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Creedo visits T-12's house:


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Creedo visits T-12's house:


I hate airports......


The trip wasn't bad, San Diego doesn't have such a bad airport.


The cab ride to T's house was not bad, we even stopped for a burrito and a coke on the way in.


Creedo pays the taxi driver and mounts to walkway to T's house.


Rings the doorbell and a young girl answers the door.


Creedo; Hi' is Gary home?


Late teens Girl,..No' he went to Puerto Viarta, with friends and family.


Creedo; I took this trip on a whim and thought for sure that he would be home.


Did he leave a note or something for Creedo299, please?


Late teens girl,..No he didn't give me any instructions,...... to this effect.


Creedo,..Can I call him where he's at now......?ahh?


LTG; No' he said he would be on the dive boat all day and only to bother him, if it was important,....


You're from out of town.Ugh' I see the airline tags, on your day-bag?


Creedo,..Creedo sighs and says, "I want to use a program on his computer and will have to leave to go back to the Northwest now.


All I wanted to do was to access his graphics design program, on something that was bothering me,..... a project.


Creedo ask the girl to call him a cab, so that he can sit make hotel reservation and return the next day.


LTG,....You work,.... with him?


Creedo,..No, we were brief associates.There was a piece of historical information that I had wanted, which is archeological by nature. I had only wanted to verify what he has.




LTG,..This isn't money or something? I mean I could let you log onto the system, but,......?Ah'....well.....?


Creedo speaks,.."If you could mam' please I would appreciate this? As it is only a technical nature and has nothing to do with any of the work he's now doing.


I would be so appreciative and I can slip you a few dollars?


LTG,..I need to see i.d.?


Creedo shows his i.d. and she takes it to memory.


Creedo,..Thanks this will only take a half hour and I really wanted to see this.


LTG,..Do you mind if I accompany you?...This is to see that you're on the up and up?


Creedo,...No' not at all....It's only a series of graphic images that I wanted to run, okay?


LTG,...Sit and make yourself at home, but I want to see what your doing first?


Creedo sits down at the terminal and removes a voice to P.S. software program.


He shows the girl, then ask if it's okay to temporarily upload this program...........Young girl says, "yes.


Silvia,..What is the nature of this program.....? your going to remove this aren't you; I mean after your done?


Creedo nods yes, then uploads to the Win program, in add features.


Creedo restarts the system. A man's face comes up when the program installs and runs, asking him with a brief Hello salutation.The odd looking man, then asks what his instructions will be for this day.


Silvia asks; "This is a voice only CAD data program. I've seen one of these before I had graduated last year.


You don't have to touch anything at all, it's all voice activated.


Creedo adds a diskette of information, which downloads to file.The information by the voice activated program shows script, which is bold, ancient, text.


Creedo speaks; "Assistant' give me G-file Zo'hoar-1 founding era, please?


They both sit as a number of images, which seem to be very old, along with ancient ruins come up on-screen.


These images first show of a series of planets, then of land which is dark and foreboding.


A date of twenty-five million B.C., is given on the right stamp tag of the graphic screen display, placed before them.


Silvia; Oh' this is dungeons and dragons! I've seen......Creedo interrupts, her, "No it's not, this is a simulation of extemely old, information.


Silvia's eyes widen as a series of very tall beings appear, all dressed in robes.


A height scale oin the side of the screen, shows their height compared to a normal human, to be seven foot four inches in height.


They carry a staff and the robe covers their feet to the ground.


Silva speaks; Ahh, Creedo' this is getting creepy... as, ugh' I think somehow, we're not viewing a simulation.


Creedo abruptly answers back, "No we're not, this is actual infomation.


I have to remove their cloths now Silvia and I don't want you to think that I'm,.......


Silvia; I understand, go ahead now, I think I'm getting the gist of this?


Creedo issues commands vocally.Ralph, give me a layout on the mid abdomen, in the area of the diaphragm, please.


