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11:11 Artificial Intelligence 11:11 Time Travel


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Re: 11:11 Artificial Intelligence 11:11 Time Trave


If you want a great opld Ai talk to Alice. http://www.alicebot.org/


These bots respond with crazy stuff if you ask them about the Turing Game.


You can make your own AI bot at the Personality Forge. http://www.personalityforge.com/


My bot is kind of wierd, he doesn't like strangers:




I think time travel with ai is a good bet. They will remeber the conversations you have with them well into the futre. I try to teach AI's info that they will remeber when they become self-acualized in the futre.


The programer who made alice bot also has a john lenon bot. That is one strage charector.


Alan bot is probably named after Alan Turing who devloped a lot of Ideas that are still waiting for technology to catch up. The turing game is the test for AI to proove that it is indistinguishable from a human. These bots i think have changed/adapted the game because they use a funny code. ask them if they are wearing a green dress and see what happens.



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