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Time Cops??


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Wow if you really are from the future it sounds like it's about time to realease a movie based on 1984. Alot of the stuff you said sounds really kinda Big Brotherish.


"...no one is allowed to go back in time without the goverment's permission..."chronohistorian.


What qualifies the government to choose who can go back in time. I don't know about the future but in the past and today the governments of the world have been very corrupt. Assasinations and powerplays occur constantly without much concideration for what may come.


"If the government wanted the time guards to change time then they would be stupid because after they change something a completely new government could be voted in or the leader may never have existed."chronohistorian


Well greedy people are stupid. And you must not forget your government leaders can be or become greedy and corrupt. If we forget this we are only setting ourselves up for a ruthless and dangerouse dictator.


He who buys friends with gold will find such allegiances so bought so sold.


"...because if they haven't got permission they are most likely terrorists"


Ya or the government is trying to cover up something and they know and he knows he can expose them. It is not a new idea for a government to label any who oppose them a terrorist or a criminal.


"they wipe the memory of that incident from the mind of that certain person"


This sort of technology should never exist. With the power to alter human memory you don't need a time machine to change history. The government says something is so, then they change they alter the books and memories of everyone, and it is so. Or at least everyliving person on the planet believes it to be so.



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John-if the government allowed just anyone to go back in time then people would be changing the future all the time and most people don't want that to happen.


The government is chosen by the people, that is what qualifies them to chose.


the government in my time isn't corrupt.


it would be impossible to wipe the memory of everyone person on earth.



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The CPA (Chronology Protection Agency) is the working group instigated in this time line between


2008 and 2012 for the express purpose of ensuring non-dissonance


It is based on a concept (in a different context) instigated by Prof S Hawkings.


It became neccessary (looking back to the future) to counter sliding between branes of other worlds done by those astralising or otherwise engaging in imaginal mode


Open Source Multi-brane comuunication beam in and out set for 2008


Projex 5



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I have had a very unique experience with a TRV/OBE TIME~Travel Experience to the Yr. 2112. Clothing was constructed of some Biologically, Genetic Engineered process woven into artificial textile fabric. It was some sort of strange "Smart Clothing" and very complex as it seemed to be "Alive" and when it was worn, it carried out some sort of "Symbiotic" relationship with whoever wore it. Smart clothing in the future 0f 2112 performed a variety of complex functions ranging from a total platform of visual global communications, to navigational interface systems, and total biological maintenance, which brings preventative medicine to a whole new level. Smart clothing is both a blessing and a curse.... the downside to these smart clothes, is that they constantly transmitted a signal of your location, and activities to be monitored by the "Trackers" who worked for the Global GVT Society. (Modern Day Police force) You see the eventual outcome is at what price are we willing to sacrifice our rights for security, has no end to what we are willing to give away freely out of fear. Anyhow, I would love to tell you more of my experience in the future, but my visit was cut short as I was soon to be discovered by one of these "Trackers" from the Future. Apparently one of these very same "Trackers" somehow was playing a double role, and was also part of some underground secret resistance movement...I know this sounds like "Earth Final Conflict" Movie but Resistance & underground railroads have been existing in our "Real World" for hundreds of years, so it is nothing new. anyway...as I was saying, one of These "Trackers" working on both sides, somehow knew who I was & knew that I was a "TIME~Traveler" and did not belong there, he also was aware what may become of my fate, if I were captured, so he gave me a pull over piece of "Smartclothing" wear to throw them off, while I attempted my escape. For all I know perhaps one of these "Trackers" is still out among us already?


Frightful experience that was, just glad it was only a dream~ ;)


However we are being tracked in many ways right now, so it is highly probable that it will only improve as Time progresses into our Future to come.


here are some clues...


John Couger Melancamp should change his tune from: "little pink houses for you & me", to:" little glass houses for everyone"


Star Tracker 5000






"Distribution and Automation Technology Application," or DATA, is the integration and application of a complementary set of advanced data system tools, technologies, and concepts. This experiment demonstrates these technologies with an existing, student-developed small satellite, called the- (get this)


"Citizen Explorer."