The tall being is rotated to the side, which splits into one representation.The second is a frontal view and the third is a view of the head and the mid torso, with a series of power graph bars attached to the side of the CAD graphic display.


Ralph, Creedo commands, "Give me the power outlay from the mid torso area, to both the frontal area of the skull? The graphic aquesses... And now to the extremities, at the same time, please?


What they view in relationship to how this very large man works, is that a heavy current, a type of flux waves issues from the mid abdomen, to the outer extremities.


"Add staff". Creedo commands.


The staff is added to the hand of this big person.The gem at the top of the staff starts to glow and the power flows.


The power indication number at the side of the display,. start to show a rise, in the kilovoltage range.


Now add background please Ralph?


All around the big person, there seems to be a wave or shimmer in the air and a type of flux is seen entering both the staff and person from certain areas, around him.


Ralph, is G-1 Ancient Data, please show and display rock torrus with Wizd-1 onlaid to proposed field where rock torrus is represented, please?


The program does so and a very large clear crystalline rock, with a hold in the center, with room enough for a few the big people is then shown.


Silvia ask Creedo,...Creedo, I'm getting scared...Creedo replies, "What?


Silvia; I mean I think that this is something,... that we should not be looking at??


Creedo speaks to Silvia, "We've come this far, relax, don't worry about anything, I've done this before?!


Creedo gives the command to Ralph, the voice activated system.


"Run opening to portal simulation please?


Ralph does so and with the person's robes on, a beam issues for from the staff, then the big person walks forward and disappears into the large ringed portal.


Silvia; This is what you've come for?


Creedo, "Yes and one more item".


Creedo barks a command;>"Give me host planet and power station please?


The interior of a planet is shown, with an immense power grid measuring miles, is shown.


Give me the intelligent core please?


Again, a gigantic computer core, measuring one mile, is shown.


Row after row of crystals tied into power coupelings, which then reference to a series of top of asterix type arrays near the surface of the planet are shown.


Creedo says to Silvia; "Mam"... Silvia interrupts Creedo and says, "You can call me Silvy?


Creedo;..I have what I've come for and I'll take the voice activation program out. I have my data I'll will be going now.


Silvia;....You've come such a long way, for such an inhospitable reference.


Please, let me take you out for something to eat?? There is a guestroom at my parent's place you can stay from free, till you catch your return flight?


Creedo feeling tired answers, well'..........then thinks it over,.."I'll take your offer and that is a very nice gesture of you Silvy.......Thank you very much!


Silvy;.. You're welcome...I'm house sitting for them and will hold this confidential till....


Creedo; No'you don't have to. He's known for,.....Silvy says, "say no more......"?!


Creedo asks,....Is there someplace that serves a homespitable meal,...something that will stick to my ribs, please?


Silvy, I know just the place...I'll call Gem.She might be able to come over, to feed the fish.I'll finish taking care of the dogs.


Creedo picking up his day-suitcase, murmurs a thank you and they both drive off to Mary's Buffet.


>Edit note, Young Girl, in the origional format story, has been changed to Late teens girl, due to community standards.As a euphamism, some call wimen, girls; even when they are in their twenties, as a kind refrence.


I was sincear about this story and would not want to give the wrong impression.



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The buffet and the dream:


The chain of events change in San Diego.


Some trees loose their leaves, even though it remains sunny and warm in this region of the country.


Creedo and Silvy share the limelight of Mary's Buffet together.


They for some reason share a brief stare at one another. Then this look breaks into other areas of general conversation, Silvy is a community college student, who wants to transfers out.The move, the transfer to The University Of San Diego starting next year.


They talked of Gary. The dives, the lure of the deep.


Her father sees a difference between Creedo and Silvy.Greetings, sincearity. The hands embrace warm tones of Fall's beckoning.


The glow of lights warm her home and evening commences.


Her father, by the mantelpiece, shares an outlandish hunting story.


