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Found 4 results

  1. Good Morning. My name is Jamie, and I have an interesting tale. Let me start with an event that happened 4 years ago, that has stayed with me ever since. This is how it sincerely and truly happened. I am just wanting theories and answers. If they exist. I was watching TV with my then husband, James. We were watching a tv episode of FireFly, a canceled series on Fox. The show was shown out of sequence for some reason, and the episode we were watching was actually suppose to be the pilot episode. We had seen atleast 4-5 episodes before this, though. In the begining of the episode there is a battle scene. There are ships fighting ppl are dying and then there is a flash at the corner of my left eye. I blinked thinking this was reflections of the tv somewhere. This happened in a total of 2-4 seconds. To me it was like slowing time and it was more like 10 seconds. This may not seem like a lot of time but it was to me in that moment. When I blinked I saw the reflection again, it was fleeting so I turned my head, Nothing. So I turned back to the tv. Suddenly it wasnt my tv area. It was a tv area with a huge Entertainment center and wooden floors, with a rug, there were sparkles of silver type light and the scene on TV was the same but this was not my home. In the corner of the room by the entertainment center was an exercise machine of some kind. and a mirror on the wall to my left. I shook my head and turned to the mirror and stood up... then I was back in my carpeted Living room with my oh medium size entertainment center and no excersise equipment and a very worried and confused husband. James said I went white. I started to breathe faster and I kept shaking out my hands. When I stood up he said I said "this isnt here." I was shaken so bad. I let it go thinking maybe it was just a very very deep dejavue. Eventually I forgot about it. 2 years later, I was divorced and had met this man who i had been dating about 6 mos. For valentines day he gave me the dvd set of Firefly. We were so excited to sit down and watch it. We went into his LR and started the first dvd. The pilot episode. The scene came where the ships were bombing and going away and ppl were dying and out of the corner of left eye, something shiny caught my eye, i looked and it was a reflection of the silver and red shiny hearts I had hung from the entryway to his living room... reflecting off of the mirror on this left wall because of fan blowing them and catching them in the light. I smiled and turned back to the tv... Here is where I freaked out. My body became cold. My toes and fingers the coldest but my body was cold. In front of me was the scene I had seen 2 yrs before. I saw the entertainment center, the wooden floor, the carpet and the ab machine in the corner of the room. I began getting this nauseas feeling that was so overwhelming that I stood up. The gentleman I was seeing said I looked scared. He said I told him, " I have seen this. been here, maybe." and just like that the feeling of nausea subsided and I started to shake. I felt like the next two hours were in a flux, like out of warp is the best I can describe it. I tried to act normal but I was so unnerved by the whole incident I had to eventually explain what happen to him. I was so afraid of being ridiculed and picked on that I only told ppl very very close to me. I have tried to find some explanation into it, There were discussions and theories of Epilepsy, which our family has no record nor do I. Seizures. I have never had one, ever. It wasnt a seizure... No one understands. Do you think a person can time travel by accident? Can it only happen once? Can it do it from past to future or vice versa? Can a person program themselves ( on a wild side) to know when they are not in the right path or place that they are suppose to be somewhere else and remote astral project to where you are suppose to be? If my situation does not have any remote possiblities of time travel or astral projection or even remote viewing do you have any idea of who i may be in touch with to possible just theorize with me to possibly help me understand. When I tell you I was in my LR and then suddenly it was like physically being in the then unknown LR, it was as real as real can be. sights, sounds, feeling. I havent had one since, or before for that matter, but its impression is lasting. I appreciate all the time you took to read this post, I know its not your normal Q&A, Atleast its not for me. Sincerely, Jamie
  2. I’m in a loop…I’ve been in this loop for almost a year now. Someone here needs to help me It started on the 5th of November 2021. I was supposed to be flying from here in Dubai to finally visit Australia. I got on the plane, had a wine and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was back in my apartment and it was the 23rd of June. This has happened twice already and I can’t go through the next 5 months again. Help me please. I know this is supposed to be a ‘role playing’ site but can anyone here help me…please
  3. Hello TTI, You may call me, "Matt". I'm 18 from Saskatchewan, Canada. I've been contacted by a United States Department of Defense and Wright Patterson Airforce Base Agent. I've confirmed his identity, however his almost science-fiction story is hard to believe. He warns me about having contact with a woman named, "Ellen Blair" originally from the year 2036. That she is a part of a special operations unit. He talks about C204 with the equipment her and her team uses. He says I'm a key to an important event in the future. That I'll understand why I am to back away from this woman when the time comes. I do not know anything about this individual nor have I met her yet. I neither know about this agent who contacted me. This happened Saturday the 9th, June of 2007. I hope I'm doing the right thing here, Sincerely, /Matt
  4. For questions e-mail me at [email redacted] ALSO visit my club at http:/www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/chrononauttalker
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