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Found 8 results

  1. As level headed as the peer-reviewed, journal published, accredited university associate who is spotlighted in the attached article happens to be...I'd be prone to look further into his studies, data, analyses, and findings. It's a compelling story spanning a lifetime of UFO interest with a moderate, rational, and well-balanced approach - worth a read! I'm intentionally not posting the magazine name and article title so as not to draw outside attention. It may just be behind a paywall if you attempt to find a web-based version I have no qualms adding it as a site resource, though. YouEffOhh.pdf
  2. I would like to draw your attention to flying creatures that live in ALL countries of the world whose existence no one will be able to refute. Indeed these creatures are known on petroglyphs especially in caves around the world. Fulgures or Rods are not visible to the naked eye. To see them you need a camera and put the images in slow motion. Several questions arise in particular their mode of propulsion, their speeds as well as their forms which recalls that of the Skydreadnought... Attached I give you proof of their existence.
  3. I just finished watching Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020) with Dr. Steven Greer, and I'd say it's a must-see for anyone interested in making contact with ETs, attracting UFOs, etc. It's a documentary which is slightly over 2 hours long, and I found it very enjoyable and uplifting. Have any of you guys watched it?
  4. A Californian driver traveling along the highway caught video of an intriguing group of UFOs that seemed to be hovering in the night sky. The unusual sighting apparently happened last Friday night when the witness was travelling through Sacramento. At first, the witness reportedly observed two luminous orbs off in the distance. He claimed that the anomalies were evenly spaced apart, with one being slightly "named" below the other. The witness recognized they should videotape this when the driver was startled by the UFOs as they turned and a third light "popped" on. The driver was able to record most of the sighting while still operating his vehicle on the interstate, which is both somewhat commendable and possibly not the safest course of action. A fourth light then appears, along with the other three throughout the encounter, which he estimated to have lasted between three and four minutes. As the man watches the three lights progressively spread out in the sky, he wonders if they might be helicopters or drones. The witness eventually got off at the next exit in the hopes of getting a better view of the UFOs after complaining that he couldn't focus on them since he was driving, but finally lost sight of them in the process. He later noted that the event was "strange," and was particularly perplexed by how the third and fourth lights appeared to "pop on" as the encounter progressed. As for what the objects might have been, besides a fleet of extraterrestrial ships, a more mundane explanation is that the orbs were lanterns that had been set off someplace in the city, and that the clouds were the sole thing that caused them to appear to "switch on." However, the nature of the strange things is still a mystery as of right now.
  5. According to an insightful new survey on UFOs, more Americans are open to the idea that they might be extraterrestrial in origin, while they also express skepticism about the likelihood that we would ever encounter these hypothetical aliens. The website YouGov performed the fascinating survey of 1,000 adults in the US in the first few days of September. First, respondents were asked whether they believed UFOs to be caused by aliens, something with a "natural scientific explanation," or if they genuinely did not know. The responses were extremely divergent, with 34% of respondents supporting the well-known "ET" explanation, 33% the more conventional answer, and 34% having no idea what was going on. According to a Newsweek poll, 34% of respondents believe that UFOs are from other worlds. In 1996, only 20% of people believed the phenomenon to be natural. Some people may be wondering if first contact with aliens is imminent in light of recent events involving government interest in unexplained aerial phenomena, but it seems that the majority of Americans are not nearly as hopeful. Only 7% of survey participants think we will come into contact with aliens in the next ten years, while 13% think it will happen in the next fifty. More individuals were pessimistic than optimistic, with 21% anticipating it to happen within a century and 28% expecting it to take two centuries. 66% of respondents speculated that these fictitious aliens are likely more technologically evolved than humans, while 17% proposed that this is not necessarily the case. Participants' perceptions of the intentions of the alien visitors are divided: 41% think they will be benign, while 35% worry they might be aggressive. The survey's funny final question compared respondents' beliefs in aliens to those in other "mythical beings," and it revealed that 57% of respondents said ETs exist either definitely or probably. Sadly, only 31% of respondents shared these opinions on Bigfoot, 28% thought the Loch Ness Monster might exist, and only 18% acknowledged the existence of the dreaded chupacabra. Full article here: https://today.yougov.com/topics/technology/articles-reports/2022/10/04/more-half-americans-believe-aliens-probably-exist
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    Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20150906121435/http://www.anomalies.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/continuum7no2_1997_98.pdf
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    Excerpt: My name is Olav Phillips and I am a conspiracy researcher, writer and publisher. I write for and publish PARANOIA, Steamshovel Press and Mysterious Magazine. I am also the principle researcher for Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis on Premiere Radio Networks and the author of The Secret Space Age published by Adventures Unlimited Press. I have been researching conspiracies and UFOs for the last 24 years and my passion is serving as archivist for the UFO and paranormal community. I have appeared on many popular radio shows as well as television presentations including: Shadows In the Dark Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Voyager (RAI Due, Italy), as well as being a long time contributor to Ground Zero Radio’s investigations including the famous Tracy, CA UFO Crash case featured on UFO Hunters and I have contributed to many of the television presentations you’ve seen on Area 51, UFO’s and conspiracies. What is the Secret Space Program? To me – I define the Secret Space Program fundamentally as a theory, backed up by facts, that a parallel space program exists outside the view or control of the populace. It exists in a multinational space and is supported by most industrialized nations and is controlled by a parallel government structure which exists within the public governmental structures we see in the public space. I call this shadow government “The Break Away Civilization” Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20160205111157/http://www.anomalies.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/secretspaceprogram_presentation-SSP-2015.pdf
  8. Nightmare on the Nullarbor The outback, where a traumatised family was allegedly lifted off the ground by aliens. It was still dark in the early hours of January 20, 1988, when the Knowles family was driving along the remote Nullarbor Plain. The seemingly mundane trip from Perth to Melbourne quickly turned to terror when they encountered an unidentified flying object that tormented them for 90 minutes. A large glowing object "like a big ball" chased Faye Knowles and her adult sons Patrick, Wayne and Sean down the highway, before landing on their roof and plucking them into the air. In a state of shock, Sean Knowles put his foot on the accelerator as his mother screamed but, according to reports, their voices distorted like time was slowing down. "I wound down the window and I felt this thing on the roof... all of this smoke stuff started coming into the car, the car was covered in black stuff," Faye Knowles told reporters after the incident. "It was a small light and all of a sudden it became big like this, like a big ball. The family eventually made it to Ceduna and reported the bizarre events to police who took the report seriously, given the state of the car, which was dented and had dust over it. The story made headlines around the world with sceptics and believers alike trying to make sense of what happened on that lonely stretch of road.
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