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Engelbert Humperdinck Bio & Related History & Bios


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Introduction This thread is all about pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck and notable people and things associated with him. You might recall him from several mentions in my alternate/revised biography of Elvis. The emergence of Engelbert to prominence and superstardom sparks a hotly contested rivalry with the King of Rock and Roll. Engelbert Humperdinck Quick Facts Born: May 2, 1936 in Madras, IndiaBirth Name: Arnold George DorseyCountry: United StatesOrigin: Los Angeles, CaliforniaYears Active: 1955-presentPrincipal Genre: PopAdditional Genres: Traditional pop, vocal, easy listening, big bandHeight: 6 ft., 1 1/2 in.Short description: American singer Biography Engelbert Humperdinck is an American singer, known for […] (read full article...)
@PaulLev - Thanks for sharing that link! I enjoyed skimming through it! :)

Anyway, did you get a chance to read my revised history article on Engelbert, the one that is linked in the original post that is?
Yes, excellent article, thanks! I especially enjoyed reading about the singer in his younger days, all news to me.
Nice! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Do note, however, that my articles as seen in this sub-forum, including the one on Engelbert, are part of my alternate history series. In other words, what you read is more or less different from what current history is. It's a rough idea of how history will look after I go back in time and change history or create an alternate timeline. Does this help?
Well, that explains why so much of your article was "news to me", right? :) There is something in the reality of Engelbert, though, that invites science fiction. His song plays a minor but significant role in the novel (not yet published), I've expanded my alternate history short story about The Beatles, "It's Real Life," into. (You can read the short story here for free https://vocal.media/fiction/it-s-real-life ) Best luck with your alternate timeline!
Another very interesting read you provided! :)

And skimming through it, I couldn't help but notice how you came up with an alternate history of the Beatles, and how in that alternate timeline they stayed together for decades, coming out with hits as late as 1988! And while I don't particularly plan on preventing the Beatles from breaking up in 1970, I did start a new alternate history article earlier today in which John Lennon's 1980 murder is erased from history. It is noted in the section on the Beatles' families, and indicated through the image in the article, a variant of which is also used as the background image. The image was created with Midjourney and shows a smiling John Lennon at age 55 in 1995. For the link to the new article, see here.

Also, it's funny that the Bronx is mentioned in your story, as that's the place where Engelbert's original manager/producer Joey Marcello (an invention of mine) is born to Italian immigrants in 1918. Marcello remains in the Bronx until 1940, when he departs for Los Angeles. For more information on this invented person who interjects into the life of Engelbert, read here.

Edit: A helpful hint when reading about Mr. Marcello: read from where it says "Biography of Joey Marcello" up to the line before "Biography of Dave Parry". Feel free to read as much or little as you'd like. Also FYI, Dave Parry is another invention of mine who plays a major role in Engelbert's career.