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Chronohistorian (the sad lonely kid, you know him): you state that forward movement in time is impossible. As I find this hilarious, I would like to point out the following:


Look at your watch or the time display on your computer. Finish reading this post and look at the clock again. Note measured passing of traditionally-defined time. Further note that you have travelled forward in time at the rate of roughly one second per second.


Having travelled "back in time", you are now "in your own past". By your own statement, you are now trapped here forever. Although all is not lost -- you are in fact approaching the "future" second by second.


With respect to time travel, does not the fact of time travel make the term "future" redundant at best? How can there be a "future" when you are no longer trapped at the knife edge of history but can range through spacetime at will?


And on a related note, please stop talking about "chronoradiation". Gibberish is one thing, but gibberish about more or less settled concepts in science like the meaning of the word radiation is something else again. Radiation does not affect time, unless you get a really big dose of it, in which case your own time is affected pretty drastically - you run completely out of it and die of leukaemia.



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what else would you call it?


NEVER give me a straight line like that again. I only have so much self-control.


say you are in 2004 and then the next minute you are in 2009. wouldn't that be speeding up time?


No. If possible, it would be a form of transport through SPACETIME. We could inaccurately (you'd like that) posit the following:


current position in spacetime (2004) = l1-b1-w1-t1. We go to 2009 but don't move in space appreciably. New coords = l1-b1-w1-t6. How is it "speeding up" one of the coordinate variables to change it from t1 to t6?


At best one could see that the apparent passage of time could speed up, ie if we were watching events like in a time travel movie and we saw events speed up. But that is a special effect not a reflection of a genuine phenomenon. In fact the reverse effect would probably be more likely since we would be travelling at a tremendous speed and so to us the universe would be standing still. But all of that is nonsense anyway and is founded on conceptualisations of perception, not some sort of scientific measurement or theory. Your whacky pseudoscience is worthy of Futurama.



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Creedo 299, what do you mean by Time Event Bubble? Is this a Titor thingy that makes someone "immune to the effects of changes in a timestream" kind of thing?


Assuming that this is the case, for the purposes of a thought experiment, how does one overcome the basic problem of having an observer measuring a reference frame drop out of and back into that reference frame whilst interacting with it? When measurability temporarily ends, doesn't that mean that the observer has disintegrated? So how do they reintegrate?


If this is a Townsend Brown kind of thing, where is the power coming from? Wouldn't the amount of power be truly gigantic? Like, solar system scale gigantic?


A traveller in a "time bubble" wants to affect the time they are travelling to (all these assumptive terms should be in quotes but whatever). Even if the effect they are attempting is as simple as improving observability of the past, ie replacing cybernetic transmission via books, etc. with direct observation, this is still a measurement and still attracts all sorts of measurement side effects. Given this, how does isolation within a time bubble, which still allows observation of something, make the person independent of the time travel effects?



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Re: The academic discourse, Hogwarts classroom:


The old ones were built in a way, that many contemporaries did not understand.


They were big, tall, imposing.


Harry' as you stand there, you think as a wizard does; but in the truest ancient sense, you are not a real wizard.


They thrived long ago.


They also were the cause of many wars, along with complete destruction of some galaxies.


The gods were distraught at the possibilities of ever letting, something as the wine of a pure wizard's go on so long.


Harry)Well how does this affect me............I mean I have taken the time to study and reaffirm what I know in this art, and now you tell me it's all gone......?


The professor came forward, step by step, as his oxfords parted a path from the bottom of his black frock.


Showing hesitates, he said, "It's not the queen Harry, that makes this statement, nor the M.P.s".


Its from what you know...........What makes you the very thing you are.


The best wizards, are right here.



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