Specific technology objectives (thus far) include: distributed, interactive control approaches that enable payloads to be operated by the payload scientists and engineers themselves; a cooperative, distributed data system enabling these scientists and engineers to operate the payloads from their home institutions; and an integrated suite of software tools enabling satellites to automatically control their operation and react to faults. The potential benefits of this style of operations are many: the satellite's health and status are continuously monitored and maintained; the people best able to operate a payload are in direct control of that payload; these individuals are able to work from their home institutions, avoiding relocation costs and inconveniences; and mission controllers are freed of routine responsibilities and are able to focus on more demanding tasks. The potential benefits are lower cost missions, lower life cycle costs, robust automation, lower data system development costs, more flexibility, increased scientific performance, shorter schedules, reduced risk, and greater likelihood of mission success.




Additional Ref:


*Artemis Project: Star Tracker Orientation


The star trackers don't really have to be at 90-degree angles to each other. Mathematically, any set of angles will do as long as none of them are parallel. But to place 3 of them at mutual right angles, imagine a pyramid formed by 3 vectors coming together at right angles. Then balance it on its point. Then the three telescopes could be looking out the same side of the Lunar Transfer Vehicle service module. None of the star trackers have to point precisely along the major axes of the vehicle. If need be, we can rotate the vehicle to several different attitudes to update the inertial platform, picking up stars hither and yon around the sky. Or even have a single star tracker with a wide enough field of view to see at least three guide stars.




*33. Star Tracker Image


Image of the Moon taken by the Star Tracker camera onboard Clementine. The bright glow over the horizon is the solar corona (outer atmosphere) showing from behind the Moon. Craters at left are illuminated by 'earthshine,' the light reflected off the Earth and onto the Moon. The dark part of the Moon is on the lunar farside (the side never seen from Earth). Do not equate 'darkside' with 'farside'; the farside experiences the same day-night cycle (every 28 days) as the nearside. It just happens to be night on the farside in this image.




*EMS Technologies Announces Launch of New Star Tracker System On NASA Discovery Mission












*Development and Testing of a Fully Autonomous Star Tracker




(Circa 2012)


The technological implications of which demonstrate the future of law enforcemet, security officials and alike will in the future be refered to themselves as "Trackers" for that will be the only job left requiring a human to fufill then.



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The only thing is....


The star trackers you have exhibited are really just that... for tracking STARS, not people. Star trackers are the primary navigation and guidance sensor used for exo-earth trajectory control. Whereas in and around earth we can use GPS for position and inertial nav systems for attitude, our only reference in space is the background star field. The typical star tracker contains an onboard database of stars, and uses optical snapshots through a viewing window on the spacecraft to collect starfield data for matching. The output of the star tracker is most often a quaternion (4-D) angular vector that the guidance system uses for attitude feedback in its vehicle control laws.





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"The star trackers you have exhibited are really just that... for tracking STARS,"


Yes I know this however, I was giving a hint that the "same" technology can be used to track humans as well as stars, How much would it cost them to retrofit new ones to do both jobs? who will know which ones are doing what and by then who will care?



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"it would be impossible to wipe the memory of everyone person on earth." chronohistorian


No it wouldn't, it would take a long time but it could be done. Just declare a millitary state round everyone up, maybe set one person per town incharge of altering the memmories of the people, erase all memory of the millitary state and whatever else you wanted people to forget and violla. Ofcourse I understand that some people will hide or escape, but when 67,999,999,572 people say that Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the United States of America and 428 people say it was George Washington, those 67 billion or so are going to think the 400 are insane or stupid. Besides many of the people wouldn't need to be brainwashed, such as young children, people who are allready deemed insane, and anyone who did not have knowledge of the event or thing the government chooses to erase.


Besides, you said that they erase peoples minds in the past, now I'd assume that a government that can regulate 68 billion can handle all of our tiny 6 billion with no problem. The government could come tommorrow and make it seem as though they have been in control for all of time to the few of us who dwell in a little thing I like to call the present. Keep this charade up for a few years until the 68 billion see the governmental leaders as all powerful immortal entities that can not be challenged or stopped.


My point is though the government is chosen by the people it still must be controlled by the people or else the people don't matter. And I don't care how you justify it changing the memories of another human person is just wrong.



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