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Found 12 results

  1. Can anyone identify what the hell these are? Found this video with no context. 1650631666599.webm
  2. This week, a strange pillar of light that emerged in the sky over a Russian city generated all kinds of bizarre hypotheses as to what might have caused the strange sight. The mysterious incident reportedly happened on Tuesday night in the neighborhood of Belgorod, and numerous perplexed locals who saw it took pictures and videos. Russian social media immediately became filled with reports of the bizarre event that was taking place over the city, and many people were curious as to what would have caused the weird scene. One explanation suggested that since Belgorod is only 25 miles from Ukraine, the light pillar may have been a test of some novel technology. It was specifically claimed that the anomaly was caused by the Peresvet weapon system, which the nation has been building for the past four years and uses lasers to "blind" satellites. As could be expected, some Russian news sources brought up this terrifying notion, but a lot of individuals online expressed skepticism about it. The mysterious pillar was likely simply a natural occurrence of a phenomenon that was previously observed earlier this year in a ski resort in Turkey, where sunlight at dawn or twilight ends up being refracted by ice crystals in the sky and produces what looks to be a towering lit column. The Russian government would probably like it more if people thought the "anomaly" was a show of military power instead of just a trick of the eye.
  3. https://twitter.com/username/status/1544767567746793472 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dark-matter-south-dakota-lead-mine/ https://www.rochester.edu/newscenter/dark-matter-particles-experiment-south-dakota-390272/
  4. A tourist who went to the lake in the village of Kunming in China made an unusual discovery. She saw a carp in the water that appeared to have a human face. The fish recording became a hit on the net. The woman was delighted to see the fish. The carp's head resembled a human face. A tourist shared a recording of the fish on social media. Internet users also noticed the resemblance of fish to humans. "Anyone dare to eat it?" - wrote one of the commenters. "Carps with a human face" had previously been seen in Taiwan and the UK. In 2010, a 44-year-old Briton noticed that a carp he had bought five months earlier had started to have facial features similar to those of a human being. 40,000 pounds.
  5. Several stray dogs with bright blue fur were recently found roaming near a derelict factory in Dzerzhinsk, Russia.
  6. A Florida fisherman could not believe his eyes when he reeled in a catch and saw that it sported a mouthful of human-like teeth. View the full article
  7. YouTube star GeoWizard, aka Tom Davies, shares some straight talk about his linear style of adventure. Tom Davies knows a thing or two about staying the course. The 29-year-old British adventurer, also known as GeoWizard, first gained a following through YouTube videos that showcased his skill playing the popular web-based game GeoGuessr. His channel, which he describes as “home of the mischievous adventure,” has 74 million views and counting. Davies is perhaps now best known for his “Mission Across” series, which chronicles his adventures trying to cross entire countries in a straight line. He chooses a route, uploads it to a handheld GPS, and sets off. The mission’s success is determined by the accuracy with which he follows that linear route; he even has a grading system. A mission in which there is no deviation of more than 25 meters (about 80 feet) is defined as a platinum run. Less than 50 meters (a little more than 160 feet)? It’s a gold run. His two attempts to cross Wales were unsuccessful, but Davies recently scored a platinum run across Norway, no small achievement given the country’s abundance of mountains and fjords. Davies has encountered everything from barbed-wire fences and hostile farmers to brittle cliffs and gorges. Among his most harrowing moments: getting stuck in a peat bog, slowly sinking as he struggled to move. His next project promises ample adventure. With his best friend Greg, a veteran of the second "Mission Across Wales" attempt, Davies is planning a straight shot across rugged Scotland. Atlas Obscura chatted with Davies via email about keeping to the straight and narrow. How did you come up with the straight line mission concept? Its roots hark