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Haunted painting sold on eBay


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I don't get it. Yeah the doll is freaky looking since it was painted with no eyes. The painting is obviously supposed to be scary since the background of the image is a window with hands all over it. The question is what are those last two images supposed to show/prove? If you look at them carefully there isn't a line out of place. No object in the image moved at all as far as I can tell. The colors are definitely off in part of the painting but the seller stated the pictures were taken in the dark so it could just be an uneven exposure. Hell they may have just modified the last images on purpose to create a story to make it more valuable. I can't believe that so many people (the ones who emailed the seller) were willing to believe that picture is haunted with so little proof.


I'm not disagreeing with the above posts - definitely an odd and scary looking painting. I'm just suprised at how many responses she claimed to get with advice on what to do etc.


Oh well.


Take care.





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