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How Religion and Time Travel come hand-in-hand.


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Dude check the IP,itll indicate im writing these messages from the UK under freeserve.co.uk,


what has my name and the use of emotion icons have anything to do with a good an evil stance?,


its extremely prejudice to assume that the name i choose for my username has any reflection on personality,other than maybe i have a strange sense of humour,or lacked the thought of a better username,i didnt go direct but swaped the words round,so what!,whats that prove?.


What i wrote on the other hand was not at all indicated in your post,in otherwords you ignored what i said completely,picked up on the first sentence,and picked on my username.



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Haha :) I did not ignore your entire post NATAS. I read it twice actually.


<<Dude check the IP,itll indicate im writing these messages from the UK under freeserve.co.uk,>>


I just did, and I got this message: 'Listing of IP addresses is disabled.' Oh well spacer.png.


<<what has my name and the use of emotion icons have anything to do with a good an evil stance?>>


Well since you're new here, you wouldn't know what this forum has gone through in the past few weeks. Let me just say this, everyday for weeks it was constant religious debate.


You said: <<What is it with this damn religion shit?>>


Well to be honest with you NATAS, your post had a lot of indictors that gave it away from being from a similar poster who would come on here bragging how he knows the bible better then most Christians and passed a challenge to anyone who could prove him wrong. Well he was; by a 17 year old that is :).


If it is not you, then I apologize.







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I dont see why a religous debate should be here in this kind of forum,there are loads of fucking religous sites you can go to,absolutely tonnes of the bloody things,including sites which may have a thread running your arguments,whatever they may be.


If you are so sure of your religion,you should NOT need to argue,cos its all about faith,not proof or science,it is a totally separate thing,one which I personally do not follow,


im strictly agnostic.


I will go with the probable impossible over the possible improbable.


God is mentioned without theory,but more of a hypothesis of creation,this to me is a possible improbable.



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YOU sound like you're an impossible possible. Maybe YOU should go check out some SATANIC sites. Even science will allow the possibility that ANY future science would seem like a miracle to us. Just go back 50 years and today's science would sound like impossibilities. Even Einstein noted that science and religion go hand in hand. If you had ANY handle on recent science, you would realize that it is now entering into realms which it never would before--leaving NOTHING off the table. YOU simply narrow down your own vision and therefore give VERY LITTLE for us to think that YOU could add to this discussion. Be an Agnostic all you want. Anger and intolerance will avail you nothing here. All you will ever get out of discussion here is FRUSTRATION. You're like all the typical satanic types who have tried to take control of this forum--resorting to curses when you can't get your way. Open your mind.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon



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How do you come to the conclusion i am a satanist?


and how do you come to the conclusion i am angry?


you make a lot of assumptions,too many in fact,


and none which have basis on reality.


Einstein said what he said cos he was a jew,its pretty damn hard to be a jew and not have faith,especially in that particular time.Also his theorys were not the be all and end all of science as you damn well know.


I do realise that the latest theorys in quantum mechanics do allow the possibility of god and other things,but agnostic means i dont think that side of things will be proved,either way.


You on the other hand seem to be ignoring some simple facts:


you cannot be an agnostic and be a satanist,that is impossible.


Atheism and religion are two different sides of the same coin,and im neither.


And NO you are not a satanist just because you use cussing words,as you almost seem to suggest.


And what is your message if it is not full of anger?


ha yeah exactly!



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endofdays-999-satan If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck. Like TTA said in his post, using that kind of handle doesn't get you too many points. True agnostics like true atheists have at least taken the time to research the subject before making blanket statements like "I don't think" or "it will never be proven". No one that I know of is trying to "prove" God here. As far as I can see, people are expressing their subjective ideas on the subject of time from the God "point of view". It is a valid point of view--no less valid than all the other points of view--either from science, philosophy, or even ufology. Most of the criticism here is constructive--even if it sometimes does get personal. I'm not taking you personal and I find it difficult to get "angry" at a bunch of words--whatever those words represent. Your final words on your last posting shows an immaturity--trying to get the last laugh or "provoking" responses. I could say the reverse to you. What if there really is a God and an afterlife? What if there is no past or present but only His NOW? Your agnosticism will leave you a little bit "wanting". Most people that I know aren't as inflexible as you seem to be about other people's beliefs or experiences. I happen to believe that there will be agnostics AND atheists who will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's not what they BELIEVE--it's all about WHO THEY ARE. Like I said before, OPEN YOUR MIND.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon



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Well of coarse ive got some immaturity,im a 22 year old male still into heavy metal and covered in tattoos,and am quiet obviously on the edge of "normal" (whatever that is) society.


But look at it logically: why would i be on this message board


if i didnt have an interest,why would i be here if i didnt want to challenge people and ultimatly entertain myself.


I do go to other message boards and use the internet and indeed my computer for other things,so ive gotta be honest with you and say i dont really have TIME for this,yet i still fit it in,


even though i have a stressful job,bills to pay,things to do;this needs fixing,that needs buying,i need to see/speak to so and so etc.


Yes i can admit being wrong,but i am sceptical,an open minded sceptic,agnostic is exactly that,neither religous nor atheist,technically im trying to work out what i am.