back to my late childhood, when myself and my then step-brother, and now best friend, Greg would leave my mother’s house, perched on the edge of the huge conurbation that is the West Midlands (of England), and simply set off in an easterly direction into the countryside of Staffordshire searching for adventure and mischief. Aged 13 and with nothing but a fiver in our pockets and the clothes on our back, we would "mission" our way through fields, clamber over fences, hedges and rivers, evading farmers and inevitably making some sort of strange and intriguing discovery. Without fail we would have a string of great stories to regale Greg's dad, who would begrudgingly pick us up from some random town 15 miles away. Fast-forward to a 28-year-old me, still yearning for adventure and wanting to do something new in a world where there was so little left to be done, trying to think of some obscure record that could potentially be broken. Slowly but surely, with the knowledge that no one my age could have possibly hopped more barbed wire fences than myself, and with a lot of free time to scour Google Earth, the mad idea that was the straight line mission became a reality. Just how challenging is it to walk in a straight line? You have to be constantly looking at the screen of the GPS to make sure you're not veering from it, which is especially hard in dense, disorientating forests or in the high pressure environment of a working farmyard. What causes you the most worry? Farmers and landowners were the main source of paranoia in Wales, and will be in the upcoming Scotland trip. If a stern, no-nonsense farmer catches up to you on his quad bike, which is highly possible, then it could easily end the trip. You won't meet many farmers who will let you climb over their hedgerows. At best they will direct you to the nearest track and off their land, which could be hundreds if not thousands of meters off course, and I aim to keep well within 25 meters. You’ve tasted victory in Norway and suffered defeat in Wales. Which moments stand out for you most? Half a mile into my first Wales attempt, a freezing, swollen river forced me over 100 meters wide (of my line). Luckily, I found a rotting old bridge on which I managed to eke my way over the raging torrent below. Ultimately I failed the trip nine miles from the coast when I got into a sticky situation in the mountains. (I was) hypothermic and running on empty after having walked across 12 miles of swampy, uneven moorlands and rather large mountains. I was supposed to rendezvous with a subscriber of mine, Joey, at the other side of the mountains to restock on food and GoPro batteries, but (facing) a ravine, undetected on Google Earth, darkness drawing in and no phone signal, I realized I had to get off that mountain. Heartbreakingly but with no choice, I had to leave my line and climb down to safety so that Joey and my family knew I was alive and well. Norway, which I made sure to plan more thoroughly, had hardly any fields or owned land. It was wild, and the biggest threats there were navigating the steep cliffs and drops in the rugged mountain wilderness. Thanks to some help from another subscriber, Noah, who identified all of the steepest gradients using lidar imagery, I managed to do so safely. In the end I almost drowned in a peat bog, but thankfully I managed to claw my way out and stagger on, completing the Norway line with a maximum deviation of around 25 meters. A huge weight off my shoulders. What will be the biggest challenges for you in Scotland and beyond? I can't give too much away, but with some of the obstacles that lie on our line, it promises to be a truly epic adventure. Beyond that I don't plan on slowing down. Despite its brutal, often torturous nature, I'm in love with this breed of adventure. There aren't too many countries where a straight line mission is realistically possible, but I plan to conquer the ones where it is. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. View the full article
  8. A homeowner in Thailand was understandably horrified when he spotted a bizarre 'rat worm' creature slithering up his bedroom wall. View the full article
  9. Hey, I was on reddit this morning and came across a post with this story. Immediately reminded me of @PaulaJedi and that Benjaman Kyle guy. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/69813297/mystery-woman-in-us-hospital-has-memories-of-australia-but-nothing-else https://www.facebook.com/FoundWomanwithAmnesia?fref=ts I hope they find her family!