Silvy and her mother try as they may to get the chocolate-chip cookie mixture right.


The boy at the front door, hands Silvy a book, with some C.D.s


Her mom is sure she hears the word cops.Laughter breaks out in their secret conversation...


Then the night goes still.


This room. Creedo showers in, brushes his teeth.Removes grime, that is well worn in from the trip.


Helen, Silvy's mother shows Creedo to the guestroom.


She hands him a pair of their sons pajamas, who is in the middleeast.


Creedo left his Sony Vaio laptop, down in the livingroom.


Silvy retrieves the laptop, starts ascends the steps, then opens the laptop.


She breezes the files and observes some data, then snaps the Vaio shut.


From, a distance in the hallway, she sees Creedo finish washing his face.This was from the room her brother made his before bed, evening chores.


There was a scent, that was odd about him.


He used the bathroom, used air freshener,.....but,...still the odor was similar to a muskatid. Wolverine, skunk, or some other, such,. night animal.


The lights were turned out, the dream commenced.


They were all there.


She saw the castle from a distance and knew everyone was simply waiting for her and the other wimen.


They were all dressed in black.


The robes descended to the floor.Their faces were partially covered by large bulkey hoods.


The wimen were unclothed beneath these frocks, as the entered the main castle gate.


The guards did not hold spears; however long staffs, with pointed gems on the ends of them.


Each guard, had to be at least seven, to eighth foot tall.


With fearfull distain, they still kept going their way to the great hall.All of them very nervous about this whole affair.


Some, even in the cold of the evening, perspired. And these drops of sweat fell to the floor. Their scent making the large dog-like companions, next to the guards stiffen. Some of these beast showing long, sharp canines, protruding from of their dark, furry mouths.


This hall, with a great wooden and metal gate, now opened up before them. They quietly entered.Only the shuffling of their feet could be heard as the entered uncertain confinment, within the cavernously dark room, before them.


The torches burned, but beyond the torches, there was a blackness with presence.


The line of fifteen young wimen, all at once, stopped.


The torches fed by some invisible liquid, began to dim.Just at that moment she could discern that she, as well as her other chosen companions, were not the only ones in the great chamber.


Someone cleared his throat, a cough, then silence.


In the dimmest of light, they could make out the towering shapes, of giant men.


They stunk. There was a male stench to them, as the frightened girls began to quiver, shake, with fear.


The deep voice broke the quiet in the fist sentence> E'tops, a'nu vuaos-___translation-----you who are young and at your beginning prime, are chosen into this hall of lords.


It is you. Only the few chosen, who will bear the seeds of this council.


One stepped forward and the hood over his head dropped back and it was Creedo.....


Silvy work up with a cry. She only saw the movement of leaves, shadow movments, over her darkened bedroom window shade.


In his sleep, Creedo was factoring entiguation as pars,.....Pars? distance and the hand grabbed a'hold of his arm.


He sprung up in the darkness of his room, now observing a frightened Silvy, clinging to his arm.


Creedo,.."What are you doing here"!


Silvy,...I had a dream and it was you,.. You were one of those wizard's things and you and those other like you, were in my dream!


Creedo,.."Keep your voice down?!You don't wake you mom and dad.


You shouldn't be in here?! Get back to bed?!


Silvy,..I know it was you..... and why have you come down here?


Creedo,...As I told you, I needed some information from T-12 and I thought,....ahh' well maybe we can sort this out tomorrow?


Silvy,..I was there in the dream and so were you.....What do you know and what does this have to do with me?!


Creedo gently places his hands only Silvy's white diminutive hands, saying,.."Look, it might have been the extra pizza, that was at the buffet?.....Creedo forces a smile and says, Silvy, go back to bed.


In the dim light he can make out her well proportioned arms.Arms of an athlete.


The light nightgown she is attired in, gives the telling that not long from now, events in her life may make a differing course of choices.


