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Another time travelling experiment


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What do they use to make time capsules that people dig up?

I think it's an interesting experiment. We already send messages to space in the hopes of getting a response. Why not play with time as well? :)

Can use all kinds of stuff to make a time capsule's.


A railroad worker had placed a note in a .50 Caliber bullet casing in 1956. During one of the trips out to the Mojave, we found it in 1979. The note had his name, a little bit about him and his address on it. The bullet casing counts as a time capsule. Fortunately, the desert environment and how the casing was placed helped it to survive. Myself and the other researcher with me, we added our name's and addresses onto the note and put it back as we found it. Wonder to this day if it is still there.


Think anything with space inside would cause someone to look inside. Looking at the time capsules on-line, see the prices ? Hundreds to thousands of dollars. Boo !


With ABS can easily make a capsule for less than 40 bucks. And would be easy to customize. If you wanted to extract the air out of the tube, drilling a hole for a valve is easily accomplished. If you used a stainless steel capsule, drilling a hole through that can be quite a task.


The seal with ABS pipe and caps would remain intact if done correctly. The way the ABS glue works is by melting the separate pieces together.


Although it would be possible for the seal around the valve to fail. Duct tape for insurance ?



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I propose an experiment that if we all do, it would increase the chances of success. We can all report back here and post any results.


The Experiment:


1. Purchase the following from any hardware store;


a. Length of ABS pipe


b. two(2) ABS caps


c. ABS Glue


2. Prepare a note on a material that will endure a lenthy period of time.


a. The note is to be addressed to anyone in the future. Inscribe a place, time and date that you can meet any possible time travellers if they find your note.


3. Place the note into the ABS tube and seal it with the caps.


4. Bury the tube someplace where it may be discovered far into the future.


If many of us do this, and time travel becomes a reality, we increase our chances at having at least one of our time capsules discovered. Instead of doing nothing but debating, I believe we should step up and start doing something to progress towards success of REAL time travel.

They did that with Knowing movie. With Nicholas Cage.

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You forgot the last step! You need to request that the future contacts you!

I did in 2014 to Zeshua. She responded this past February from 2027. But be careful. If you go down that road too far too soon then it will delay the technology. IBM is just now grasping time reversal with quantum computers. If you guys keep causing time quakes.

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Late 1970's, early 80's I was involved with an archaeological project in the Mojave Desert ; locating and recording as many petroglyphs as possible. A percentage of the inscriptions were estimated to be approx. 12,000 years old. Posting here on Time Travel Institute, got me to thinking about those inscriptions and time travel.


How I could create something like those inscriptions that could potentially last just as long?


In working out the details, ruled out carving messages in rock (maybe). While wandering around in the local hardware store, saw the ABS pipe, and had an "ah ha" moment. Don't think the ABS capsules will last 12,000 years, however, they certainly would last more than 20. That is something I have been pondering - is how to make the capsules and the message(s) last as long as possible. Perhaps into the thousands of years.


IF there are time travelers some day, seems reasonable that having a friend in the past would be a benefit.


And even if there isn't time travel in the distant future, still would be awesome to have someone find my capsules, and wonder who I was, just as I wondered the same about the person that carved messages into rock 12,000 years ago.

This is a christian landmark going back to Adam and Eve. We don't know for sure how old Adam was. Just what is given in Genesis. If Adam walked with God in Bible everyday and a Day with the Lord is 1000 years and Adam lived to 930 then 930x365x1000 years? Give or take leap years at that time. :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam-ondi-Ahman

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Interesting idea! It can be any type of materials as long as it functions as a good time capsule, right? Also, just a suggestion, why not put more information inside? You can go as far as making two time capsules. When one of them is found in the future, it gives instructions as to how to change the other time capsule. This way, you can observe the other time capsule if there are changes. This way, not only can you secure an encounter after burying the time capsules, you can also secure an event before you bury them.

You students are so innovative with your suggestions. John is so proud of you.

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I am certainly willing to do as you say. But can we do more? If, as other posts have insinuated, the phenom of time is directly associated with light and the speed thereof, could we not also share thoughts about how to use light to investigate time?

Investigating with light suggests video or digital photo. So if the time reversal in quantum computing can reverse live photons in the recording of a live event then would it effect the environment it is recording?

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