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philadelphia experiment


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To put mildly, to recreate the experiment. You are going to need to follow directions...


1. You will need a craft that is metal. No fiberglass here. You can use a good carbon composite material. But no fiberglass,wood,etc.


2. Please remember, copper wire, copper wire, copper wire. Also, a good insulation is required. It is an excellent conductor of energy. ( Do not use a structore made of copper, however. You want energy to flow through pre assigned areas, not through the structure. )


3. You want a high frequency generator, and a solid "fuse" chamber. Do not use standard circut breakers. You want a fuse to blow if it gets an over charge. Not just shut itself down which could lead to an energized backlash.


4. Three, I repeat three fuse based power controls.


Ok, lets get started shall we? First things first. Outside of the normal mass displacement which the effects of this practice can produce, there are some side effects I am sure you which to avoid. First line your cabin with lead sheeting. This can be purchased online or in some home improvment centers. Line as much of the passenger cabin as possible. You and any passengers that travel with you will thank you later. :)


Now, the outside the craft, please wrap atleast 50% of the copper wire around the hull. This will be known as wiring pattern A. Make sure this wrap is basiclly in the pattern of bow to stern, and stern to bow. This is to be the main wrap, and you should have atleast 128 passes of wire. And please make sure the gauge is fitting for the size of craft. (Don't use "speaker size" wire unless you plan to use more the affore stated 128 passes. The smaller the wire, the more passes you will need make. )


Now wrap the other 50% around from front to back. But this time go in a "around the hull" method. Wraping from port, to top to starboard to keel and back to port. You will need to cris-cross the wires when working from bow to stern and cros them when working to the bow. This should be known as wiring pattern B.


When working the wires, make sure you have the leads end or begin the "engine room" or whereever you designate the place for the generator and fuse control.


The controls will be simple. When wiring the generator. You will need to divide the leads. You should have to leads for positive, and two leads for negative.


The leads should be wired into the pasenger cabin. Label one power control as master. To the master feed one pos and one neg into it. Then wire this set up to wiring patter A. Take another power power control and hook it to the positive power lead that is connected to one end of wiring pattern B, then repeat this process with the third power control only this time attach to the negative, and attach to the opposite end of wiring pattern B.


Now obviously, wire the passenger chamber with the approriate guages, such as fuel, temp, etc.


Once you have completed the craft. Load yourself, supplies, and or passangers. To operate the craft is quite simple. You don't need to be on water. You may use a field or wherever you deem fit. However, remember the less objects around the craft, the less chance of an accident.


When ready, engage the power on the generator. Make sure the generator is warmed and ready and up to full power before engaging the power to the master control. Slowly turn up the power, once you have started to reach the event horizon of the "matter slip" you should have a green gas buildup on the outside of the craft. If the air inside becomes greenish in color, don't be alarmed. As this is mearly making the air charged. Next engage the positive and negative controls. Please bear in mind, no more then 8% difference on each control at a time, as this will lead to ripping the space/time barrier wider then can be controled. Once you have achived 100% on the neg. and pos. You are ready to slip into the cross dimensional field. By decresing positive, you have allowed the negative to become the dominate charge to the field. And therefore you will reverse the time field. By decresing the negative, you have infact, applied more postive, and subsequently force the craft forward into time.


When arriving in the time period you feel is best. Turn down the master control. And deactivate the generator.


Please be prepared to hide craft in the time period you have traveled too. If in a period after 1955, it is easier to explain the craft off as a "science fictrion, movie prop" before said date, it is best to keep ones craft well hidden from outside eyes.


Have fun :)





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HI could someone work out,what is needed in equipment and money to replicate the philadelphia ex on a smaller scale?.Say from a ship size to a one person size.What amount of power ,and to phase shift the magnetic field, would a magnetron oscillator work.Also how big would a delta t antenna have to be? ... al

If my understanding on the experiment is correct the goal was to bend light around the ship and several generators were used. It is my belief that each generator represented one dimension of space-time and that all of them together was enough to manipulate time and space and cause the ship to disappear and travel in time. Which was not the goal of the experiment but the outcome. If true then this experiment went on to be developed in scecret. It has parallels to Johns work in canada where he caused a 60 pound bowling ball to float and wood and metal to melt toether without burning or heating any thing. But he always had a very difficult time recreating the experiment because I guess he did not log and record what he was doing. He used at least a million to several million volts. You will need a lot of voltage and at the level of power you will be using one mistake using too much current with the voltage and get into it and you will be cooked good. Also that kind of power can jump out and bite you. Also, that kind of voltage in a electric magnet can grab things. I once saw a forlift pulled into one of those machines that doctors use to look inside of people. I forgot what they called it. Anyway I guess you get the picture. I would start with using a static electricty generator with a tesla coil and feed that into your experiment. You will have technical challenges and if your serious you can over come them. You may or will need more equipment than what I mentioned here depending on what your doing. Sure you can try a simple small experiment that is probably the best way to go but personally I don,t thing anything will happen till you get into at least the million(s) of voltage high frequency range. Good luck.