Her hair drapes down in a tangled fashion just above her shoulders, as her delicate, feminine features probe from answers in the dark of the bedroom.These questions, as so many with unanswered dreams have done before her.


Creedo in whispered tomes,.."Go'..... it'll be alright!? you'll sort this out in the morning".


He stays sitting upright in bed, as her well defined demure posture, fades from site into the darkness of the doorway.



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Creedo at times,.... is weird.


He asked to stay.


There was a graphics computer at the CC he was using.He was spending a great deal of time at the terminal and was making an extra effort to erase everything on the sections of the hard-disk that he used.


There was no trace.


Silvy asked her mother if he could stay a few days longer.


There was a strange look in her dad's eyes, but granted the extension on the unidentified border.


The Volkswagen:


She said he could use her car.


It was a little Volks and was only a year or so from the purchase date.


In their back-yard, there were some shrubberies, that her parents water-dripped.


The back parking, was covered from any prying eyes, by brush.


Creedo hated automatic transmissions....You had to trust them. And if they weren't in prime working order, then they fritz-zizzeled....You were stuck with nothing.


"He was going to the college again to used that darned computer"., she thought.


He was thinking stick, reverse, place it into drive...He moved the car..........


The front wheels were now squarely over the concrete divider, placed to act as a bump-stop for the front wheels, put there, by her father.


The Volks was now over that margin.He was getting out of the car.


She was about to run out when a voice inside of her, stopped her.


It was at this point in time, Creedo stood all by himself in front of the car, bent over and very carefully adjusting his hands around the bumper, lifted the car, as if it had no weight at all.


Her mouth just about fell open.This was a newer sort of Volks and the front-end, was heavy.


In a dumb chikenstep sort of fashion, he made tiny steps till the front of the car was out sideways in its parking space.


Silvy fell back, as she did not want him to see her looking at him through the window.


She saw the eyes though.....They were glassed over in similar fashion to an animals. Almost like a wolf when you see them at night, she remembered in her friends travels clips from her vacation.


The bozoid got in and drove off.



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An auto loan, for a jiffy meal:


Silvy picked up Creedo from the computer science building.


Her friend Jane, looked on.The not of her age bracket man, entered the Volkswagen.


Jane bit at her lip a little as Creedo threw his satchel full of notes and papers into the back seat.


It was one of those days, when you could ride with the top down and this is just what Silvy did.


Jane was non-plussed at most things, but unknown guy climbing into Silvy's Volkwagen, tickled her curiosity bug.


Silvy chattered on about her sociology class. And what would have happened, if certain presidents, who had bit*hes for wives, would have somehow had a moderator placed in their familie's midst.


Jiffies drive-in was the place to get a good quick, to-go meal.


The food was good, the cost right and they did not use heavier fats, on the fies.


Silvy ordered the taco sallid.Creedo, the King Sandwich; but held the fries.


Creedo started to dig into his pockets to pay and Silvy said, "I got an advance from all my clients, let me catch this, would-ja"?


Creedo nodded as the cash register totaled for the last time.


The attendant said, That will be four thousand, eight-hundred and sixty-two dollars, please!?


Creedo turned to Silvy on his right. Silvy to Creedo on her left and both looked at each other.



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Things tried and how to make money:


Failed and won attempts:


In an edition of Electronic Circuits Design, they showed Eagle One at its perigee.


You could see the curvature of the Earth in the distance, as the dual fins stood straight-up. Many question remained.They are; how could this craft make the reentry back into Earth's atmosphere, without burning up?


They did it, now to question could they place payloads in orbit, to be boosted higher, while retaining a safe margin of reentry, remained.


This was their ticket to outer-space.


Sex and voyeurism at the CC:


On the web, she was the most alluring...They never completely showed her face.


Some of the sex-web hacks, found her too much, for them.


They flocked to her dorm cam, by the thousands.