Im scientifically minded and logical,and if god exists then i feel there is a scientific reason why he would exist in the first place,rather than the view of "god made science".


Im not a scientist,im not in any proffesion,so this is like a hobby/entertainment,i entertain an interest in theological studies and science and philosophy,which is good of me really cos most people like me wont even blink an eye at any of it,or be bothered to fill one second with any of these notions.


Most people at my age are spending there time getting drunk,doing drugs etc,i however choose to fill my time with arguing science,god and reading about these things etc,is that bad really?


if i dont do it,ill get drunk and do drugs again(notice i said again) instead out of stress and boredom,or ill just play videogames more and more and shift totally away from any spiritual or intellectual reading.


You should learn to not judge a book by its cover,i am what i am yes,maybe i am immature but ive been worse,then one day i bought some books,got a computer and found i could get away from drink and drugs by filling my time learning or reading instead,


i built my own computer from reading tech manuals,i know about string theory,and read philosophy,i also have an interest in tattoos and read about the history of that.....


YET the man on the street looks at me and all he sees is a shaven headed(i prefer short hair)heavily tattooed thug.


Thats too bad cos the more i get put down the more ill just go back to my old ways,and again ill have zero interest in anything except getting drunk.



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Now that's more like it. I knew there was a human being behind the name. Thanks for being honest. I am 57 years old and am still into rock music. I like heavy metal though not all of it. Many of my friends are biker types but I can also feel comfortable in a 3 piece suit. I, like yourself, have a history of drug use but have never been a drinker. All of us are searchers for "truth" and the key is to not "stereotype" others and think that we are better off because of our beliefs. Many Christian people I know are way off in left field because they think their lifestyle is better than others. Jesus, whether many people want to believe it or not, was a radical person for his time and was stereotyped just like many of us are. Sometimes we make extreme statements with our lifestyle just to get the attention of others that we do not fit into the "mold". I have no difficulty in expressing my beliefs in science, philosophy, religion, etc. to others who have no interest in it. The key is just being yourself and being a friend to others in spite of some of THEIR extreme statements. Just the other day I was talking to someone who was totally drunk and being unruly. Behind all the unruly talk there was a person who was sensitive to life and all its abuses. It's easy to make value judgements about another person while they are in this state of mind. Most people just want to turn away and not deal with the problem. Many times I have come across situations like this and the only thing they remembered the next day was the few honest expressions we had with each other. I didn't "convert" them, but I made some friends. Somehow, I feel we have made friendly moves towards each other. I appreciate that. I have always thought that there are "spirits" who come between people to prevent them from communicating on a rational level. The Bible even says that our "fight" is not with flesh and blood but with "principles and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places". To me this is not a "bible thumping" verse but a real practical understanding as to why we have such difficulty in getting along with each other. I can appreciate TTA's difficulty with "religion". However, we can confuse bible thumpers pushing their "religion" on us with just plain people expressing their "spirituality". Many of the religious people I know have spent their lifetime "separating themselves from the worldly people around them" and have lost the ability to even be able to communicate with these "worldly people". They forget that this is the reason to be a Christian in the first place--not to secure for themselves a place in heaven. I'd rather spend my time with a thinking, feeling "heathen" than a self-righteous bible thumper any day. Welcome to the forum Natas.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon



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The only difference between a religous person and a non believer is exactly that,i do not follow a religion,it does not mean im 100% certain that god and the afterlife do not exist,cos i cant say.


They have faith in there thing and thats the end of it,ill never be converted,all i was saying to sonofbabylon is that at least i have found something that keeps me away from harming myself,which


even if he dont agree with it(my point of view that is),it is still a good thing,even the tattoos is a form of benighn self modification and self expression and im interested in that subject aswell but again he may not support the idea,we all do things others may not agree with and i am as guilty of that as the very things i argue against,and the people i argue against dont understand why i disagree,just as much as i dont understand why they disagree with me and so on and so on.....thats why humans dont get on with each other,cos we are all different!


There is a certain level of weird people here though,im sorry but people who claim to have built time machines in there garage need mental help,BUT i am offering them a chance to prove it,


my mind is open but not TOO open if you catch my drift.



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Hey Babalon, glad to see you speak your mind rather than cut and pasting long boring things you find on the net. Why don't you just leave the address for us so we can check it for ourselves rather than leaving long meandering essays to show us your "scholarship." You're not afraid of criticism are you? This stuff you're posting is familiar to most of us. We don't need an expert in cut and paste. You may find it deleted anyway because it just takes up space and few will take the time to read it on the forum anyway. Speak your mind even if it doesn't appear to be an open one.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon



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I appreciate your honest opinion. And I know what you mean. For it's recently come to my attention that I have a speech deficiency where I try and explain my thoughts in words, only to confuse and irritate others.


Not to worry though, in time I will improve, only to clearly paint a picture with my words to make it plainly obvious.





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(lOl) clever.


"Not to worry though, in time I will improve, only to clearly paint a picture with my words to make it plainly obvious."


In this box, in this time, words are all.


25 years ago who would have known the great universal mind we have today, the Internet. I still find it intriguing this web,


the great link.



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