  10. 62 Year-Old Snake Lays ‘Miracle Eggs’ The oldest snake in captivity – known only as 361003 – hasn’t been near a male python for two decades On July 23, a 62-year-old female Ball Python laid seven eggs despite having been separated from any male pythons for at least two decades. The manager of the St. Louis Zoo said that it is not unknown for Ball Pythons to produce without a mate, or even to reproduce asexually. Some snakes will store sperm in their bodies for ‘delayed fertilization.’ It is, however, unusual for this species of snake to lay eggs after they reach 60 years of age. Three of the eggs are at present in an incubator and two are being used for genetic sampling to find clues to the unusual event. Two of the embryos did not survive. Although the snake was given to the zoo by a private owner in 1961, it is known only by the number “361003.” Source Associated Press
  11. Please note at the relative time of 2002, there are noted discrepencies between the supposed Drackonian community, which is hidden and some aspects of the vampiric community, which is also hidden. This discrepency may aquess as a nonparity between some sects of the vampires who are functing and humanic within the context of moden 2002 society and the hidden Drackinoans. This may be so, as some elements of Drackonians, are considered as dark matter beings. This elementation with some sorts of vampires is also clarient. The problem expresses itself, in that there is no certain expressed union, or assurance between the whole of the Earth based vampire community and the Alpha Drackonian community, which is supposed to be inback of the centers of power. This is expressed further by the fact that some modern vampires, may now be getting their blood needs from blood banks and slaughter houses, instead of traditionally more human people, due to the extent of communatable diseases, such as AIDS? So at this time of 2002 there is an uneasiness between the standings of social sence within the vampire communities and the Drackonian communities hidden, as there is no assurance of any alliance. One of the three main types of vampires, semi-living is the reptoid stile tooth vampire. There is not an assurance that this stile of vampire is aquessent to the Drackoaninas and their attmepted power structure, held within the United States or Europe or any para, or real military orginization? The other two well known stiles of vampire are emyperic and classic in mouth tooth configurations. These are either passed gene traits, or bitten responced traits in linneage. There are other guessed stiles of vampires world wide at this time, however the extent of these, is not well known. For the most part, the investation of vampirism, may not be an evil affair, just as not all dark matter beings could be considered evil. These beings live in the sociological shadows of a much larger normal human society. And it seems now are shifting their intrest to bovine bloods, for resopurces, rather than attacking their tradtional food, the normal humans for sustinance? There are vampire traits in hidden genetic schemes, which are passed down generations wise, to children of parents pourposely bitten by vampires. This extereamly well placed information, had been displayed on a U.K. based web site, showing the three main types of vampires, of which a London based dentist had cajolled into his office. These were open mouth photos, with each stile clearly identified. The other phases of vampires, the etheric and the box sitter, of which these two types are unmanagable, were not photoed at all. This web site, to my knowlege has been taken down. Note with the defunct ape test at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, showing that recruted Orangatangs can not be made soldiers, without going into mental depression; the next move for the military reserch centers, would be to ascertain as to the effectivness of temporailty morphing a normal human, so that they could become a partial super creature. This would give normal human soldiers the ability to easily and quickly penitrate ememy lines. A reverseing agent, to the virus installed would be given after the mission had been compleated by that platoon or squad of soldiers. I myself have knowlege of last year, in the September range of affairs, of a human who held the recesive vampire passed down trait, have this trait almost, if not totally come to the surface. What is troubling me, are the changes in tooth topogrpahies, as to where in a normal human, the upper canines has changed from a ground state, to a now pointed state of shape, in two months time. There were also noted back problems, which are noted in vampires, as well as a contracted case of viral step, abdominally, which had caused problems for this supposed only trait carrier of this hidden gene. I am not sure as to whether this is an enforce distant animus by electronic convection, or some process of the Earth's moon, which in concert with time controls the riseing of certain genetic traits? It is not understood as to what effect a person carrying the hidden vampire traits, as opposed to none at all, would have if bitten by an etheric vampire, which may or may not be demonically oreinted? It is also not known what would happen if this bite would be relaied telemetically by a copper plate apparatus hooked to a raido amplifier? It is also not known at this time, as to the effects of a recessive vampire carrier, and what natural telepahtic communications they would have with the rest of the vampire community? Note the acutal vampire community, is only less than one fifteeth the size of the vampire cult following, which may be in the millions. So the acutal vampire population on this planet Earth at the 2002 time setting, may be only in the hundreds of thousands, if not half this number? end time marker, this is a closed toppic and there is absolutely no discussion of this toppic as posted, by the poster.
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