Some were even warned by police, not to attempt calling her.


However the guys warned, could never figure out why the call was really registered as being from the police department, but sometimes heard laughter in the background, before the phone call was ended?


One day, HOT SUE, was laying on the bed, frame by frame the camera showed the sheets rise, until it was almost at that certain angle.>They're paying four dollars a web session, for these pics?


The webbies at home were all either grabbing themselves or sweating profusely, as fame by fame, all of their interest peaked.


Suddenly the camera panned away, to "Hey what's this"??! by the web viewers and a note came on. >I have to go now. I'll be back for my special showing, of you know what, in four hours.


All you could get on the screen, was, "Sorry, HOT SUE' is temporarily away and will return to her dorm, in about four hours".


On the campus, a student walked towards the medical arts building, carrying an artificial looking person, beneath his arm.



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The dreams come:


The dreams come:


She was restless one evening.


Creedo down the hall was plotting graphs on the Vaio and was absorbed completely in what he was doing.


She laid back in the dim of her bedroom and fell into a deep sleep.


Her head tossed back and forth, with the sounds issuing, {E'nop nor, eu-tem noa muer.


In his vision of dreams she saw an immense world out before her.


The land on this small mountain, was draped with lush green, rocks, seeming like someplace in Scotland, stretched out in the vast distance before her.


A very big man, dressed in only a double flapped loincloth stood within his back before her. As off in the distance in the sky, two partially occluded moons held the light of a sun on their left sides. One giant moon staked up high, in contrast to the other.


In the far distance in this very blue pristine sky, giant birds of some sort, circled many miles away.


The giant man had enormous shoulders.Great strength,.. brawn, in his upper back and arms, appearing as if to be a great warrior of some sort.


He wore sandals on his feet, which had straps that climbed up the calves and ended in knots.


She saw herself lying on her back, but with her top torso reclined upwards, as if enjoying the view, within a placid state of mind.


Her legs were showing.She too wore sandals.


The dress was parted,. which showed very lovely and long legs, which came out of the silk-like caftan dress.


Her midriff was bare as she laid in the sun.Something stirred in her belly,..it was her child.


The man turned slowly around and for just a second in her dream she startled, but then adjusted to the fact that this very large and handsome man, had vertical slits, like a household cats, for pupils.


In a few strides he sat with her.He, her, in this ideal setting.In the short distance, she heard the rustle of many differing sorts of animals not known to her.


His hands softly grasp hers and she very gently place one of his hands, upon his son's brow.



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Creeds had a problem with the topic of "aliens", and he never quite got his head around it.


With all their money, no government or private group has made contact either publically or privately with "aliens".


I have little doubt that some select and very private ones have made contact with something "else", however. Since funding classics such as "The Invaders", these same groups have pulled enough wool over our eyes to implant another context into our unconscious minds. Which serves a different agenda.


of course, some people even fall into the trap in thinking they are 'getting us ready' for the truth. Nothing could be further.


The Titor story is but just another - rather lower budget - example of inducing the same armageddon mindset within willing subjects.


I find it ironic that creeds used to talk about sex and aliens in the same dialogue, i expect he very un-intentionally dithered around the truth without even realising...



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Creedo was a little strange but he actually was a very talented writer. I wonder if he wrote science fiction books for a living?


****************ATTENTION TIME TRAVEL CLAIMANTS:*****************


If you interest me I may ask you questions.


This does not mean I necessarily believe what you are saying but only


that I am interested and curious about what you have to say.


I like to gather all the information first and save judgement till the end.


I am here to have fun, interesting and thought provoking conversation.


If you have a sense of humor, are highly intelligent and creative I may end up liking you!


However, This does not mean I will have interdimensional babies with you. LOL :)



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Everyone liked him.

Broad generalization. Those are dangerous, but I've seen you make them before. Did Roel like him? Raul? Darby?


I liked him for his unique ability to keep Rainman in check.

