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Found 17 results

  1. Can anyone identify what the hell these are? Found this video with no context. 1650631666599.webm
  2. This creature was seen in Florida in 2000. Does it look real to you? Opinions?
  3. So what ya think? Dinosaur, spirit or vivid imagination? https://thoughtco.com/mokele-mbembe-really-a-dinosaur-1092005
  4. A trail cam in Maine snapped a puzzling image of a creature that proved rather difficult to identify. View the full article
  5. I would like to draw your attention to flying creatures that live in ALL countries of the world whose existence no one will be able to refute. Indeed these creatures are known on petroglyphs especially in caves around the world. Fulgures or Rods are not visible to the naked eye. To see them you need a camera and put the images in slow motion. Several questions arise in particular their mode of propulsion, their speeds as well as their forms which recalls that of the Skydreadnought... Attached I give you proof of their existence.
  6. There is a user on YouTube who does a lot of things with Bigfoot footage and things like that: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9zhQZHPYzWhmWs9eFXX_g He's got a video in particular that I find interesting: It's an old video filmed by someone else, presumably a backyard camera. It definitely looks like at least some kind of ape... Trying to trick my eye to see a bear or something else doesn't work. Anyone ever heard of this guy?
  7. A tourist who went to the lake in the village of Kunming in China made an unusual discovery. She saw a carp in the water that appeared to have a human face. The fish recording became a hit on the net. The woman was delighted to see the fish. The carp's head resembled a human face. A tourist shared a recording of the fish on social media. Internet users also noticed the resemblance of fish to humans. "Anyone dare to eat it?" - wrote one of the commenters. "Carps with a human face" had previously been seen in Taiwan and the UK. In 2010, a 44-year-old Briton noticed that a carp he had bought five months earlier had started to have facial features similar to those of a human being. 40,000 pounds.
  8. A Florida fisherman could not believe his eyes when he reeled in a catch and saw that it sported a mouthful of human-like teeth. View the full article
  9. Police officers on an overnight patrol in a Pennsylvania town thought for a moment that they had stumbled upon a Sasquatch until they realized that it was merely a clever trick of light and shadow. View the full article
  10. A homeowner in Thailand was understandably horrified when he spotted a bizarre 'rat worm' creature slithering up his bedroom wall. View the full article
  11. A member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has filed a bill that calls for the establishment of a Bigfoot hunting season in the state. View the full article
  12. Just what in the HELL is going on in Zimbabwe? https://www.bmetro.co.zw/cops-villagers-flee-businessmans-goblins/
  13. A mother walking her dogs in a forest thought to be haunted was stunned when her pets suddenly stopped to stare at a 'creature' that some are claiming is Bigfoot. Maxine Caulfield was strolling through an area known as Slieveanorra in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, when she claims her pets used their 'sixth sense' to seek out the figure among trees. But it wasn't until she arrived home and uploaded the pictures that she and others noticed the spooky outline of what looked like a furry beast lurking in the woodland. Maxine Caulfield says that at the time of the encounter, her usually rambunctious dogs abruptly became eerily still during their walk and began staring at something in the woods. The bewildered woman took a picture in the direction that her dogs were looking, but couldn't see anything strange at the time. However, when she later looked at the image, she was surprised to see what appears to be an eerie 'figure' in the forest. Although Caulfield is not certain that the anomaly is a Bigfoot, she is open to the possibility that it could be. What do you think it is? Original article here: Maxine Caulfield out walking her dogs snaps 'sasquatch' in woods in Ireland | Daily Mail Online
  14. Please note at the relative time of 2002, there are noted discrepencies between the supposed Drackonian community, which is hidden and some aspects of the vampiric community, which is also hidden. This discrepency may aquess as a nonparity between some sects of the vampires who are functing and humanic within the context of moden 2002 society and the hidden Drackinoans. This may be so, as some elements of Drackonians, are considered as dark matter beings. This elementation with some sorts of vampires is also clarient. The problem expresses itself, in that there is no certain expressed union, or assurance between the whole of the Earth based vampire community and the Alpha Drackonian community, which is supposed to be inback of the centers of power. This is expressed further by the fact that some modern vampires, may now be getting their blood needs from blood banks and slaughter houses, instead of traditionally more human people, due to the extent of communatable diseases, such as AIDS? So at this time of 2002 there is an uneasiness between the standings of social sence within the vampire communities and the Drackonian communities hidden, as there is no assurance of any alliance. One of the three main types of vampires, semi-living is the reptoid stile tooth vampire. There is not an assurance that this stile of vampire is aquessent to the Drackoaninas and their