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Time Experiment


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Nineteen years ago I laid the foundations for my time travel experiment as I have no doubt many of you have also done. I went out for a walk and waited in a secluded area for 20 mins with the mind set that if I met anyone within this time interval claiming to be from the future I would believe their story and not dismiss it as a hoax. Upon my return home I made a note of the exact details in a diary that I have always kept safe as a referance to my future self or decendants should time travel ever become a reality. Obviously no-one appeared that night so I labled the experiment a falure.

It was only a couple of years ago when I heard the Howarth paradox theory (an in depth version of the Grandfather theory) that I realised TT may still be possible just not worth the risk so I am now forced to destroy the diary thus closing the loop.
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