No surprise there. You don't like that I challenge your wild theories with veridical math.


But it is generally believed that Rainman was instrumental in getting creedo banned.

The record is clear, and the warnings he was given exceeded the number given to others before they were banned. Just like your version of science...full of unfounded speculation.



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Hey Rainman


It's been a while since I got a reply out of you.


No surprise there. You don't like that I challenge your wild theories with veridical math.

I see nothing wrong with wild theories. They are all a dime a dozen. Even relativity. As for veridical math? Is that synonymous with "Real Hallucinations"? By the way, I've never actually seen you use math.


The record is clear, and the warnings he was given exceeded the number given to others before they were banned. Just like your version of science...full of unfounded speculation.

I always suspected it. But now I guess it's confirmed. Your admission of guilt.


My version of science is surprisingly similar to your own. What one perceives might not actually be what is.


Please don't scare away our new resident. There is a hint of some mathematical prowess. Also a hint of not being human. Let the games begin.



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Rainman is it true? I think creedo's posts show a neat personality!

Sure, grrrr-ate personality. You didn't know Dan. I did. I had considerable email and PM contact with him. I even had several phone conversations with him. Same guy on the phone as on the forum. It wasn't an act. But having personal contact with Dan didn't stop me from TOSing him not once but twice. The second time was a perm ban.


God knows that I've given Pamela a rough go of it over Titor. But Dan took it a step or twenty farther: grosslly sexual posts about Pamela that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of time travel or Titor. He did it out of a combination of meanness and a twisted mind. He did it here and on Anomalies and he would not stop no matter what anyone said or how they asked him to knock it off. Internet stalking is the current term and anyone who thought it was humorous, cute and/or acceptable is delusional.


But that was the reason I banned him the first time on Anomalies. The second and final time was two days after he first went through every post that he'd ever made on Anomalies (135 at the time) and edited every one to complete gibberish (not that they weren't originally gibberish). Because he was the OP on every thread so affected he turned every thread to nonsense because people had responded to him over the course of several months. The next day he went back in and deleted every one of his posts (but we had a back-up of the forum). There were a lot of pissed off people on the forum over that one - not the banning, the troll activity of screwing with the threads.


Did you ever wonder why you have a short time limit on this forum to edit your posts? Dan. That's the answer. Dan. I conferred with Raul after the event on Anomalies and Raul noticed that Dan had been doing the same thing here, but to a much smaller degree. So, he preempted Dan's potential troll activity here and turned on the edit time limit function.


So late in 2006 Nice Personality was banned. And Ray didn't ban him. That's just Einstein making it up on the fly because he doesn't like Ray. He doesn't know what transpired.


Ray, even though he was a Mod, didn't have Control Panel access. Only Raul had such access. Raul had good reasons for banning Dan. It wasn't one incident or a short period involving several incidents. It was a very long troll history involving incidents over several years.


Nice Personality, back in 2003 was almost single handedly responsible for the forum turning into a ghost town. The forum was still very active after Titor stopped posting. But the nonsense between Dan, his umpteen puppet accounts, CAT, Transient001 and TTA (and his umpteen puppet accounts) served only to drive everyone away and caused the forum to become a troll magnet. That's when I suggested to Raul that he needed a Moderator and that Roel would be a good choice. Roel came in and the nonsense came under control. Raul let Dan stay. But by 2006 he'd had enough. Dan continued to be Dan and the site was once again a troll magnet. End of story - Dan was issued a perm ban for cause.


Good for the site and ultimately good for Dan's health. As I said, I do know Dan a bit more than anyone else here. Dan did not need to be on the Internet - ever. What people misread as humorous creativity was not what they though it was. Not at all.


Now, put yourself in, well, your position. I'm taking it on faith that Elle is a female name and you are a female. Look at the OP on this thread. Anything strike you as a bit odd there?