attmepted power structure, held within the United States or Europe or any para, or real military orginization? The other two well known stiles of vampire are emyperic and classic in mouth tooth configurations. These are either passed gene traits, or bitten responced traits in linneage. There are other guessed stiles of vampires world wide at this time, however the extent of these, is not well known. For the most part, the investation of vampirism, may not be an evil affair, just as not all dark matter beings could be considered evil. These beings live in the sociological shadows of a much larger normal human society. And it seems now are shifting their intrest to bovine bloods, for resopurces, rather than attacking their tradtional food, the normal humans for sustinance? There are vampire traits in hidden genetic schemes, which are passed down generations wise, to children of parents pourposely bitten by vampires. This extereamly well placed information, had been displayed on a U.K. based web site, showing the three main types of vampires, of which a London based dentist had cajolled into his office. These were open mouth photos, with each stile clearly identified. The other phases of vampires, the etheric and the box sitter, of which these two types are unmanagable, were not photoed at all. This web site, to my knowlege has been taken down. Note with the defunct ape test at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, showing that recruted Orangatangs can not be made soldiers, without going into mental depression; the next move for the military reserch centers, would be to ascertain as to the effectivness of temporailty morphing a normal human, so that they could become a partial super creature. This would give normal human soldiers the ability to easily and quickly penitrate ememy lines. A reverseing agent, to the virus installed would be given after the mission had been compleated by that platoon or squad of soldiers. I myself have knowlege of last year, in the September range of affairs, of a human who held the recesive vampire passed down trait, have this trait almost, if not totally come to the surface. What is troubling me, are the changes in tooth topogrpahies, as to where in a normal human, the upper canines has changed from a ground state, to a now pointed state of shape, in two months time. There were also noted back problems, which are noted in vampires, as well as a contracted case of viral step, abdominally, which had caused problems for this supposed only trait carrier of this hidden gene. I am not sure as to whether this is an enforce distant animus by electronic convection, or some process of the Earth's moon, which in concert with time controls the riseing of certain genetic traits? It is not understood as to what effect a person carrying the hidden vampire traits, as opposed to none at all, would have if bitten by an etheric vampire, which may or may not be demonically oreinted? It is also not known what would happen if this bite would be relaied telemetically by a copper plate apparatus hooked to a raido amplifier? It is also not known at this time, as to the effects of a recessive vampire carrier, and what natural telepahtic communications they would have with the rest of the vampire community? Note the acutal vampire community, is only less than one fifteeth the size of the vampire cult following, which may be in the millions. So the acutal vampire population on this planet Earth at the 2002 time setting, may be only in the hundreds of thousands, if not half this number? end time marker, this is a closed toppic and there is absolutely no discussion of this toppic as posted, by the poster.
  15. I did not think the story was true until I saw one for myself one day off of Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay while fishing. I did not tell anyone for ten years because I had made fun of others that told me it was true. I'll need to be more open minded from now on?
  16. http://www.woai.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=317D3A73-8413-449D-A218-DEE30F924E81 Chupacabra? DNA Testing Underway LAST UPDATE: 8/9/2004 1:34:54 AM Posted By: Dale Blasingame It's a story that's attracted worldwide attention. A strange animal was shot dead on a south Texas farm and no one can seem to identify it. It's prompted some to wonder if it's the famed chupacabra. That mystery animal has most everyone asking "what is it?" But we may soon have an answer. A rancher in Elmendorf shot the hairless animal after it killed more than thirty of his chickens. He then buried it on his property. Saturday, an organization that specializes in identifying strange animals dug up the remains. Rancher Devin Macanally hopes that animal's bones will now tell the tale. "I thought by burying it in solid sand that it would last longer," said Macanally. "But it didn't." Biologists dug up the animal's remains for DNA testing, a process that could take up to six weeks. "They just dug as far as they needed to get the bone samples," said Macanally. "They wanted an ear, but they realized they couldn't get one." Some believe this mystery mammal could be the chupacabra, the blood sucking animal of popular Mexican folklore. Macanally says whether it is, he just hopes he gets to name it and that it will stop eating his chickens. He plans to take the rest of the remains to the zoo in hopes they can identify it. Other labs across the country and the world have been contacting him trying to find out what this really is.
  17. How did people think of monsters? Whats real is now and before, the future is always changing. -Billy-
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