nowhere else to find a discussion on this subject matter at face value. Obviously, I am from the future. The year is irrelevant to this discussion. Time travel is not as straight forward as this period views the idea. I am now trapped in this age for the rest of my life without hope for rescue or repairability to return. The device we use is a one-way path. Many have made this trip throughout history both voluntarily and forced. Our now shared future has no ability to track past travelers lifetimes when I left. I came to this age on purpose. My life and family will never be the same, leaving me with nothing left to live for. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression from my traumatic events. You could say this is me gambling to make my life meaningful. That leads me to my point of all this. April 12th will change world history forever. Current tensions with Russia are obviously covered. After the refusal to transport the American onboard the international space station, Russian tensions grow remarkably higher. I refuse to give away countries and times. I am a believer in the fact that god chose who lives and survives, not myself. However, on the day of April 12th nuclear war begins. The entire planet will suffer as a result. Extinction will narrowly be missed. So why would I pick now, the worse period in our global history to come? I am ready to dedicate myself to the efforts of survival for man kind. I have traveled to a safe location in the United States short term. I have brought with myself funding to aquire the items needed to survival and assist. Having the knowledge of knowing what happens is a blessing and curse. My odds of survival are low; however, this is my chance to do something special with my life. I'm sorry for an overly saddened tone. I have no words of comfort for what is to come. I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my abilities without being overly specific or personal. As you can imagine, opening up about this has my mind racing.
  7. I have come from the future to learn about your time and when exactly things happened because the history from 1970-2150 is partially lost when I come from. I have been here since November 11th 2003. In my time my profession is a chronohistorian which means I am a historian that investigates the happenings of the past by visiting and experiencing the time. If you have any questions please ask me them however if they are about the future I may not answer them because the questions may be classified in time. If I have any questions though I would like you to answer them.
  8. i weant to the future useing the crystale key from gibs!!!isnt that cool?i need someone ealse to beet brandon and bryan!1 i aLso kidnappped gibs!
  9. Guest

    Time travel

  10. I have kept my name secluded. I am here writing this message with my time traveler from the 36th century. He is a male blond hair blue eyes and wearing a white robe. He has tought me that our goverment the only one in this world is aliied with time travelers. My time travelers name is Borrum. He is commander of a mother ship that abducted me in the foreest once two months ago. I couldn't recall my missing time episode but my time traveler has come to tell me that i was abducted by aliens. And he says if you think aliens are in charge of spacecrafts .. You are completely wrong. They are when there are no chrononauts around(time travelers are chrononauts)but when the chrononaut is on the mother ship he is in command. Borrum can levitate be invisible go through solid objects. And if you think Men in Black are CIA members you are wrong. Well yes 12% out of 100% are but most of them are hybrid time travelers they range from 5 to six feet tall. They are a combination of what we stupid unintellegent humans think, alien and human time travelers. They as in the movie Men In Black have a red flashin device that can erase peoples memories. They do this to people that know to much of aliens and ufos. Well you might think. Wouldnt a mib come and flash me with that thing and i'd forget everything. Well no because borrum is the chief mibs. He is human not hybrid but he is in chare of mibs. He is also allied with uor goverment. wehy do you think our technology is going at such a fast rate. Because of time travelers! I f no one allied with time travelers then we would still be burning fire with wood stoves. IF YOU HAVE ANYMORE QUESTIONS. PLEASE EMAIL ME AND BORRUM AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO ANSWER THEM!
  11. Yes time travel is real. Ive done it. There is written text of past time travel in a well known book. No one so far has made the connection. I have...Proof of past, present , and future does coexist.
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