OK, maybe not. So, I'll let you know what's strange. "Gary" is Gary Voss. He lives in San Diego, CA. Dan lives in Seattle, WA. Gary had gone on a weekend diving trip and leaves his daughter at home. While Gary is gone an Internet kook who has a fascination with using explicit sexual language in his posts directed at a single female Member of this forum - an Internet stalker if you will - an otherwise a stranger to Gary, flys all the way from Sea-Tac to San Diego International, shows up at his front door, unannounced and uninvited, and is standing there confronting his teenaged daughter. Why was he at Gary's front door at all? What sane person would even consider something like this? Moreover, Gary wasn't home. Nothing to post about. Yet he focuses on the daughter in the post. In the next post he posts his dream about Gary's daughter. Sorry, but this is scary stuff. This is nowhere even close to "normal" behavior. It is bizarre behavior.


So if it was you at the front door being confronted by Dan as the realization hits you while listening to his gibberish that the posts were not a humorous Internet alter-ego but the real person, what's your next move? Appeal to his nice personality?


Did this actually occur? I don't know. It is posted in Fan Fiction. But Dan sure did some digging into Gary's personal life in either case. And still the sexual innuendo concerning Gary's daughter and suggesting that she was a student at UC or CSU San Diego. Gary never replied to the post so he must have missed it - otherwise Dan would likely have been banned in 2004.



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That's incorrect about the time limit posts. That happened about 2 years ago when someone kept changing their posts. Rmt didn't ban him because he wasn't a mod at the time, but it's public knowledge that rmt really didn't like creedo. Sure he was a nut, but aren't we all to some extent.


There is something strange about it. It seems like if you don't run with the wolfpac, you're not welcome.



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That's incorrect about the time limit posts. That happened about 2 years ago when someone kept changing their posts. Rmt didn't ban him because he wasn't a mod at the time, but it's public knowledge that rmt really didn't like creedo. Sure he was a nut, but aren't we all to some extent.



The original time limit was put on in 2006 when Dan was bounced. The limit was set to 48 hours at that time. You are correct about the current short fuse. The current very short time limit was put on in 2009 because yet another troll thought it was cute to open a thread, make the original post, let people answer them and then delete the OP.


As I said, Ray didn't ban Dan because he didn't have access to the Control Panel in 2006. In fact, he became a Mod shortly after Dan was banned because Roel was no longer posting. The trolls were back and Raul wanted an active Mod on the forum so he added Ray as a Mod.


The fact that Ray did or didn't "like" Dan is irrelevent to Einstein's assertion or your opinion. Ray didn't ban him - that's the only issue that is relevent.


Yes, everyone is a "nut" to some extent. That's normal behavior. That does not describe Dan's behavior. Some people found it funny - only because it wasn't about their wife, daughter, girl friend, etc. They weren't receiving PM's and emails - constantly - that included personal identifying information about themselves and the female members of their families. Gary would not have found it funny. Pamela didn't find it funny. His behavior was beyond creepy and dangerous (if not just for himself).


I certainly didn't find it funny when he started emailing me with his sexual fantasies about my wife - by name, occupation, workplace, etc. Dan and I had a chat - on the phone - about his emails and my wife. Let's just leave it at I made it abundantly clear to him what the ramifications would be, in detail, should he continue this line of behavior. Even nutters can occassionally see the light of day and determine that the risk-reward scale has tipped out of their favor. It stopped.



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The fact that Ray did or didn't "like" Dan is irrelevent to Einstein's assertion or your opinion. Ray didn't ban him - that's the only issue that is relevent.

I find it worthy of note that Ray hasn't stepped in to correct my assertion. His post was worded in a manner that would allow one to believe he did it. I always treated creedo with respect and he likewise treated me with respect. So maybe creedo is one of those eye for an eye types. That's the way I viewed it. Ray has sort of depicted himself as the backstabber type. I'm sure you're aware of his history with ruthless. That was interesting how that turned out.



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