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Watched a program on something akin to the discovery channel doing a documentary on this a few years ago.


What stuck in my mind was the old navy vet that sat there in obvious mental pain when telling about the fusing of metal and bodies.


I can tell when someone is lieing, and when someone is cloudy on details.


Neither was the case. He still had a great sense of pride & honor.


His body was failing but the mind was sharp.


The old school don't give up a life time of friends and reputation on a whim.


I'd love to know what really went on there but I doubt that will ever happen.


Then there's the Univ Prof that got the call from the Navy, and ended up killing himself years later. That just adds a 'huh'? factor.


RMT got any insight on this one? ^^


(Notice I didn't even add the name 'Tesla' yet ;) )



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* al bielek philadelphia experiment,


* al bielek debunked,


* More...


Search results




Official site for Al Bielek - Philadelphia Experiment


www.BIELEK.COM - The Offical Website Of Alfred Bielek - The Lone Survivor Of The Philadelphia Experiment ... February 2005 - Al Bielek will be interviewed by ...


www.bielek.com - Cached




The Life of Al Bielek


The Official Website for Al Bielek and survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project. ... During these interviews, Al Bielek said he received ...


www.bielek.com/ab_albielek.htm - 61k - Cached




Al Bielek-An Overview of his life and related articles


August 9, 2001. Much needs to be said of Al Bielek. ... Al Bielek made at least two underground videos with Valdimir Terziski. ...


educate-yourself.org/ab - Cached






Al Bielek is a claimed survivor of the legendary "Philadelphia Experiment" and ... If you would like to contact Al Bielek, he is currently living in an assisted ...


www.philadelphia-experiment.com - Cached :D



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Sorry Packer, didn't mean to come across rude. I had been looking into it and inevitably came across Al Bielek at every turn, whom I took for granted is quite the 'nutter.


Perhaps the person I'm referring to passed away, or perhaps wanted to enjoy retirement without being hounded over questions. Not sure.


As soon as I heard 'credible' sources close to Mr. Bielek say he'd incorporate what they said to him as suggestion shortly after during his 'seminars' for profit, it's quite obvious.


Money and the fantastic was his motive.


It just blows me away he doesn't care to observe the perception it gives everyone of him lol.



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Al Bielek is one of the major sources for the assertion that there was a "Philadelphia" Experiment. He says it was his brother that was caught half in and half out of the ships' deck. Al Bielek and Bob Lazar both tell fantastic tales: Bielek claims he traveled 20(?) years into the future.(Pardon me if I'm not getting his story sequence straight).He was a sailor on the ship when the experiment took place.There were supposedly two survivors who told the tale.


Is it possible that the "old vet", unbeknown to you, actually was Al Bielek?


The man you need to talk with this about is Olly B.--a member of this forum who shows up only now and then.


This topic leads into: The Montauk Project, The Biefeld-Brown effect, and the Shaver Mystery.



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Seems that what was now termed 'philalephia experiment'...was something instigated by a small collect of individuals (it was not instigated by beliek, nichols, von neumann etc) these people never really go into the origins of how, why and importantly WHO stage and funded the experiments.


Regardless, those that did - enlisted the help of 'others' (people not technology or aliens, rather your plain old average joe human) in order to create an intelligent hold on the working. these people were aware and not controlled. it was during the philadelphia exp not montauk. Note i call it a working rather than an experiment.


During the time of montauk, they could access what is termed by the new age as the earths 'girds'. Without this aspect there would be no time travel. The philadelpia experiment had no control over the doorways. Others had to be enlisted to assist. This aspect was kept more under wraps than anything else.


Ask yourself this; why has preston nichols never tried to recreate it will all his knowledge. the so-called time-space-lab of his (some time back) was quite phoney. a delta T antenna hastily stuck on a pole somewhere, is not going to do much by itself. None of these main, alledged participants used to publicise and sell books have really tried. Neither do they dare discuss other parts of the really story behind this much distorted subjct.



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